2023 5km series event 3 results

Another fabulous turnout today and more new faces. Any errors in the result please let us know – my finish line scribble wasn’t good at times!

Andrew Hayes0:18:47
Whana Gordon0:19:15
Glen Fraser0:20:22
James Goodger0:20:51
Gavin Graham0:21:16
Daniel (& Izzy) Miller0:22:40
Malcolm MacDonald0:23:18
Vicky Paine0:23:38
Jeremy Leveridge0:24:27
Lloyd Millar0:24:38
Sue Bankier0:24:59
Kip Marks0:25:17
Craig Ewing0:25:22
Ben van Gerven0:25:26
Philip Donvin-Irons0:25:27
Chris van Gerven0:25:41
Michael Duthie0:25:58
Amanda Woodmass0:26:13
Peter Beech0:27:01
Sam Tobin0:27:09
James Hayes0:27:12
Martin Dransfield0:27:16
Claire Jordan0:27:23
Lucas Goodger0:27:56
Lexus Hunter0:28:43
Grant Dyer0:29:08
David Farlow0:29:30
Justin Miller0:30:10
Tim Matthews0:30:13
Greg Baillie0:30:25
Ray Haste0:30:26
Roger Jones0:32:04
Chris Wilson0:32:40
Chris Cogdale0:32:41
Teena Pettitt0:32:41
Hendrix Charters0:33:03
Claudia Baechle0:33:34
Michael Rowe-Penny0:33:35
Lesley Graham0:33:49
Franky Spite0:33:50
Di Chesmar0:33:53
Lisa Scott0:35:34
Jenny Braaksma0:35:34
Rochelle Williams0:36:01
Alison Andrews0:36:25
Tom Andrews0:36:26
Brianna Hull0:37:19
Alison Nagel0:37:41
Lee-Ann Angove0:39:35
Andrew Davenport0:40:23
Jim Barr0:41:42
Stan Braaksma0:41:45
Gordon Reid0:42:04
Dianne Pillar0:42:34
Barbara Barr0:47:47
Carla Stokes0:48:07
Katrina Malcolm0:48:08
Rachel Reid0:48:25
Sarah Dench0:48:26
Jo Chu0:49:16
Stephen Young0:50:43
Robyn Weston0:54:24
Lincoln Spite0:54:26
Cath Rowe-Penny0:58:06
Graeme Roberts0:59:05
Kendal Goodger0:12:30
Shylah Charters0:12:32
Meila Goodger0:16:50
Nivana Charters0:16:50
Jaxon Tobin0:17:08
Scarlett Dennes0:17:39
Jade Forman0:17:40
Ryley Macklin0:18:38
Kate Macklin0:18:48
Kyzer  Tobin0:19:12
Corrina Paine0:19:13
Carter Davies0:19:37
Sam Davies0:19:40
Sophie Miller0:22:19
Lucy Miller0:22:19
Molly Hayes0:23:00
Brenda Hayes0:23:05
Denise Forman0:23:46
Ella McClean0:23:52
Katy McClean0:23:52
Cora McClean0:23:55
Aidan McClean0:23:55
Ella Dench0:23:56
Sophie Bourke0:23:56
Samantha Macklin0:29:01
Jess (& Ayla-Rose) Davies0:31:37
Betty Moir0:39:51

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  1. Gordon Reid

    My Time is wrong I came in immediately behind stan braaksma must have been at least

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