Club Champs Road Race

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Club Championship Road Races offer riders the ultimate opportunity for bragging rights for the next 12 months, so are hotly contested. As riders are contesting age group categories as well as the overall open championship, these races involve ‘races within the race’. Tonight, true to his word, Simon Pumfrey attacked out of the first corner at Gladstone Church with Jeff Saywell on his wheel. The peloton did not react immediately to this attack and made their way up towards Carter’s Line at a reasonably comfortable pace. However as soon as the raced turned left onto Carter’s Line, the westerly wind came into play, the pressure was on which was instantly evident in the single line of riders hard up against the grass verge. At least one rider was observed to do some ‘grass tracking’ at this stage, but managed to stay both upright and in the bunch. It was not long before the pressure caused a number of splits in the bunch. Riders who were feeling strong and who had positioned themselves well survived to ride away from those who were further back, getting caught out by the opening gaps.

Eventually, Mark Langlands decided the moment had arrived to cross the gap to the two riders up the road in the breakaway. Ben Knight and Johnny Burkhart attempted to go with him, but Mark’s attack was decisive and he was the only rider who succeeded in crossing the gap to Simon and Jeff.

The women had also started in the same mass start as the men, so their race was about who would be strong enough to stay as close to the front of the race as possible. Tonight, despite her brief ‘grass tracking’ on Carter’s line it was Belinda Fuller who proved herself as she stayed with the main peloton for the whole race. Emily Lutyens was also riding strongly this evening. She had to work really hard to stay with her bunch over the Miller’s Road climb, but soon recovered and was able to sprint strongly against other riders in her bunch. Kirsten Goodin was also riding strongly tonight, but was caught out behind the splits caused by the wind, so most of her race was with a small bunch of riders. She too, was able to sprint strongly at the finish line.

The juniors tonight found the going quite tough. Even the short distance riders were competing over a longer distance than they usually cover, so they are all to be congratulated for their persistence and determination.

Chocolate fish stories tonight go to a rider who forgot to charge the DI2 (electronic gears), so discovered she only had 1 gear – oops. Another rider went off course, as she didn’t realise the Marshall at Millers Road was trying to get her to turn left. She went right and had almost reached Martinborough before the Marshall found her and gave her a lift back to the start/finish line. Then there is the rider who turned up without a cycle jersey, so went raiding to find required cycle kit prior to the start – he might owe Andy CC more than just thanks for preserving his modesty!

When all is said and done, however, tonight is one of congratulations:

Men’s Champion: Mark Langlands; 2nd Simon Pumfrey; 3rd Jeff Saywell.

Women’s Champion: Belinda Fuller; 2nd Emily Lutyens; 3rd Kirsten Goodin.

Under 17 Boy’s Champion: Finn Roberts

Under 15 Boy’s Champion: Jono Didsbury

Under 17 Girl’s Champion: Annabelle Smith

Under 15 Girls Champion: Lucy Stevens

Many thanks to our race team who looked after us yet again and also to Di Dowding for cooking our BBQ. Next week is over the Manaia/ Skeets Road Circuit, with the start and finish on Upper Manaia Road.

