2020 Provisional Results Club ITT

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The Individual Time Trial is also known as the ‘Race of truth’. It is a race where specific time trial bikes and pointy helmets, deep dish or disk wheels, skinsuits and aerobars can be used to try to make the rider as efficient and aerodynamic as possible. These things can shave seconds off your ride time but really the race is about the rider and their bike against the clock with no one to draft behind.

With most riders leaving at 30 second intervals the only help you get is in the mind by having someone in front of you to try to catch whilst at the same time knowing you probably have someone else behind you that you want to stay away from. For a few riders it becomes a game of catch – how many can I catch – or occasionally it becomes I just climbed past that person, so why are they descending faster and passing me back!

The course out from Bideford Road then turning left into the Whangaehu Valley climbs all the way to the 20 km mark where the turn-around is. The return journey is faster, but usually that doesn’t make it any easier, as everyone is travelling faster, and time trials are about consistent effort all the way to the finish. 

Both Mark Langlands and Tom McCallum backed up very impressively tonight after competing in the New Zealand Cycle Classic that finished on Sunday. It is also great to see a couple of Junior girls turn out to test themselves against the clock on the short course. In the main race three riders had mechanical issues resulting in DNF’s. Dave Drummond’s skinsuit option was definitely not UCI legal, but perhaps on one of the warmest evenings we have experienced this summer, gave him some air conditioning advantage.

Congratulations to our ITT Champions for 2020:

Junior Girls:

1st        Jaimee Blackburn

2nd       Annabelle Smith

Women’s Championship

1st        Belinda Fuller

2nd       Emily Lutyens

3rd        Kirsten Goodin

Men’s Championship

1st       Mark Langlands

2nd       Tom McCallum

3rd        Dave Drummond

Next week is a Handicapped Road Race starting at Wainuioru and racing on the Y loop course.

Full results:

Start timeRiderFinish timeRide Time
0:20:00Mark Langlands1:18:110:58:11Champion man
0:19:00Tom McCallum1:20:251:01:252nd man
0:10:30Dave Drummond1:14:201:03:503rd man
0:21:00Ben Knight1:25:101:04:10
0:14:30Gareth Price1:18:431:04:13
0:13:00Bill van Workoem1:17:531:04:53
0:13:30Josh van Workoem1:19:451:06:15
0:15:30Daniel Jaques1:21:591:06:29
0:18:00Dom Green1:25:441:07:44
0:04:30Rex Dowding1:13:001:08:30
0:09:00Robert Jaques1:18:191:09:19
0:10:00Laurance Kent1:19:231:09:23
0:12:30Duncan Cameron1:22:091:09:39
0:08:00Belinda Fuller1:18:381:10:38Champion woman
0:07:30Emily Lutyens1:18:501:11:202nd woman
0:09:30Stephen Yeats1:21:421:12:12
0:12:00Craig Mangin1:24:211:12:21
0:11:30Andy Curtis-Cody1:23:561:12:26
0:11:00Mike Wilkinson1:24:061:13:06
0:05:30Chris McBride1:20:151:14:45
0:07:00Kirsten Goodin1:23:011:16:013rd Woman
0:05:00Neil Henderson1:21:041:16:04
0:04:00John Allen1:20:581:16:58
0:03:30Anil Raman1:20:381:17:08
0:03:00Mark Jerling1:20:351:17:35
0:06:30Julie Millar1:27:061:20:36
0:02:30Greg Baillie1:25:151:22:45
0:08:30John Murray1:31:251:22:55
0:02:00Karen Blade1:29:431:27:43
0:06:00Mike Parker1:34:011:28:01
0:15:00Eddy KuipersDNFDNF
0:16:00Simon ButlerDNFDNF
0:17:00Peter JamesDNFDNF
Juniors short course
Start timeRiderFinish timeRide Time
0:00:30Jaimee Blackburn0:27:070:26:37Junior champion
0:01:00Annabelle Smith0:32:120:31:122nd Junior

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