5K Series Race 1

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Here are the results from the first 5K event. Great to see you all there, we hope you enjoyed it.

2 KM

1Isla Roberts0:11:39
2Max Andrew0:12:59
3Luca Roberts0:15:47
4Clara Andrew0:16:25
5Elizabeth Andrew0:16:34
6Scott Andrew0:16:35

5 KM

1William Larkin0:20:39
2Dom Green0:20:42
3Anthony Rowe-Penny0:20:49
4Tony Price0:21:52
5Darius Simpson0:21:54
6Malcolm MacDonald0:22:33
7Sam Hill0:22:45
8Heidi-Jane Humphries0:22:51
9Paul Furkert0:22:53
10Sue Bankier0:23:02
11Joaquin Gomez0:23:24
12Philip Donvin-Irons0:23:33
13Graeme Butcher0:23:48
14Tom Andrews0:24:10
15Clifford Rowe-penny0:24:16
16Ray Haste0:25:12
17Chris Lewis0:25:28
18Roger Jones0:25:37
19Norm Chu0:26:13
20Michael Duties0:26:26
21John Jerling0:26:35
22Mackenzie Murray0:27:12
23Craig Ewing0:27:35
24Annie Jerling0:27:48
25Greg Baillie0:28:11
26Stacey Miller0:28:27
27Jason Farley0:28:28
28Chris van Gerven0:28:42
29Robyn Green0:28:51
30Andrew Denholm0:29:00
31David Farlow0:29:12
32Franky Spite0:29:44
33Garry Keith0:29:52
34Chris Cogdale0:30:14
35Claudia Baechle0:31:02
36Lloyd Millar0:31:11
37Bron Wishart0:31:13
38Serena Roberts0:31:40
39Jamie Blackburn0:32:11
40Julian Knaf0:32:12
41Claudia Green0:32:13
42Michael Rowe-Penny0:32:19
43Jane Flowerday0:33:20
44David Kawawa0:33:56
45Jer Manvel0:35:33
46Jacquelyn Murray0:36:06
47Ailsa Andrew0:36:46
48Shellie Mcanulty0:37:03
49Lee-Ann Angove0:37:11
50Gordon Reid0:38:00
51Paul Manvel0:38:58
52Brian Sanders0:40:55
53John Ihaka0:41:42
54Gillian Atkinson0:42:51
55Amelia Rowe-Penny0:43:23
56Logan Roberts0:43:33
57Don McLachlan0:43:58
58Stephen Young0:44:27
59Ruth Gwyther0:47:42
60Lisa Tonkin0:47:43
61Rob Ruff-Thomas0:48:03
62Hayley Katana0:50:04
63Graeme Roberts0:50:47
64Rebecca Edgecombe0:51:24
65Robyn Weston0:51:25
66Cath Rowe-Penny0:52:01

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