ShuteNoRiderStart timeFinish timeRide timePlace
790Mark Langlands0:00:001:33:541:33:54Men’s Champion
870Simon Pumfrey0:00:001:33:541:33:542nd man
9119Jeff Saywell0:00:001:34:071:34:073rd man
1013Ben Knight0:00:001:37:231:37:23
11147Johnny Burkhart0:00:001:38:091:38:09
12101Eddy Kuipers0:00:001:38:111:38:11
1361Darren Southon0:00:001:38:111:38:11
1436Devan Simmonds0:00:001:38:111:38:11
1573Erik D’Arbois0:00:001:38:111:38:11
1696Andrew Linton0:00:001:38:111:38:11
1718Dave Drummond0:00:001:38:111:38:11
18142Duncan Cameron0:00:001:38:111:38:11
1977Terry Blackburn0:00:001:38:111:38:11
2010Belinda Fuller0:00:001:38:111:38:11Women’s Champion
21117Simon Butler0:00:001:38:211:38:21
2269Peter James0:00:001:41:171:41:17
2379Bill van Woerkom0:00:001:43:341:43:34
2427Daniel Jaques0:00:001:43:351:43:35
2589Emily Lutyens0:00:001:43:361:43:362nd woman
2672Rex Dowding0:00:001:43:371:43:37
2712Ricky Blade0:00:001:43:381:43:38
284Dean Southey0:00:001:43:391:43:39
2975Andy Curtis-Cody0:00:001:44:321:44:32
3050Earle Whitcombe0:00:001:48:441:48:44
3134Kirsten Goodin0:00:001:48:451:48:453rd woman
3260John Allen0:00:001:48:451:48:45
335Lesley Mouat0:00:001:48:451:48:45
3433Steve Hannam0:00:001:48:461:48:46
3576Peter Lee0:00:001:48:471:48:47
3689Steven Yeats0:00:001:51:461:51:46
3716Julie Millar0:00:001:51:471:51:47
3840Finn Roberts0:00:001:51:521:51:521st U17 Boy
3914Brian Sanders0:00:001:53:031:53:03
4032Greg Baillie0:00:001:55:071:55:07
4129Ray Haste0:00:001:55:521:55:52
4274Rod Sutherland/Peter Jones0:00:001:55:531:55:53Tandem
4321Anil Raman0:00:001:55:551:55:55
442Andi Bond0:00:002:01:422:01:42
4549Graeme Twist0:00:002:04:202:04:20
4685Viv Bunny0:00:002:04:202:04:20
473Mark Jerling0:00:002:04:212:04:21
17Stan Braaksma0:00:00DNFDNF
78Sydney Blackburn0:00:00DNFDNF
45Donna Burkhart0:00:00DNFDNF
Short Course
ShuteNoRiderStart timeFinish timeRide timePlace
171Bruce McCallum0:01:001:13:521:12:52
2154Jono Didsbury0:01:001:14:421:13:421st U 15 boy
365Annabelle Smith0:01:001:17:541:16:541st U 17 girl
4Pru Hunter0:01:001:20:241:19:24
562Lucy Stevens0:01:001:28:021:27:021st U 15 girl
6144Katherine Domanski0:01:001:28:041:27:04

Carrington Circuit GRR

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On a very warm summer evening tonight’s Graded Road Race attracted 42 riders over the Carrington Circuit. This circuit is ideally suited to powerful riders who can muscle their way over the Carrington Climb then apply the pressure on their competitors through the fast flowing downhill section followed by Haringa Road. Not many cyclists like racing Haringa Road as it is false flat, and a road that always seems to sap the energy. It is sealed with rough chip and inevitably you find yourself struggling into a head or cross-cutter head wind from the start to finish of it. The overall circuit is 12 kms in length. Tonight A, B and C Grade raced over 3 1/2 laps. D and E Grade raced over 2 1/2 laps and the short course raced over 1 1/2 laps. The combination of the tough circuit, warm and breezy weather conditions and sheer intensity of the racing led to a number of riders sliding out the back of their race bunch.

In A-Grade the pace was high right from the start. On the final lap a couple of riders attempted to escape off the front, but Mark Langlands waited patiently and timed his final effort to perfection to cross the line in first place once again.

B-Grade takes out the prize (probably chocolate fish!) for the number of punctures -3 between them, two for the Tandem ridden by Derek Cox and Peter Jones – one just prior to the start, and the second on their first lap (definitely chocolate fish territory). The third puncture, again early in the race was experienced by Phil Sutherland. The winner of B-Grade is Devan Simmonds, who also bided his time and measured that effort up the final climb to create a gap from his nearest rival.

Some of the C-Grade riders where finding the going hot and tough right from the first climb, and were having to use downhill skills to re-connect with their bunch after the climb. In this Grade Gareth Price attacked between Haringa Road and the Carrington climb. He got away with it …. just as the gap was being closed very rapidly by Belinda Fuller. If the checkered flag had been 10 metres further up the road, it would have been a different story!

