2 Up Time Trial

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It has been said of Time-Trailing that many hate it and some (very few) love it, but hardly anyone sits on the fence about it. The 2-up variety of Time-Trailing is seldom ‘fun’ in the traditional sense of the word. It is certainly a discipline that is likely to leave you gasping for air, groaning in pain, dripping in sweat from the effort involved in this ‘race of truth’, you and your team mate against the unforgiving clock.

Added into the mix tonight was a fairly strong swirling Nor-West wind that made the 40 km race even more of a challenge. Just when you thought you should have had a nice tail-wind to help you home, you discovered it was in your face or coming at you sideways.

It is only after you have had time to finish, catch our breath, stretch out the tensed cramping muscles and recover somewhat that you might discover either a sense of satisfaction or disappointment. It is a discipline that means you work far harder than in any handicapped, or graded road race. Time trialing certainly brings out the competitive nature in most riders. You push yourself to your limit and beyond, leaving everything out on the road, all for the sake of your partner.

Tonight was no exception with the fastest two men’s teams divided by a mere 2 seconds, and in the mixed section the top teams divided by 18 seconds. Congratulations to Mark Langlands and Simon Pumfrey on their win overall, with Richard Day and Ben Knight in second and Dave Drummond and Tom McCallum in 3rd. In the mixed section Andy Curtis-Cody and Belinda Fuller finished first and Devan Simmonds and Lesley Mouat in second with Andrew Linton and Kirsten Goodin in third. Congratulations also to Sheri Wales and Stacey Miller the sole all women team. The Blackburn family duo of Jaimee and Sydney were fastest Junior team.

Many thanks to all our race officials once again. Next week we are down at the Drag Strip for the Club Champs Criterium races.

Results from tonight are:

Start time Riders Finish time Ride time Place
0:20:00 Mark Langlands, Simon Pumfrey 1:20:29 1:00:29 1 Fastest men
0:06:00 Richard Day, Ben Knight 1:06:31 1:00:31 2 2nd men
0:14:00 Dave Drummond, Tom McCallum 1:15:13 1:01:13 3 3rd men
0:13:00 Pete James, Jeff Saywell 1:16:14 1:03:14 4
0:11:00 Johnny Burkhart, Simon Butler 1:15:38 1:04:38 5
0:04:00 Eddy Kuipers, Mike Wilkinson 1:09:25 1:05:25 6
0:18:00 Corey Miller, Gareth Price 1:23:28 1:05:28 7
0:21:00 Craig Man, Derek Roberts 1:26:37 1:05:37 8
0:15:00 Bill Van Woerkom, Phil Sutherland 1:21:19 1:06:19 9
0:17:00 Duncan Cameron, Simon Mole 1:24:07 1:07:07 10
0:01:00 Andy Curtis-Cody, Belinda Fuller 1:09:57 1:08:57 11 Fastest Mixed
0:05:00 Devan Simmonds, Lesley Mouat 1:14:15 1:09:15 12 2nd mixed
0:09:00 Peter Lee, Rex Dowding 1:18:35 1:09:35 13
0:22:00 John Allen, Daniel Jaques 1:32:29 1:10:29 14
0:08:00 Andi Bond, Terry Blalckburn 1:18:58 1:10:58 15
0:19:00 Andrew Linton, Kirsten Goodin 1:30:16 1:11:16 16 3rd mixed
0:02:00 Rod Sutherland, Peter Jones, Anil Raman 1:15:43 1:13:43 17
0:07:00 Jay Sowry, Julie Millar 1:21:36 1:14:36 18
0:12:00 Ray Haste, Greg Baillie 1:27:26 1:15:26 19
0:10:00 Stan Braaksma, Karen Blade 1:30:26 1:20:26 20
0:16:00 Sheri Wales, Stacey Miller 1:37:43 1:21:43 21 Fastest women
0:03:00 Darren Southon (DNF), Richard McNaughton 1:34:23 1:31:23 22
Start time Riders Finish time Ride time
0:00:00 Jaimee Blackburn, Sydney Blackburn 0:31:59 0:31:59 1 Fastest junior
0:01:00 Doug Maclachlan, Meri Murphy, Jono Didsbury 0:34:04 0:33:04 2
0:01:00 Annabelle Smith 0:36:50 0:35:50 3

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