5km series Race 3

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Wow we nearly did it. 100 participants out on the course and 97 finishers. Well done everyone.

1Ollie Kaipo2 km0:09:46
2Pippa White2 km0:09:57
3James Hayes2 km0:10:00
4Betty Moir4 km0:40:44
5Jada Kaipo5 km0:11:34
6Charotte Robinson2 km0:11:50
7Hayden Robinson2 km0:11:50
8Edie White2 km0:12:09
9Mathew Robinson2 km0:12:55
10Jaxon Kaipo2 km0:14:14
11Jonty Kumura2 km0:17:51
12Flynn Register5 km0:18:16
13Darius Simpson5 km0:18:17
14Jaxon Tobin2 km0:18:28
15Whana Gordon5 km0:20:00
16Michael Macklin5 km0:20:02
17Gareth Gwyther5 km0:20:41
18Rhys Gwyther5 km0:20:44
19Ian McKee5 km0:21:04
20Walter Lyttle2 km0:21:08
21Sue Lyttle2 km0:21:08
22Brent Register5 km0:21:34
23Lloyd Millar5 km0:21:54
24Paul Furkett5 km0:22:05
25Donald Bate5 km0:22:07
26Corrina Paine5 km0:22:21
27Malcolm MacDonald5 km0:22:29
28Andrew Davenport5 km0:22:52
29Tony Price5 km0:23:40
30Julie Millar5 km0:23:44
31Ryley Macklin2 km0:23:48
32Kate Macklin2 km0:23:49
33Carrie White5 km0:24:13
34Michael Duthie5 km0:24:33
35Philip Donvin-Irons5 km0:24:42
36Tom Andrews5 km0:24:47
37Robbie Robinson5 km0:24:50
38Craig Ewing5 km0:25:00
39Steve Brittland5 km0:25:43
40Roger Jones5 km0:25:48
41Mark Simmons5 km0:26:12
42Sam Hill5 km0:26:19
43Amanda Woodmass5 km0:26:20
44Robyn Green5 km0:26:50
45Chris van Gerven5 km0:27:20
46Greg Baillie5 km0:27:22
47Jodi Tobin5 km0:27:37
48Isla Roberts5 km0:29:17
49Serena Roberts5 km0:29:18
50David Farlow5 km0:29:24
51Robyn O’Neill2 km0:29:53
52Gail Edwards5 km0:30:39
53Ali O’Neill5 km0:30:49
54Robert Ruff-Thomas2 km0:31:43
55Lincoln Spite2 km0:31:44
56Di Chesmar5 km0:32:39
57Claudia Baechle5 km0:32:43
58Tania McKee5 km0:32:51
59Kristy Torto5 km0:33:37
60Doug Taylor5 km0:33:38
61Sarah O’Donoghue5 km0:33:46
62Mel Nathan5 km0:33:52
63Hayley Allen5 km0:34:03
64Franky Spite5 km0:34:35
65Stacey Miller5 km0:34:35
66Jenny Braaksma5 km0:34:36
67Makayla O’Hara5 km0:35:06
68Jo O’Hara5 km0:35:11
69Rochelle Williams5 km0:35:24
70Miranda Barton5 km0:35:31
71Jim Barr5 km0:35:53
72Jane Flowerday5 km0:36:03
73Alison Nagel5 km0:36:09
74Ruth Gwyther5 km0:37:17
75Lee-Ann Angove5 km0:38:26
76Justin Miller5 km0:38:42
77Ingrid Bird5 km0:40:26
78Tim Bird5 km0:40:26
79Chris Cogdale5 km0:41:18
80Logan Roberts5 km0:41:32
81Stan Braaksma5 km0:41:47
82Tim Matthews5 km0:41:58
83Denise Trail5 km0:42:23
84Gordon Reid5 km0:43:36
85Rachel Reid5 km0:43:42
86Pat Fairhall5 km0:43:57
87Grant Perry5 km0:45:33
88Cherie Fredricksen5 km0:45:42
89Barbara Barr5 km0:45:43
90Luca Roberts5 km0:47:12
91Annie Hawkes5 km0:47:55
92Stephen Young5 km0:48:44
93Jess Morrison5 km0:49:47
94Robyn Weston5 km0:50:11
95Andrea Hay5 km0:50:12
96Anne Perry5 km0:50:13
97Graeme Roberts5 km0:55:19

5k series Race 2

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Another fantastic turnout today with 92 participants. See you again in a fortnight. If you do at least 5 of the 6 events you will go in the draw to win $100 thanks to Gary Graham Fencing. Bring a friend! Results from today. Well done everyone.

