Watsons Wainuioru Return HRR 2021

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Finish results

Results by Fastest

Race Report – 16 Mar 2021  Watsons Rd/Wainuioru HRR

Tonight 29 riders presented themselves to the start line including 4 for the short course.

Watsons Road to Wainuioru and back is a mere 30kms but with two decent climbs and the high speeds associated with the handicap format presents a tough challenge for most riders. Tonights race was further complicated by a southerly front that hit just as most riders were going over the summit of the second climb. Heading into the turn around they were confronted by a cold and gusty southerly that dropped the temperature by 10 degrees and made the last kilometres to the turn harder then they need have been.

Duncan Cameron and Dave Drummond were on top form. Starting in Limit but over hauling all the other riders on the return leg to finish 1st and 2nd respectively. A good result too for John Gibbons who hung in there for a solid 3rd place.

Lesley Mouat is showing a return to form finishing as fastest woman and a well earned 5th place.  


1st    D Cameron         (Break)      58:40

2nd   D Drummond      (Break)      58:42

3rd    J Gibbons           (Limit)        1:11:20              

Fastest Women

1st    L Mouat               (Break 2)   1:04:13              

2nd   D O’Sullivan        (Limit)        16:15        

3rd    J Blackburn         (Limit)        18:43

Short Course

1st    K Blade               42:05

2nd   S Goodin            42:46

3rd    M Stephenson    43:36

Full results on the ACM website

A big thanks to all the marshals and organisers who were out on the course as the southerly came through.

Next race Tues 23 Mar is the 2UpTT on Matahiwi Rd

Millers x1 GRR 2021

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Results here

Race Report – 9 Mar 2021  Miller Road GRR

The return of an old favourite! A single 29km lap around the Millers Road circuit starting and finishing at the Gladstone church. ACM were again favoured with very good conditions, warm with a variable northerly breeze.

The course itself is relatively flat and fast with the exception of the climb over Millers road itself. The final ramp and downhill favours riders who can accelerate over the top and gap following riders on the downhill section. The left turn onto the run to the finish line has some gentle undulations but this is where the northerly breeze made itself known with the riders having to work hard to maintain good speed all teh way to the chequered flag. 

Numbers were modest with only 34 riders presenting themselves to the start line. This included 5 riders for the short course (13km). Some groups were small, only three in the A grade. At least they were all guaranteed to podium! 

A Grade

1st    S Pumfrey          44:53

2nd   G price                46:23

3rd    E D’Arbois          46:23

B Grade

1st    P James             48:50

2nd   D Cameron         48:50

3rd    S Mole                48:55

C Grade

1st    C Roberts           51:25

2nd   F Roberts           51:26

3rd    L Kent                 51:29

D Grade

1st    J Sandoval         54:22

2nd   R Dowding          54:23

3rd    S Hannam          54:54

E Grade

1st    G Baillie              58:18

2nd   A Raman            58:18

3rd    J Gibbons           58:21

Short Course

1st    K Blade               26:11

2nd   M Stephenson    26:12

3rd    S Plummer         29:12

Fastest Women

1st    L Mouat              51:39

2nd   E Luytens           52:43

3rd    D Burkhart          55:05

Next race Tues 16 Mar Watsons/Wainuioru/Watsons HRR

Whangaehu Bideford HRR 2021

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HRR Results here

In Fastest Time Order

2 March ACM Race Report – Whangaehu Hall/Bideford Rd HRR

A total of 35 riders presented themselves at Whangaehu Hall for the start of the Bideford Road HRR. This included 6 riders for the short course.

The turn around for the long course was the Bideford Hall giving a distance of 30kms. The short course turned at Stoddards Road for a distance of 18kms.

Conditions for the race were excellent with temperatures in the mid 20’s and a light northerly providing assistance for the return leg. The course is a straightforward out and return with one technical downhill section. There are also a variety of undulating sections including the longer hill climb on the return leg that performed its task of selecting the final contestants for the dash to the finish line.

On the night many riders were caught on the long climb on the return leg. Break 2 overhauled Break 3 with Break in hot pursuit and elements of Scratch closing in fast.

