5K Series Race 2

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Results for race 2. Thanks so much for coming, it was fantastic to see so many people and so many new faces. If you notice any mistakes in the results let us know on Facebook or at the next race. See you in two weeks!

2 KM

1Isla Roberts0:10:49
2Riley Denholm0:12:33
3Max Andrew0:15:14
4Caden Kawana0:15:24
5Luca Roberts0:16:36
6Elizabeth Andrew0:17:33
7Clara Andrew0:19:02
8Blake Kawana0:24:50
9Hayley Kawana0:25:33

5 KM

1Finn Fowlds0:19:20
2William Larkin0:19:32
3Tony Price0:20:24
4Don Green0:20:29
5Andrew Hayes0:20:36
6Darius Simpson0:20:55
7Anthony Rowe-Penny0:21:29
8Ian McKee0:22:24
9Daniel Miller0:22:38
10Gareth Gwyther0:22:46
11Philip Donvin-Irons0:22:47
12Malcolm MacDonald0:22:50
13Joshua Saxton0:23:11
14Paul Furkert0:23:25
15Bianca Green0:24:51
16Chris Lewis0:24:55
17Brooke Miller0:25:16
18Tim Matthews0:25:19
19Clifford Rowe-Penny0:25:34
20Michael Duthie0:25:37
21James Inwood0:25:47
22Lesley Graham0:25:49
23Jason Farley0:26:33
24Craig Ewing0:26:47
25Greg Baillie0:26:58
26Robyn Green0:27:00
27John Jerling0:27:03
28David Kawawa0:27:21
29Norm Chu0:27:31
30Scott Andrew0:27:34
31Annie Jerling0:27:55
32Bron Wishart0:28:02
33David Farlow0:28:57
34Chris Wilson0:29:04
35Lloyd Millar0:29:40
36Serena Roberts0:30:28
37Guy Fisher0:30:39
38Chris van Gerven0:31:14
39Gail Edwards0:31:30
40Stacey Miller0:31:46
41Michael Rowe-Penny0:32:37
42Claudia Baechle0:33:03
43Jane Flowerday0:33:33
44Rachel Lewis0:34:39
45Ailsa Andrew0:36:06
46Shellie McAnulty0:36:08
47Barbara Whitburn0:36:31
48Justin Miller0:36:55
49Lee-Ann Angove0:37:28
50Gordon Reid0:37:50
51Teresa Reynolds0:38:38
52Lisa Tonkin0:39:22
53Jenny Braaksma0:39:24
54Franky Spite0:39:25
55Kasey Cox0:41:03
56Ruth Gwyther0:41:23
57Stan Braaksma0:41:28
58Don McLachlan0:41:31
59John Ihaka0:42:38
60Logan Roberts0:43:27
61Brenda Hayes0:44:04
62Amelia Rowe-Penny0:45:23
63Rachel Reed0:46:01
64Stephen Young0:46:02
65Rob Ruff-Thomas0:47:16
66Graeme Roberts0:51:15
67Cath Rowe-penny0:52:08
68Robyn Weston0:52:35
69Irene Price0:52:58
70Annette Gibson0:53:26
71Sara Feringa0:53:27
72Jane Ross0:53:28
73Lincoln Spite0:53:33
74Amy Drysdale0:55:07
75Ella Drysdale0:57:11
76Paul Drysdale0:57:12
77Shirley Loftus0:57:17
78Judy Burns0:57:19
79Betty Moir1:02:56

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