Athletics and Cycling Masterton; a combined cycling and harriers club for all ages and abilities.

Wairarapa has some beautiful countryside, what better way to get out and explore it than to ride or run?

If you live in the Wairarapa and want to give running or cycling a go, this is the place to be…


News & Results

2 up Time Trial

Time Trials are often called the race of truth. They are a test of how fast and efficient a rider can be over a set distance with no bunch to assist. 2-up Time... READ MORE

Norfolk Road, GRR

Norfolk Road is a regular on the ACM race calendar, and much loved by those who enjoy hurtling downhill with the wind at your back – which would be most of us of... READ MORE

Francis Line Circuit HRR

The Francis Line circuit is a course where everyone knows they are going to have to deal with the wind from every direction as some stage on the race. Tonight, the conditions were... READ MORE

Summer Series Race 5

1 Sam Hill A 0:46:33 2 Sue Bankier A 0:46:54 3 Mel Arcus A 0:47:10 4 Darius Simpson A 0:51:11 5 Malcolm MacDonald A 0:51:13 6 Andrew Davenport A 0:51:17 7 James Inwood... READ MORE

Millers Road

This week was the first of the Handicapped Road Races for the season. Also up for grabs tonight was the John Chesmar Memorial Trophy, awarded to the winner of the race, no matter... READ MORE

Summer Series Race 4

1 Darius Simpson A 0:40:03 2 Andrew Davenport A 0:40:36 3 Anthony Rowe-Penny A 0:41:59 4 Sam Hill A 0:42:20 5 Craig Roberts A 0:43:03 6 Sue Bankier A 0:44:46 7 Clifford Rowe-Penny... READ MORE