1Pippa White2km0:09:52
2Jack Gardner2km0:09:54
3Jack White2km0:09:56
4James Hayes2km0:10:00
5Charlie Gard’ner2km0:10:51
6Edie White2km0:11:20
7Molly Hayes2km0:12:11
8Charotte Robinson2km0:12:11
9Brenda Hayes2km0:12:17
10Mathew Robinson2km0:13:48
11Hayden Robinson2km0:13:53
12Jaxon Tobin2km0:14:57
13Sam Tobin2km0:14:57
14Walter Lyttle2km0:16:03
15Sue Lyttle2km0:16:03
16Darius Simpson5 km0:18:07
17Andrew Hayes5 km0:19:27
18Glen Fraser5 km0:20:09
19Whana Gordon5 km0:20:21
20Gareth Gwyther5 km0:20:54
21Corey Miller5 km0:21:18
22Rhys Gwyther5 km0:21:21
23Corrina Paine5 km0:21:28
24Helen Gard’ner5 km0:21:37
25Luke Fraser5 km0:21:47
26Lloyd Millar5 km0:21:59
27Malcolm MacDonald5 km0:22:14
28John Jerling5 km0:22:44
29Mark Davies5 km0:23:15
30Ava Register5 km0:23:16
31Carrie White5 km0:23:35
32Graham Tindall5 km0:23:46
33Brooke Miller5 km0:24:00
34Philip Donvin-Irons5 km0:24:25
35Michael Duthie5 km0:24:27
36Craig Ewing5 km0:24:37
37Jodi Tobin5 km0:25:39
38Martin Dransfield5 km0:25:44
39Tom Andrews5 km0:25:59
40Amanda Woodmass5 km0:26:02
41Robert Ruff-Thomas2km0:26:13
42Lincoln Spite2km0:26:14
43Robbie Robinson5 km0:26:16
44Norm Chu5 km0:26:39
45Garry Keith5 km0:26:40
46Chris van Gerven5 km0:26:43
47Tim Matthews5 km0:27:13
48Robyn Green5 km0:28:19
49Annie Jerling5 km0:28:20
50Greg Baillie5 km0:28:21
51Lesley Graham5 km0:28:22
52David Farlow5 km0:29:03
53Paigin Robinson5 km0:30:15
54Gail Edwards5 km0:30:57
55Rebecca Edgecombe5 km0:31:06
56Hayley Allen5 km0:31:38
57Roger Jones5 km0:32:04
58Claudia Baechle5 km0:32:38
59Di Chesmar5 km0:33:25
60Teena Pettitt5 km0:33:33
61Anna Anderson5 km0:33:50
62Makayla O’Hara5 km0:33:55
63Jo O’Hara5 km0:34:02
64Kim Register5 km0:34:25
65Serena Roberts5 km0:35:19
66Justin Miller5 km0:35:40
67Stacey Miller5 km0:35:43
68Franky Spite5 km0:36:18
69Lisa Scott5 km0:36:19
70Sarah O’Donoghue5 km0:36:35
71Ruth Gwyther5 km0:36:52
72Alison Nagel5 km0:36:55
73Rochelle Williams5 km0:37:27
74Lee-Ann Angove5 km0:38:13
75Aden McClean5 km0:39:58
76Chris Cogdale5 km0:41:43
77Cherie Fredricksen5 km0:42:54
78Gordon Reid5 km0:43:36
79Denise Trail5 km0:43:37
80Caitlin Denton5 km0:45:28
81Tahlia Pook5 km0:45:28
82Luca Roberts5 km0:46:07
83Annie Hawkes5 km0:47:13
84Stephen Young5 km0:48:03
85Linda Fleury5 km0:51:43
86Emily Marstella5 km0:51:43
87Jada Kaipo5 km0:53:29
88Sam Hill5 km0:53:29
89Anne Perry5 km0:54:00
90Graeme Roberts5 km0:55:20
91Robyn Weston5 km0:55:28
92Irene Price5 km0:55:46

Road Championships 2020 Results (Harriers)

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Final prize giving of the year today and it was pleasing to see new faces amongst the trophies awarded. Well done everyone. Full results attached. Other trophies awarded included the Askew inter-club Trophy (Masters Men) to Ray Haste, Randolph Rose 5 mile (awarded for the fastest over 8km at Greytown) to Darius Simpson and the Randolf Rose Sports Person of the year for Carol MacDonald.

Results here

John Chesmar Memorial Lansdowne Hill Run: 2020 Results

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It seemed to be a night for breaking records with the annual hill run in Memory of John. The most competitors (39), the fastest time (well done Darius), the most people back to the MacDonald’s for pizza and best of all, an impressive contingent of John’s family amongst the competitors and revellers. An excellent night, John would have approved.

Results here http://acm.kiwi.nz/running/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/John-Chesmar-Memorial-Hill-Run-2020-.pdf

GR Series 5

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The 4th GR series event is on this Sunday. Mass start at 10:00 am. We are still finalising details but there will be certificates and prizes for handicap winners on the day. These will hopefully turn into trophies next year. We will have a shared mroning tea.

You must be an ACM member to be eligible so please get you membership done before Friday. Enter your details online or message us if that’s a problem for you. http://acm.kiwi.nz/running/how-to-join-the-club/