2020 Criterion Club Champs

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Open Club Champs results here

Club Champs Laps

Woman’s Open Club Champs results here

B Grade results here

B Grade and Women’s Champs Laps

Short Course results here

Short Course Laps

2020 Club Criterium Championships – Judds Rd.

This year the Criterium Champs were held on a new subdivision off Judds Road. Big thanks to the Westwood property Group for facilitating this. The track was 800 metres of very smooth asphalt and with perfect weather conditions made for an enjoyable evenings racing.

B Grade (combined B, C & D grades) were off first riding for 25 minutes plus 2 laps with a sprint for points every 4th lap. Over the course of 25 minutes and with the sprints the group soon split up leading a small bunch to compete for points and the finish line. No one rider was able to break away however Caleb Roberts managed to take enough sprints to win the grade.

B Grade Results                  Points

1st   Caleb ROBERTS              19

2nd  Ricky BLADE                  13

3rd  Christopher SMITH          11 

4th  Emily LUTYENS                8 

5th   Terry BLACKBURN            7         

6th Stephen BROWN              5 

7th  Andy CURTIS-CODY          3

The short course was up second with a small group of riders who stayed together for the duration of the race, 15 minutes plus 2 laps, and went hard for a bunch sprint at the end.

Short Course Results                       Points

1st   Sophie GOODIN                        12

2nd Douglas MACLACHLAN           10

3rd Jaimie BLACKBURN                  7

4th   Karen BLADE                             4

Finally the combined A and B Grade were off for 35 minutes plus 2 laps. This race was quickly dominated by Mark Langlands who, after lapping the field once, paused briefly to draw breath before setting off and lapping the field a second time. The main bunch showing a curious reluctance to chase the lone rider down with the exception of D Simmonds who hung on for several laps before a mechanical forced him to pull over.

A Grade Results                         Points

1st Mark LANGLANDS                    45

2n Thomas MCCALLUM                  13

3rd Derek ROBERTS              11

4th Robert GRAHAM                      10

5th Dominic GREEN              6

6th Dave DRUMMOND                    3

7th Peter JAMES                            2

8th Devan SIMMONDS                   3

Many thanks to Di for the sausage sizzle afterwards and to all the riders who turned up to compete.

Next Tuesday 22nd is the Christmas ride starting at the ACM club house at the sports bowl.

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