2021 Hinakura HRR

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Race 13  Jan 12 2021  Martinborough – Hinakura HRR

The first race of 2021 was a short and brutal 34km handicap road race from Martins Road Martinborough out to the summit of the Hinakura road and back. On the start line there was some fudging of the exact location of the turn point act by race officials. However, as the race progressed it became apparent to the 24 riders who presented themselves to the start line they were heading for the summit of the second and longest climb.

There were 6 riders for the short course (20km) who turned at the Longbush intersection.

It was a warm but otherwise perfect evening for the race with a modest nor’easterly breeze  assisting riders on the return leg. On the long course most groups had broken up by the time they reached the turnpoint and made they’re way to the finish line in small groups or ones and twos.

Donna O’Sullivan started in Limit and stayed away from Break 2 and Break 3 to claim victory on the long course. Jamie Blackburn won the short course event.

Main Race

1st    Donna O’Sullivan  Limit        1:15:55

2nd   Shane Griggs       Break 3    1:16:15

3rd   Todd Jenkinson     Break 3    1:16:15

Fastest Rider

Richard Van Lent (Scratch)            1:01:29

Short Course

1st  Jamie Blackburn                      00:41:05

2nd Douglas Maclachlan                00:41:36

3rd  Scarlet McCallum                    00:42:04

Next race Jan 19 Carrington Circuit GRR

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