Unfortunately an accident on the fast straight after the climb saw one rider taken to ED with a number of riders pulling up to render assistance.

Results – Long Course

1st – Finn Roberts                 1:03:14

2nd –Terry Blackburn            1:03:14                      

3rd – Lawrence Kent            1:03:15

Fastest Women – Long Course

1st –  Emily Lutyens             1:03:17

2nd – Lesley Mouatt              1:03:22

3rd – Donna O’Sullivan        1:03:26

Results – Short Course

1st – Amelia Percy                38:58

2nd – Jamie Blackburn         40:18

3rd – Scarlett McCallum      42:53

Full results on the ACM website

Next Race – Tues 9th March  Millars Road GRR

Hill Climb Club Champs 2021 – Kaka Amu Road

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Overall Results

Age Group Results

Race Report – 23 Feb 2021  ACM Hill Climb Champs – Kaka Amu Rd

This years hill climb ITT championship was a 5.7km course on Kaka Amu Road which winds its way up the side of Rangitumau, a local peak and landmark.

It’s not a brutal climb like the Admiral Hill Road or as long as the Kaurarau climb never the less it’s challenging to do it as an individual time trial. The start is a long false flat leading into the first ramp that winds past the hall. Thereafter several more distinct ramps are interspersed with flat ish sections eventually leading onto the final false flat and the finish line.  

The effort was made more challenging by the high evening temperature and nor’easterly headwind that made its presence known to the riders.

In all 38 cyclists presented themselves to the start line. In a first for the club (and possibly reflecting the growing number of B.B.‘s  transitioning to this genre) there was a separate E bike catagory with 4 cyclists represented.

All cyclists rode the same course. No short course this week.


1st    M Langland        12:07

2nd   R Van Lent         14:16

3rd    D Roberts           14:21        

Fastest Women

1st    E Luytens           15:14        

2nd   L Mouat              16:15        

3rd    K Goodin            18:43                  

Full results and by age group on the ACM website

Next race Tues 2 Mar is an HRR Whangaehu Hall/Bideford Hall 30km

Note; BB = Baby Boomer. A person born between 1945 & 1960

Upper Manaia Kermisse Feb 2021

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Lap points here – Report only includes those that actually scored points.

Finish report here – is only the final finish line placings on the last lap.

Race Report – 9 Feb 2021  Upper Manaia Kermesse GR

The circuit for this race is a 7km loop with the start/finish on Upper Manaia Rd, left into Boundary Rd, right into Donald Rd, left up Westbush Rd and then left onto the finish straight. It’s a flat circuit with a couple of tricky corners waiting to catch out the unwary rider. Notably the turns into Boundary Rd and onto the finish straight on Upper Manaia.

A kermesse is a circuit race that’s longer than a criterium but shorter than a road race. Apparently a popular race format in Belgium. Last night was a graded from B to E with a short course for junior riders. Some discussion on the start line resulted on the two A grade riders amalgamating with B grade.

This format has the riders sprinting for points on each lap as they approach the finish line. Points are allocated to the first four across the line. The format led to a lot of tactical racing with riders jockying for position as they approached the sprint point and working hard to stay off the front of their group as they negotiated the remainder of the circuit.

In total 35 riders presented themselves to the start line including 6 for the junior course. Conditions were good, warm with moderate NW wind. Out on the course speeds were very high along the start/finish and down to the turn into Boundary Rd. From here to the finish straight the wind had an effect especially on the drag up Westbush Rd.

The results on the ACM web site are in two parts; lap points and finish line place. Only the lap points are noted below.