D-Grade was also strongly contested and was another of the grades where the race split to pieces on the first climb. In this Grade John Allen proved to be the strongest rider, followed by Earle Whitcombe and Julie Millar close on his heals.

The battle of the final climb in E-Grade took place between Kirsten Goodin, Greg Baillie, David Hodder and Stephen Yeats, with a handful of seconds between all of them, Kirsten was the victor on this occasion.

On the short course special mention has to go the Caleb and Finn Roberts who both took off from the start and raced away from their bunch leading to a significant time gap from the rest of their grade. Congratulations to Caleb who showed a clean pair of heals to his brother, in an impressive sprint up the climb at the end of his race. Jaimee Blackburn made the final climb a lot harder than it needed to be, as she only realised once she had finished she was still in the big chainring – Oops – (that probably earns a chocolate fish too!)

Thanks to Dave Hodder for the after match refuelling opportunity and as always to the race management team who look after us each time we race.

Next Week is the 3rd of our Club Championship’s – the Road Race which will be contested over the Millers Road Circuit – note it is beginning at Parkvale Hall and finishes in Tiffin Road! Let’s see if we can have a good turnout of as many of you as possible to make the one interesting – remember that it is races within races – as you will be contesting your age group championship not just for the overall open championships.

Full results from tonight are:

A – Grade
Shute orderNoRiderStart timeFinish timeRide TimePlace
1990Mark Langlands0:01:001:08:421:07:421
20147Johnny Burkhart0:01:001:08:451:07:452
21119Jeff Saywell0:01:001:08:471:07:473
2213Ben Knight0:01:001:08:561:07:564
2370Simon Pumfrey0:01:001:09:031:08:035
2446Derek Roberts0:01:001:09:041:08:046
2918Dave Drummond0:01:001:14:261:13:267
B- Grade
Shute orderNoRiderStart timeFinish timeRide TimePlace
3036Devan Simmonds0:02:001:14:301:12:301
3173Erik D’arbois0:02:001:14:511:12:512
32117Simon Butler0:02:001:18:511:16:513
38155Andrew Osmond0:02:001:20:291:18:294
3992Phil Sutherland0:02:00DNF
4061Darren Southon0:02:00DNF
41116Derek Cox/Peter Jones0:02:00DNF
Shute orderNoRiderStart timeFinish timeRide TimePlace
3341Gareth Price0:03:001:19:121:16:121
3410Belinda Fuller0:03:001:19:131:16:132
3577Terry Blackburn0:03:001:19:411:16:413
3696Andrew Linton0:03:001:19:561:16:564
374Deane Southey0:03:001:20:141:17:145
Shute orderNoRiderStart timeFinish timeRide TimePlace
760John Allen0:04:001:01:210:57:211
850Earle Whitcombe0:04:001:01:540:57:542
916Julie Millar0:04:001:02:020:58:023
102Andi Bond0:04:001:04:371:00:374
1333Steve Hannam0:04:001:04:531:00:535
1622Mike Parker0:04:001:05:231:01:236
Shute orderNoRiderStart timeFinish timeRide TimePlace
1134Kirsten Goodin0:05:001:04:430:59:431
1232Greg Baillie0:05:001:04:480:59:482
1451David Hodder0:05:001:04:540:59:543
15Stephen Yeats0:05:001:04:570:59:574
1721Aniil Raman0:05:001:06:501:01:505
1819Duncan Ellis0:05:001:07:031:02:036
2549Graeme Twist0:05:001:10:181:05:187
2631Jenny Devenport0:05:001:11:311:06:318
273Mark Jerling0:05:001:12:231:07:239
2857Karen Blade0:05:001:13:061:08:0610
78Sydney Blackburn0:05:00DNF
Short Course
Shute orderNoRiderStart timeFinish timeRide TimePlace
148Caleb Roberts0:06:000:44:070:38:071
240Finn Roberts0:06:000:44:180:38:182
4156Jaimee Blackburn0:06:000:52:450:46:453
571Bruce McCallum0:06:000:53:100:47:104
6157Kate Port0:06:000:53:320:47:325
65Annabelle Smith0:06:00DNF

