WIZwireless Kourarau Hill Climb Club Champs 2023

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Overall Results here

Age group results here

Race Report – 31 Jan 023 ACM WizWireles Hill Climb Champs Te Wharou Road

It’s that time of year again; club championships & trophies up for grabs. Last night it was the hill climb champs up Te Wharou road. From Gladstone to the top of Kourarou. My Garmin had the distance as 6.79kms with 303m of elevation. Conditions were reasonable, very warm & humid with a nor’easterly breeze. Fortunately the breeze seemed to disappear further up the climb.   

There were 26 riders who lined up to start. The order was slowest to fastest with 30 seconds intervals between starts. The climb is a time trial to the top with pacing playing an important part. Go to hard to early on the early slopes and your legs could fall off nearer to the top.

Congratulations to Caleb Roberts for fastest overall time and to Belinda Fuller for fastest woman

Of course the second race of the evening was even more important. The ‘Roll Off’ back down the hill to the start line. The rules are simple; push off at the top of the hill and free wheel to the bottom. No pedalling allowed. A group of a dozen or so assembled and pushed off. There is some skill involved in adopting as aero position as possible and drafting other riders without using brakes. The leading trio of Donna B, Andy CC and Devan S had forged ahead and looked set for the podium when a stealthy Richard VDL overtook metres before the finish line and pipped them for first place.  

Overall                                                                       Race Time                           

1st        Caleb Roberts                                               00:17:59                                  

2nd         Richard Van der Lent                                   00:19:10                                

3rd          Dave Drummond                                          00:19:46                                

Fastest Women

1st        Belinda Fuller                                               00:22:51                    

2nd     Donna Burkhart                                            00:28:39                                

3rd       Gita Van der Leek                                        00:31:44                                


            Scarlett McCallum                                       00:13:04                                            

            Ricky Blade                                                   00:13:24

            Andrew Linton                                              00:16:31        

A big thanks to the organisers and marshals for supporting the race and keeping everyone safe. Thanks also to the truck driver and volunteers for setting up & taking down the road signage.

Next race Tuesday 7 February. The club road race champs on the ever popular Carrington circuit. The good news is there’s only (short) climb per lap.

WIZwireless ITT Club Champs 2023

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Overall Results

Age Group Results

Race Report – 24 January 2023 ACM WIZwireless Individual Time Trial Champs

A hardcore of 19 riders turned out for the annual time trial champs. Held again up the Whangaehou Valley road. The evening was overcast and gloomy with a brisk and persistent nor’easterly breeze that did the riders little favour.

The valley road is an undulating course, 20kms out and 20kms back. Because of the local topography with its hills, gullys and valleys the wind often does the unexpected and is rarely consistent or overly helpful to those wanting a helping hand.

Congratulations to all the riders who turned out to race and congratulations to Tom McCallum for pulling off the quickest time

1st    Tom McCallum                               00:57:43            

2nd   Caleb Roberts                                01:01:28            

3rd    Richard Van Lent                            01:03:50            

Fastest Women

1st    Belinda Fuller                                  01:13:03

2nd   Donna Burkhart                              01:21:18


         Craig Mangin & Peter Jones          01:06:18

Juniors/Short Course

1st    David Howden                                00:39:37

2nd   Judy Brown                                     00:39:54

e Bike

         Doug McClachlan &                       00:35:18                      

         Meri Murphy

Full results on the ACM web site. Thanks to the organisers and all those folk who marshaled and drove the truck.

Next race Tues 31 Jan is the club hill climb champs. A return to an old favourite, Te Wharua road up to the top of Kourarau

WIZwireless 2003 Criterion Club Champs

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Club Champs -MensPointsLap PointsLap Times

Club Champs Womens and C to E Grade Competition — PointsLap PointsLap Times

Thanks to Toni McCallum for the photo

Race Report – 17 January 2023 ACM WIZwireless Criterium Champs

It was a perfect evening for the club Criterium Champs. Held at the Masterton Motorplex which provided for a 1.3km flat & fast circuit with a couple of tight corners to introduce an element of bike handling into the proceedings

