Te Ore Ore Whangaehu 2up TT 2020

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results here

2Up Time Trial – 40kms Te Ore Ore/Whangaehou Valley Return

For the annual 2Up TT 38 riders presented themselves for the long course with 10 riders for the short course. Both courses started adjacent the Te Ore Ore Marae with the long course turn around on the Whangaehou Valley Road (40kms) and short course at the junction with Bideford Road.

Despite the ominous forecast and threatening sky conditions were good with dry roads and a light westerly breeze. Teams started at 1 minute intervals with the long course starting first.

Long Course Results;

1st – McCallum/Hartley-Brown       00:55:58           00:00

2nd – Drummond/Harpham             00:59:11         +03:13

3rd – Roberts/D’Arbois                     01:01:21         +04:02

Fastest Mixed Team

Langlands/Fuller                              01:04:42         +08:43

Short Course Results

1st – Blackburn/Roberts                  24:48              00:00

2nd – Blade/Braaksma                     25:48              00:59

3rd – Percy/Speedy                          25:53              01:05

Next Race – Tues 1 December  Wainuioru Y Loop 46k HRR

Rangitumau GRR 2020

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Results here

Race 6 – Nov 17 2020 – Mauriceville – Rangitumau GRR
This was a 32km graded road race starting at Twin Bridges, heading North to the turnpoint
in Mauriceville before returning South and turning left onto the Bluff Rangitumau Road.
The race culminating with a 3km climb to the finish line half way up Rangitumau Hill. The
short course turned at Kopuaranga Hall.
The course between Twin Bridges and Mauriceville is often exposed to the wind. This night
was no exception with a strong gusty westerly providing a leg sapping headwind and
challenging crosswinds. There was some respite on the return leg with intermittent bursts
of tailwind encouraging high speeds.
There were 49 riders in 5 grades who presented themselves to the start line. This included
6 for the short course. Kudos to Derek Cox and Peter Jones on the tandem for leading the
C Grade to the turn point and back and finishing with a strong 2nd place on the climb.
A Grade
1st Mark Langlands
2nd Richard Van Lent
3rd Dominic Green
B Grade
1st Duncan Cameron
2nd Dave Drummond
3rd Devan Simmonds
C Grade
1st Terry Blackburn
2nd Derek Cox & Peter Jones (tandem)
3rd Ricky Blade
D Grade
1st Leroux Van Der Leek
2nd Francois Van Der leek
Kirsten Goodin
E Grade
1st Laura Cockcroft
2nd David Hodder
3rd John Gibbons
Short Course
1st Amelia Percy
2nd Karen Blade
3rd Scarlet McCallum
Next race Nov 22 Whangaehou Hall – Bideford Hall 2 Up TT

Frances Line x3 HRR 2020

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Results here

Lap times here

Race 5 – Nov 3 2020 – Francis Line HRR
After an uninspiring day the weather cleared and 44 riders presented themselves for the
Francis Line handicap road race. This is a (almost) flat 14km circuit often subject to head
and cross winds but this evening only subjected the groups to a light nor’ west breeze.
The main race of three laps had 35 riders split into Limit, Break 3, Break 2, Break &
Scratch. The short course had 9 riders for one lap of the circuit.
Limit managed to stay clear and filled the first seven places followed by Break and Break
Main race
1st Greg Baillie
2nd Laura Cockcroft
3rd Graeme Twist
Fastest Male Jurjen Geerts 1:05:44
Fastest Woman Lesley Mouat ! 1:12:32
Short Course
1st Sophie Goodin
2nd Stan Braaksma
3rd Scarlet Plimmer
Next race Nov 10 Rangitumau-Mauriceville-Kaka Amu