Individual Time Trial Championship – provisional result

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The Club Championship Individual Time Trial is often viewed as the ultimate ‘race of truth’. It is you and your bike all by yourself, no drafting allowed, for 40 kms of maximum effort. Add into that warm evening with a blustery North West wind, about 350m of ‘up’ and everyone knows there is nothing easy about it. The science of time trialling well is to ride powerfully and as aerodynamically efficiently as possible. The art of time trialling well is the ability to manage your effort and energy, so that you can ride powerfully for the whole distance, but have absolutely nothing left in the tank as you cross the finish line. Ben Knight is the club member who regularly role models both the science and art of the time trial and tonight he was the only rider to crack the hour mark.

Provisional Results tonight in the men’s race:

Champion: Ben Knight; with Derek Roberts 2nd and Dave Drummond 3rd.

Provisional Results in the women’s race

Champion: Belinda Fuller, with Lesley Mouat 2nd and Viv Bunny 3rd.

Provisional Results for the Juniors:

1st Under 15 Boy: Caleb Roberts

1st Under 17 Boy: Finn Roberts

1st Under 17 Girl: Annabelle Smith

Thanks to our race officials and marshals tonight. Next Tuesday is the Carrington Circuit for a Handicapped Road Race. This Sunday is also the first of the Wellington Region Interclub Races and details for this can be found at:…/Interclub-Race-1-27-Jan-19

Full (provisional) results for tonight are:

OrderRace NoRiderStartFinishRide Time
713Ben Knight0:19:301:18:330:59:03Champion Man
1146Derek Roberts0:18:301:19:511:01:212nd Man
1218Dave Drummond0:17:301:20:041:02:343rd Man
1670 Simon Pumfrey0:18:001:20:461:02:46
627Daniel Jaques0:09:001:13:131:04:13
13117Simon Butler0:15:001:20:191:05:19
27147Johnny Burkhart0:19:001:25:001:06:00
941Gareth Price0:13:001:19:251:06:25
824Billy Van Woerkom0:12:001:18:341:06:34
2361Darren Southon0:16:001:23:101:07:10
25101Eddie Kuipers0:17:001:24:291:07:29
14142Duncan Cameron0:12:301:20:211:07:51
1764Phil Sutherland0:14:301:22:421:08:12
2110Belinda Fuller0:14:001:22:501:08:50Champion Woman
1072Rex Dowding0:09:301:19:261:09:56
3044Craig Mangan0:15:301:25:351:10:05
18153Simon Mole0:11:301:22:431:11:13
265Lesley Mouat0:13:301:24:581:11:282nd Woman
2414Brian Sanders0:10:301:23:321:13:02
3797Chris Smith0:16:301:30:021:13:32
2960John Allen0:11:001:25:071:14:07
19129Ray Haste0:08:001:22:481:14:48
1574Rod Sutherland, Peter Jones0:05:001:20:411:15:41
282Andi Bond0:08:301:25:041:16:34
3533Steve Hannam0:10:001:27:121:17:12
2232Greg Baillie0:05:301:22:531:17:23
3321Anil Raman0:07:001:25:471:18:47
20Mike Parker0:04:001:22:491:18:49
3451Dave Hodder0:06:301:27:061:20:36
3249Graeme Twist0:04:301:25:371:21:07
3619Duncan Ellis0:07:301:28:591:21:29
3185Viv Bunny0:03:301:25:371:22:073rd Woman
3817Stan Braaksma0:06:001:30:311:24:31
3950Earle Whitcombe0:03:00DNF
Short Course
OrderRace NoRiderStartFinishRide Time
148Caleb Roberts0:02:300:29:050:26:351st Under 15 Boy
240Finn Roberts0:02:000:29:520:27:521st Under 17 Boy
355Doug Maclachlan, Meri Murphy0:01:300:31:380:30:08
465Annabelle Smith0:00:300:34:530:34:231st Under 17 Girl
598Penny Walker0:01:000:41:120:40:12