A total of 28 riders fronted up for the racing. C, D, E and womens grades kicked off the first race. The format was 20 minutes plus 2 laps. A bell was rung at the start of each points lap and riders sprinted for the line to receive points for places. On the first lap Steve Brown and Bill Van Woerkom put the hammer down on the straight. This strung the group out and as they rounded the turn onto the start/finish straight and speeds went up the group broke into groupetto’s and single riders. The leading group of 7 riders held together for the remainder of the race with hotly contested sprints on each points lap

The A & B grade raced 30 minutes plus 2 laps. Dominic Green made an early break hoping to get the drop on his co racers. However, after the 1st lap he was overhauled by a flying Tom McCallum who overtook him and never looked back. It quickly became a one horse race with the main group chasing Tom but never in danger of catching him.

Congratulations to the points winners and well done to all the riders who turned up and raced.

A & B Grade

1st    Tom McCallum                     40 points            

2nd   Caleb Roberts                      22              

3rd    Jackson Fellows                   18              

C, D & E Grade

1st    Bill Van Woerkom                 23 points            

2nd   Ricky Blade                           19                       

3rd    Andy Curtis-Cody                 10

Womens Grade

1st    Belinda Fuller                        30 points

2nd   Donna Burkhart                     15

3rd    Scarlett McCallum                15                       

Full results on the ACM web site. Thanks to the organisers and to Di Dowding for the BBQ. And a special thanks goes to Masterton Motorplex for generously allowing us the use their facilities.

Next race Tues 24 Jan is the club ITT champs on the Whangaehou road circuit

WIZwireless Matahiwi ITT

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Thanks to Devan Simmonds for the picture.

Results here

Race Report – 13 Dec 022 ACM WizWireles Matahiwi ITT

There were 20 riders presented themselves for the individual time trial to Matahiwi last night. This included the 4 who rode the short course. Conditions were excellent with light winds, dry road and a warm evening. The start finish location had been changed from Matahiwi road to Kibblewhite road adjacent the Jerling houshold. Riders were started at 30 second intervals to make their way to the turn around at the Y junction at the upper end of Matahiwi road.

It’s an undulating course that gains height all the way and is generally faster on the return leg.

Congratulations to Judy Brown and Dave Drummond for winning their respective class’s. Full results on the ACM website.   

Long Course                                                           Race Time                            Av’ Speed

1st        Dave Drummond                                          00:26:22                                   40:97

2nd         Caleb Roberts                                               00:26:36                                 40:60

3rd          Derek Roberts                                              00:26:41                                 40:49

Short Course

1st        Judy Brown                                                   00:36:51                                 29:31                         

2nd       Karen Blade                                                  00:37:50                                 28:55

3rd       David Howden                                              00:38:03                                 28:39

Fastest Woman

            Belinda Fuller                                               00:31:04                                 34:77 

A big thanks to the organisers and marshals for supporting the race and keeping everyone safe. Thanks also to Mark & Annie Jerling for hosting a fabulous post race pizza night at their place.

Next race Tuesday 20 Dec at the drag strip. This will be a fun night with spot prizes and BBQ so drag the family & friends along too

WIZZwireless Millars x2 GRR (with gravel)

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Lap details:

Race Report – 6 Dec 022 ACM WizWireless Millars Road GRR

Just 22 riders fronted the start line for two laps (short course one lap) of a modified Millars Road circuit. The riders made a left turn into Tiffin Road rather than the usual left onto Carters Line. Tiffin Road provided the racers with about 1km of well groomed gravel before hitting the seal again and another left turn onto Kokotau Road.

Weather conditions were good with a warm westerly breeze and 23 degrees at the start. This seemed to change into a cool southerly as the race progressed. The benefit of this being a tail wind for the 5km drag from the corner of Millers Road down to the finish line at Gladstone church

This was a graded road race and as such all riders are racing for themselves. Tactics can play as much a part of winning as being the fastest rider. Being able to surreptitiously do less work than your fellow racers is a definite advantage. Looking at the results all grades looked like they finished with a bunch sprint