NB Female riders have not been split out as a separate catagory for this format

B Grade

1st    M Langland        20

2nd   D Simmonds      11

3rd    P James             7

C Grade

1st    R Blade               12

2nd   S Griggs             11

3rd    L Kent                  11

D Grade

1st    D Burkhart          11

2nd   T Jenkinson        9

3rd    S Hannam          6

E Grade

1st    D van Der Leek  12

2nd   N Henderson      11

3rd    G Baillie              5

Junior Grade

1st    A Percy               8

2nd   S McCallum        8

3rd    J Blackburn        4

Next race Tues 16 Feb ACM Hill Climb Champs – Rangitumau ITT

Club Champs Road Race 2021

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Overall results

Age group results

2 Feb 2021 – ACM Road Race Championships MSRR

A total of 34 riders presented themselves to the start line for the ACM 2021 road race championship race. A further 7 riders presented themselves for the start of the Junior road race championship

The course was 52km from the start at Double Bridges up through Mauriceville before veering right over Dreyers Rock road and right onto the Whangaehu Valley road. At the south end of the Valley road the riders hung a left heading north up Bideford road turning before the hill and doubling back south for a fast and furious sprint across the finish line adjacent Te Ore Ore marae.

The short course was 16kms starting on Bideford road next to Te Ore Ore marae and finishing at the same location.

Conditions were excellent with the exception of a nor’easterly breeze that provided a niggling headwind on the outward leg but much welcome tailwind on the final run to the finish line.

The main group had a neutralised start for the first kilometre but as the flag dropped the speed shot up into the low 40’s and stayed there for the remainder of the race.

Two riders, Mark Langland & Simon Pumfrey, escaped from the main peleton early on and stayed away to eventually finish 1st and 2nd respectively. The remainder of the peleton split into two chasing groups on the run up to Mauriceville with the speed over Dreyers Rock road dropping more riders from the first chasing group. The run down the Whangaehu Valley road saw the frantic pace continue with some riders finding it too hard to hang on.

The short sharp climb to the Bideford road junction provided a further challenge for some riders swinging off the back of the first chasing group requiring a determined effort to catch on for the run to the turn around. The final run south to the finish had the chasing group nudging 55kph before the final sprint over the line for 3rd place. 

Club Champs Results;

1st – Mark Langland             1:17:27

2nd –Simon Pumfrey 1:17:27                      

3rd – Jurjen Geerts               1:19:55

Junior Champs Results

1st –  Caleb Roberts             00:37:11

2nd – Scarlet McCallum       00:39:26

3rd – Amelia Percey              00:39:26

Full results including age grades available on the ACM website

Next Race – Tues 9th February  Upper Manaia Kermisse

ITT Club Champs 2021

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Full results here

Age group results here

Jan 26 2021- Club ITT Champs Bideford-Whangaehu-Bideford

This was the 40km club individual Time Trial Championship. Starting and finishing on Bideford Road adjacent Te Ore Ore Marae and with the turn point up the Whangaehu Valley Road. The short course for Juniors turned at the Bideford/Whangaehu junction.

In all 33 riders presented themselves for the Championship, 26 for the long course and 7 for the short course.

Weather conditions were excellent with light nor’east wind and pleasantly warm temperatures.

Fastest time on the course was M Langlands who posted 58:15 followed by D Drummond at 1:03:06 and D Roberts at 1:04:21

Fastest woman was E Lutyens at 1:09:46 followed by L Mouat at 1:16:22 and K Goodin at 1:17:09

The Juniors was taken out by the irrepressible C Roberts at 22:15 followed by A Percy at 25:31 and S McCallum at 26:12

Full results (by age group) on the ACM web page

Next race Feb 2 – ACM Road Race Championship; Twin Bridges/Dreyers Rock/Whangaehu/Bideford

2021 Hinakura HRR

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Results here

Race 13  Jan 12 2021  Martinborough – Hinakura HRR

The first race of 2021 was a short and brutal 34km handicap road race from Martins Road Martinborough out to the summit of the Hinakura road and back. On the start line there was some fudging of the exact location of the turn point act by race officials. However, as the race progressed it became apparent to the 24 riders who presented themselves to the start line they were heading for the summit of the second and longest climb.

There were 6 riders for the short course (20km) who turned at the Longbush intersection.

It was a warm but otherwise perfect evening for the race with a modest nor’easterly breeze  assisting riders on the return leg. On the long course most groups had broken up by the time they reached the turnpoint and made they’re way to the finish line in small groups or ones and twos.

Donna O’Sullivan started in Limit and stayed away from Break 2 and Break 3 to claim victory on the long course. Jamie Blackburn won the short course event.