Wainuioru to Te Wharau GRR

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The first club race for 2019 attracted 45 entrants over 5 grades in great weather conditions for racing. Grades left a one minute intervals starting with A Grade. As usual the goal in a Graded Road Race is to work out how to beat all the riders in your start group. This is never an easy task, and can be particularly difficult after the Christmas/New Year break from racing and for some of us the seasonal over-indulgences.

The out and back course proved, once again, to be a challenging. It is a course that includes some sweeping fast down hill sections that then become quite difficult steep climbs on the return journey. The large number of riders who failed to complete their entire course, thus returning, Did Not Finish (DNF) in their results bears witness to how hard it was out there tonight.

Congratulations tonight go to:

A Grade – Mark Langlands

B Grade – Phil Sutherland

C Grade – Duncan Cameron with Belinda Fuller Fastest woman on the night

D Grade – Daniel Jaques, with Emily Lutyens close behind

E Grade – Jorge Sandoval

Short course – Scarlett Freeman followed closely by Jaimee Blackburn

As always, many thanks to our race officials and those in charge of the BBQ.

A Grade
Shute orderRace NoRiderStart timeFinish TimeRace Time
990Mark Langlands0:00:001:18:231:18:23
1070Simon Pumfrey0:00:001:18:241:18:24
14119Jeff Saywell0:00:001:23:551:23:55
1113Ben Knight0:00:001:26:001:26:00
16147Johnny Burkhart0:00:001:28:241:28:24
13Vistor 1Jonathan Leonnard0:00:00DNFDNF
1546Derek Roberts0:00:00DNFDNF
B Grade
Shute orderRace NoRiderStart timeFinish TimeRace Time
1792Phil Sutherland0:01:001:28:591:27:59
1869Peter James0:01:001:28:591:27:59
2144Craig Mangin0:01:001:29:021:28:02
2218Dave Drummond0:01:001:29:031:28:03
25117Simon Butler0:01:001:31:021:30:02
3061Darren Southon0:01:001:34:271:33:27
C Grade
Shute orderRace NoRiderStart timeFinish TimeRace Time
19142Duncan Cameron0:02:001:29:001:27:00
2041Gareth Price0:02:001:29:011:27:01
2675Andy Curtis-Cody0:02:001:33:241:31:24
2710Belinda Fuller0:02:001:33:241:31:24
2877Terry Blackburn0:02:001:34:211:32:21
2936Devan Simmonds, Peter Jones0:02:001:34:271:32:27
3612Ricky Blade0:02:001:37:051:35:05
D Grade
Shute orderRace NoRiderStart timeFinish TimeRace Time
3127Daniel Jaques0:03:001:36:531:33:53
3289Emily Lutyens0:03:001:36:551:33:55
3314Brian Sanders0:03:001:36:551:33:55
3450Earle Whitcombe0:03:001:36:571:33:57
354Dean Southey0:03:001:37:011:34:01
3772Rex Dowding0:03:001:39:331:36:33
3876Peter Lee0:03:001:39:331:36:33
3916Julie Millar0:03:001:44:131:41:13
402Andi Bond0:03:001:47:091:44:09
4160John Allen0:03:001:49:151:46:15
2348Caleb Roberts0:03:00DNFDNF
2423Jay Sowry0:03:00DNFDNF
E Grade
Shute orderRace NoRiderStart timeFinish TimeRace Time
4281Jorge Sandoval0:04:001:49:151:45:15
4332Greg Baillie0:04:001:49:161:45:16
4421Anil Raman0:04:001:51:201:47:20
278Sydney Blackburn0:04:00DNFDNF
1240Finn Roberts0:04:00DNFDNF
4551Dave Hodder0:04:00DNFDNF
Short course
Shute orderRace NoRiderStart timeFinish TimeRace Time
111Scarlett Freeman0:05:000:48:160:43:16
3156Jaimee Blackburn0:05:000:48:190:43:19
471Bruce McCallum0:05:000:50:350:45:35
565Annabelle Smith0:05:000:50:540:45:54
6Visitor 2Prue Hunter0:05:000:55:350:50:35
7144Katherine Domanski0:05:000:55:370:50:37
874Rod Sutherland0:05:000:55:380:50:38