A Grade

1st        Derek Roberts                                              1:25:55                         

2nd         Caleb Roberts                                               1:25:55

3rd          Dominic Green                                              1:28:01

C Grade

1st        Le Roux Van Der Leek                                1:43:05

2nd       Stephen Brown                                             1:43:06

3rd       Andy Curtis-Cody                                         1:43:06          

D Grade

1st       Stephen Hannam                                         1:48:38

2nd     Anil Raman                                                   1:50:35

3rd      Neil Henderson                                            1:50:38

E Grade

            Gregg Baillie                                                 2:02:51

Short Course

1st        Scarlett McCallum                                       00:58:58

2nd       Michael Clinton-Baker                                 00:59:07

3rd       David Howden                                              01:00:36

Many thanks to the volunteers and organisers for supporting the race and making this all possible. Next Tues 13 December is an ITT on Kibblewhite Road. See you all there

WIZwireless Rangitaumau Kaka Amu 2022

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Results here

By race time

Race Report – 29 November 022 ACM WIZwireless  Mauriceville Rangitumau/Kaka Amu HRR

On a very blustery evening 32 riders presented themselves to the start line for the nights handicap road race. The start was at Double Bridges then North turning at Hauoma limeworks in Mauriceville before returning south. Left at Double Bridges and over the Bluff then to the finish line located part way up Rangitumau. The short course had 3 starters who turned at Kopuaranga Hall. A solitary e bike also made up the numbers

This course is usually an easy ride but the stiff Westerly wind gave little respite and a tail wind was difficult to find. Break 2 had a good group and worked well together. Together with the tandem they eventually overtook Break 3 and Limit and stayed ahead of Break and Scratch.

The finish was half way up Rangitumau which is an undulating climb relatively sheltered from the wind. In the final dash across the line the veteran rider Mike Wilkinson, who started in Break 3, managed to stay with the lead group and take the win by seconds from Belinda Fuller. Stephen Brown came in for third place

Results Long Course                                            Race Time

1st –  Mike Wilkinson            Break 3                      01:00:03

2nd – Belinda Fuller              Break 2                      00:56:11

3rd –  Stephen Brown           Break2                       00:56:23

Results Short Course

1st – Gita Van Der Leek                                           00:54:32

2nd – David Howden                                                00:55:08

3rd – Michael Cuff                                                     01:00:10

e Bike

Karen Blade                                                              00:59:57

Fastest Woman

Belinda Fuller                       Break 2                      00:56:11

Many thanks to the organisers and marshals who made the race possible and for keeping everyone safe.

Next race is Tues 6 December and is a GRR around Millers/Tiffen road circuit. For those unfamiliar with Tiffen, it’s a gravel surface!

WIZZwireless Wainuioru Y HRR 2022

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Race Results http://acm.kiwi.nz/running/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/WIZZWirelessWainuioruYHRR2022.pdf

Race Report – 22 Nov 022 ACM WIZWireless Wainuioru Y Loop HRR

In total 23 riders presented themselves for the start of the handicap race around the Wainuioru Y Loop course. A relatively short but brutal 37km that provides little respite from undulating climbs and a heavy road that saps the legs.

Race conditions were ideal at the start of the race. Warm with a light westerly and dry roads. However, by the time the riders had gone round the 2nd turn the heavens had opened and the rain was biblical. There was no post race banter with soaked riders diving into vehicles to escape the deluge. Many thanks to our marshals, drivers and organisers for stoically staying out in these conditions.

The longer race was broken down into Limit with 2 riders, Break 3 with 3 riders, Break 2 with 4 riders, Break with 4 riders & Scratch with 5 riders. The groups more or less came together on the return from the 2nd turn point but became well strung out by the finish line.

There were 3 riders on the short course with Scarlett McCallum taking out the win.