Main Race

1st    Donna O’Sullivan  Limit        1:15:55

2nd   Shane Griggs       Break 3    1:16:15

3rd   Todd Jenkinson     Break 3    1:16:15

Fastest Rider

Richard Van Lent (Scratch)            1:01:29

Short Course

1st  Jamie Blackburn                      00:41:05

2nd Douglas Maclachlan                00:41:36

3rd  Scarlet McCallum                    00:42:04

Next race Jan 19 Carrington Circuit GRR

2020 Criterion Club Champs

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Open Club Champs results here

Club Champs Laps

Woman’s Open Club Champs results here

B Grade results here

B Grade and Women’s Champs Laps

Short Course results here

Short Course Laps

2020 Club Criterium Championships – Judds Rd.

This year the Criterium Champs were held on a new subdivision off Judds Road. Big thanks to the Westwood property Group for facilitating this. The track was 800 metres of very smooth asphalt and with perfect weather conditions made for an enjoyable evenings racing.

B Grade (combined B, C & D grades) were off first riding for 25 minutes plus 2 laps with a sprint for points every 4th lap. Over the course of 25 minutes and with the sprints the group soon split up leading a small bunch to compete for points and the finish line. No one rider was able to break away however Caleb Roberts managed to take enough sprints to win the grade.

B Grade Results                  Points

1st   Caleb ROBERTS              19

2nd  Ricky BLADE                  13

3rd  Christopher SMITH          11 

4th  Emily LUTYENS                8 

5th   Terry BLACKBURN            7         

6th Stephen BROWN              5 

7th  Andy CURTIS-CODY          3

The short course was up second with a small group of riders who stayed together for the duration of the race, 15 minutes plus 2 laps, and went hard for a bunch sprint at the end.

Short Course Results                       Points

1st   Sophie GOODIN                        12

2nd Douglas MACLACHLAN           10

3rd Jaimie BLACKBURN                  7

4th   Karen BLADE                             4

Finally the combined A and B Grade were off for 35 minutes plus 2 laps. This race was quickly dominated by Mark Langlands who, after lapping the field once, paused briefly to draw breath before setting off and lapping the field a second time. The main bunch showing a curious reluctance to chase the lone rider down with the exception of D Simmonds who hung on for several laps before a mechanical forced him to pull over.

A Grade Results                         Points

1st Mark LANGLANDS                    45

2n Thomas MCCALLUM                  13

3rd Derek ROBERTS              11

4th Robert GRAHAM                      10

5th Dominic GREEN              6

6th Dave DRUMMOND                    3

7th Peter JAMES                            2

8th Devan SIMMONDS                   3

Many thanks to Di for the sausage sizzle afterwards and to all the riders who turned up to compete.

Next Tuesday 22nd is the Christmas ride starting at the ACM club house at the sports bowl.

Upper Manaia Short Course

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Final results here

Lap times here

8 Dec 2020 – Upper Mania HRR 42kms (Short Course 21kms)

The Upper Mania circuit is a 7km mixture of fast straights and tight corners and last night the strong westerly played a significant role.

The start/finish straight was reasonably quick after which the left turn onto a very fast downwind leg followed by the left into the dogleg and then left into the headwind leg and a hard grind back up to the start/finish line. Despite the conditions some good average speeds were recorded with Break 2 >36kph and Scratch almost managing 39kph. Notably some riders were dropped from their respective grades and other groups broken up because of the difficult conditions.

Break 2 suffered disappointment after hitting the finish straight and, thinking it was their moment of glory, sprinted for the line only to realise seconds later that three riders from Limit had successfully stayed away and claimed the podium. Well done them!

A total of 36 riders presented themselves to the start line; 29 for the long course (6 laps) and 7 for the short course (3 laps).

Long Course Results;

1st – Neil Henderson                        1:17:32

2nd –Anil Raman                               1:17:35

3rd – Kevin McKay                            1:19:48

Short Course Results

1st –  Leroux Van Der Leek             00:41:10

2nd – Scarlet McCallum                   00:41:27

3rd – Doug McLachlan                     00:41:27

Next Race – Tues 15th December  Club Criterium Champs – 84 Judds Road