Upper Manaia Kermisse

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Lap results here

Online results here

Race 4 – Oct 20 2020 – Upper Manaia Kermesse
Over 40 riders presented themselves for the Kermesse starting & finishing on Upper
Manaia Road. The weather was good with a light Westerly breeze, dry roads and warm
A Kermesse is raced on a course that’s longer than a criterium but shorter than a road
race. Last nights circuit is approximately 7km long, pan flat but with several tight corners.
Each lap riders accumulate points by sprinting for the start/finish line.
The A Grade completed 5 laps. Grades B to E 4 laps and the short course 2 laps.
Results as follows;
A Grade
1st! Tom McCallum
2nd! Mark Langlands
3rd ! Geerts Jurjen
B Grade
1st! Robert Graham
2nd! Daniel Jacques
3rd! Duncan cameron
C Grade
1st! Derek Cox/Pete Jones (tandem)
2nd! Ricky Blade
3rd! Finn Roberts
D Grade
1st! Shane Griggs
2nd! Donna Burkhart
3rd! Tom Porter
E Grade
1st! Greg Baillie
2nd! Duncan Ellis
3rd! Graeme Twist
Short Course
1st! Leroux Van der Leek
2nd! Sophie Goodin
3rd! Kate Speedy
Next Tues 27th Oct it’s the Millars Road circuit for a Handicap Road Race

John Chesmar Memorial Trophy Results

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Results here

Race 3; 13 Oct 2020 – The John Chesmar Memorial Trophy. HRR Watsons Road/Wainuioru Return 32km

Tonights race was a 32km handicap road race with the start/finish line on Watsons Road and the turn point adjacent Wainuioru school. This is also the race for the John Chesmar Memorial trophy

Conditions were good with a light westerly breeze, dry roads and sunshine. There were 46 riders present for the start of the long course and 4 for the short course.

It’s a short, sharp course with the climbs of Limeworks and Patakawa on the way out and headwinds and a second ascent of Limeworks on the return leg.

1st place/fastest time went to Mark Langlands. In 2nd and 3rd places respectively Derek Roberts and Robert Graham.

Highest placed and fastest woman went to Emily Lutyens in 5th 

Winner of the short course was Jamie Blackburn

Next Tuesday 20th is the Upper Mania Kermesse, Upper Mania Road


Andy CC

Mauriceville MSRR 2020

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Results here

Race 2 was Rangitumau/Mauriceville return with a mass start at Twin Bridges finishing on
the left hand straight past the Bluff. The long course was 27km’s with the turn around in
Mauriceville village and 14km’s for the short course.
Weather on the evening was overcast and cool and blustery nor’wester. This promised a
headwind on the outward leg and some tailwind coming home. The long course had 49
competitors present themselves to the start line and 5 starters for the short course.
Clear winner on the short course was Scarlett McCallum with a lead of 1:30 over Stan
Braaksma in 2nd and Karen Blade in 3rd
The long course also had clear winners with Mark Langland pipping Tom McCallum for 1st
place and the two enjoying a 0:49 break over the chasing group with Josh Van Woerkom
coming in 3rd
Big thanks to Steve Hannam for setting out the signage and Brent, Toni & David for
managing the race as well as everyone who marshalled.
Race 3 is Watsons/Wainuioru/Watsons 32/18km HRR. This is also the John Chesmar
Memorial race

Matahiwi ITT 2020

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Results here

The ACM racing calendar kicked off Tuesday night with the individual time trial up Matahiwi Road. Conditions were not encouraging with a brisk sou’westerly wind and temperatures hovering around six degrees. Nevertheless forty eight keen competitors presented themselves to the starting gate ready to take on the 17km course.

In addition to the regular ACM riders were nine riders of the Black Spokes pro race team. The Black Spokes are currently here in the Wairarapa to compete in the North Island Team Series.

Needless to say the results were dominated by the visiting riders with Tom McCallum being the highest place local rider coming in 7th place. Highest place woman was Emily Lutyens who came in 30th overall.

Many thanks to the race organisers and the marshals out on the course.

Next race is Tuesday 6th October Rangitumau-Mauriceville return starting at the Twin Bridges at 6pm