Martinborough to Hinekura

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The final club race for 2018 proved to be quite a challenge for a number of reasons. Firstly, this should have been a course for the climbers – with plenty of ‘up’ to deal with, however the original course needed to be amended and shortened thereby reducing the amount of ‘up’ available to the climbers. This was because of some brand new seal having been laid on the far side of Hinekura. The next challenge was presented by the windy conditions this evening. As the race began the prevailing Westerly wind was doing it’s thing. Out on course the wind became quite swirly, making riding conditions quite difficult especially for the lighter riders who were being blown around rather more than the more solid riders.

The next challenge faced by all the bunches was trying to stay together and work as a team as this was a handicapped race. It was noticeable that the short course riders had a real struggle with this and many of them ended up being dropped and riding either in pairs or by themselves. They were not alone in their struggle and in the end a number of riders were dropped from across each of the groups.

The final challenge tonight was one that, thankfully, is very rare indeed – the disappearance of a rider. Arguably our most well travelled cyclist, Donna, managed to get lost and rode off course. Instead of heading out and climbing Hinekura with her bunch, she was one of those riders who was dropped early on, and finding herself all alone she then took the more usual left turn at Pope’s Head and rode towards Longbush. The Marshall who was at that turn didn’t realise Donna was in the race, so didn’t manage to re-direct her. It was a while before Donna realised her mistake and turned her bike around to head back towards Martinborough, by which time quite the search party had set out to scour the course and its ditches. All’s well that ends well, and we were all relieved when Donna was found, safe, well and riding her bike somewhat tired and just a little embarrassed! 

So congratulations tonight go firstly to Jorge Sandoval as the first rider home on a tough course much of which was ridden all by himself. For his win he scored a nice bottle of Rose! Secondly, to Kirsten Goodin who was the first woman home. Thirdly, congratulations to Sydney Blackburn as the first rider home on the short course. Fourthly, to Mark Langlands and Belinda Fuller, once again fastest man and woman. Lastly, congratulations to our youngest riders tonight Scarlett Freeman, and Annabelle Smith, who found the going really tough tonight. But even though they had to walk a little when the wind was in their face up the hills, they refused to give up, and were proud to ride themselves to the finish. Good stuff girls!

Once again tonight the BBQ emerged to refuel all the crew. Many thanks to Dave and TK Winery for a lovely venue and some much needed refreshments. Thanks also to everyone who has made racing possible – the Race Manager, Time Keeper, folks who set the course, STMS and traffic management, Marshalls and their convenor, and the social committee.

Racing takes a break now until the second Tuesday in January. So wishing you all a very Happy Blessed Christmas, and a restful summer break.