Fastest race time went to Caleb Roberts in Scratch and big ups to Leroux Van Der Leek for his 2nd place and a strong ride in Break 2

Results;                                                                    RaceTime

1st        Caleb Roberts                      Scratch          00:57:55

2nd       Leroux Van Der Leek           Break 2          01:06:56

3rd       Dave Drummond                  Scratch          00:58:15                    

Fastest Race Time                                                                                     Av Speed

Caleb Roberts                                                           00:57:55                     45.57 kph

Results Short Course

1st        Scarlett McCallum                                       31:50

2nd       Mark Jerling                                                  36:35

3rd       Gita Van Der Leek                                       36:35

E Bike

Jorge Sandoval                                                        01:08:39

Andrew Linton                                                          00:57:56

Full results on the ACM web site. Next race is Tuesday 29 November and will be Rangitumau/Mauriceville HRR

Again many thanks to the marshals, organisers and helpers for making the race possible on what turned into a very wet evening

WIZwireless Kaituna Y 2022

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Results here

Picture courtesy of Toni McCallum

Race Report – 15 Nov 022 ACM WIZwireless Kaitune Y GRR

There were 31 riders who lined up for the graded race tonight. A short, sharp 25km course  that is a variation on the Kaituna ride due to the inclusion of a short diversion up the left hand side of the Y.

This was a graded race A to E plus a short course and solitary e bike.

Conditions were perfect with warm temperature and little to no wind. Grades set off at 1 minute intervals to tackle the course with the outbound leg being mostly false flat uphill. The LH arm of the Y has a short down hill with a potentially tricky single lane wooden bridge to negotiate before hitting the first turn point. Back over the bridge then a short, steep climb followed by a hard left turn brought the riders back onto the familiar RH arm of the Y with a mixture of flat and undulating road. Turn points themselves can be tricky for the unwary as they require a level of bike handling to get round quick and exit at full speed.

Fastest rider on the night was Jackson Fellows with fastest woman Belinda Fuller


A Grade

1st        Jackson Fellows                              00:37:19

2nd       Derek Roberts                                  00:37:44

3rd       Dave Drummond                              00:37:44

B Grade

1st        Nigel Page                                        00:41:36

2nd       Erik D’Arbois                                     00:41:36

3rd       Warwock Burr                                   00:41:43

C Grade

1st        Andy Curtis-Cody                             00:44:13

2nd       Belinda Fuller                                   00:44:13

3rd       John Gibbons                                   00:44:14

D Grade

1st        Leroux Van Der Leek                       00:46:20

2nd       Anil Raman                                       00:46:52

3rd       Stephen Hannam                             00:46:52

E Grade

1st        Kirsten Goodin                                  00:49:30

2nd       Greg Baillie                                       00:50:36

3rd       Scarlett McCallum                           00:53:43        

Short Course

1st        David Howden                                  00:35:59

2nd       Michael Cuff                                      00:36:46                    


Doug & Meri MaClachlan & Murphy          00:33:03

Full results on the ACM web site. Next race Tues 22nd will be the Y Loop out at Wainuioru and will be a HRR

Many thanks to the marshals, truck crew and organisers for making the race possible

WIZwireless Francis Line HRR

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Results available here:

The lap results are here:

Race Report – 8 November 022 ACM WizWireless Francis Line HRR

The evenings handicap race was on the flat and fast 14.7km Francis Line circuit. Start/finish is on Francis Line opposite the honey factory then left onto Bristol road, left up East Taratahi road, left onto Hughes Line and left into Francis Line. The short course completed 2 laps and the long course 3

Race conditions were good inspite of localised and heavy rain showers. East Taratahi into Hughes Line started damp but dried out as the race progressed. There was a light easterly across the course that dictated how each of the groups rotated their pace lines.

Racing was fast and half way round the 2nd lap Break 2 were caught by Break. This created a large and very quick group that mopped up Limit and Break 3 on the final lap and ended with a large bunch sprint to the finish. Well done to Duncan Cameron for crossing the line first.

Thanks to all 28 riders who turned up to race. Next Tues 15 Nov will be the Upper Manaia Y Loop. I’m told this will include a section of gravel!

Long Course

1st        Duncan Cameron                                         Break              01:17:32                      

2nd         Mike Wilkinson                                             Break 3          01:17:34

3rd          Sam Jury                                                       Break              01:17:34

1st Woman

            Belinda Fuller                                               01:17:38

Short Course

1st        Scarlett McCallum                                                               00:54:19

2nd       Gita Van Der Leek                                                               01:08:07

3rd       David Howden                                                                      01:08:08        

e Bike (short course)

            Doug & Meri MaClachlan/Murphy                                     00:59:11

Full results on the ACM web site. Big thanks to all organisers and marshals for supporting the race