Shute orderRace NoRiderStart timeFinish timeRide time
181Jorge Sandoval0:00:000:55:510:55:51Winner
221Anil Raman0:00:000:56:490:56:49
334Kirsten Goodin0:00:000:56:490:56:491st woman
489Emily Lutyens0:07:000:57:160:50:16
54Dean Southey0:07:000:57:160:50:16
6115Robert Jaques0:07:000:57:170:50:17
772Rex Dowding0:07:000:57:180:50:18
827Daniel Jaques0:07:000:57:280:50:28
92Andi Bond0:07:001:01:070:54:07
1123Jay Sowry0:07:001:01:100:54:10
1496Andrew Linton0:13:001:02:150:49:15
1577Terry Blackburn0:13:001:02:180:49:18
1610Belinda Fuller0:13:001:02:190:49:19Fastest woman
1741Gareth Price0:13:001:02:240:49:24
185Lesley Mouat0:13:001:02:240:49:24
1912Ricky Blade0:13:001:02:280:49:28
2090Mark Langlands0:20:001:03:260:43:26Fastest man
2122Dominic Green0:17:001:03:270:46:27
2236Devan Simmonds0:17:001:03:270:46:27
2354Dave Shephard0:17:001:03:300:46:30
2469Peter James0:17:001:03:310:46:31
2513Ben Knight0:20:001:03:330:43:33
2661Darren Southon0:17:001:03:330:46:33
2716Julie Millar0:07:001:04:440:57:44
2970Simon Pumfrey0:20:001:05:260:45:26
3175Andy Curtis-Cody0:13:001:05:540:52:54
34117Simon Butler0:17:001:08:430:51:43
3583Mike Wilkinson0:17:001:08:440:51:44
3718Dave Drummond0:20:001:10:540:50:54
3392Phil Sutherland0:17:00DNF
4045Donna Burkhart0:07:00DNF
Short Course
1078Sydney Blackburn0:20:001:01:090:41:091st 
1217Stan Braaksma0:20:001:01:270:41:271st man
1357Karen Blade0:20:001:01:270:41:27
2855Doug Maclachlan, Meri Murphy0:20:001:05:120:45:12Tandem
30154Jono Didsbury0:20:001:05:310:45:311st Junior boy
32157Kate Port0:20:001:06:140:46:14
36156Jaimee Blackburn0:20:001:08:490:48:49
3811Scarlet Freeman0:20:001:16:170:56:17
3965Annabelle Smith0:20:001:17:120:57:12

Club Championship Criterium

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Tonight was the first of four Club Championship Races – the Criterium. A Criterium is often a street race with lots of twists and turns, but for this one the club is very grateful to be able to use part of the drag strip as the course. It is a circuit race, with sprint laps every second lap ridden over a set time, plus 2 laps. Points awarded are 5, 3, 2 and 1 point for 1st to 4th on each of those sprint laps. The winner of each race is the person who accumulates the highest total of sprint points over the whole of the race.

This is another race that riders have a tendency to either love or hate. The ones who love it are often natural sprinters, or the riders who love the hustle and bustle of trying to outwit your follow competitors, to find the right wheel to follow, and to position yourself ‘just right’ and those who can kick hard in the critical moments going into the sprints that count for points. The other way to win is the tactic that Mark Langlands tends to use, and that is to use your power and ability to ride away from all your competitors!

In each of the races tonight the bunches split as the pressure was applied in the first couple of sprint laps. In the A-Grade mens (Championship) race, contested over 25 minutes plus 2 laps, Mark Langlands rode away early on, and then was pursued by most of the peloton. Being out the front on his own, Mark accumulated a good lead in the points tally before the Peloton eventually caught him. The remaining points on offer were strongly contested between Johnny Burkhart, Derek Roberts, Simon Butler and Devan Simmonds.

The B-Grade and Women’s Championship races, contested over 20 minutes plus 2 laps, also contained our Junior girls and boys. Splits also happened in theses races early on, but no single rider was brave or strong enough to ride away from everyone else, so each of the sprints for points were again hotly contested. Ricky Blade demonstrated his sprinting prowess and a clean pair of heels amongst the men, with Caleb Roberts, John Allen, Dave Hodder and Rex Dowding contesting the remaining available points. Amongst the women Emily Lutyens and Lesley Mouat went wheel to wheel for top points in each of the sprints with Michelle McCabe, Sydney Blackburn and Judy Brown all in the mix for the remaining points.

Congratulations to our new Club Champions:

Open Men – Mark Langlands

Open women – Emily Lutyens

Junior Girl – Sydney Blackburn

Junior Boy – Caleb Roberts

B-Grade – Ricky Blade

Once again, thanks to our race officials and social committee for looking after our racing, and refuelling us at the end of the evening. Next week, note that the race start is in Martinborough for a little circuit that takes in Hinakura. Might be one for the climbers..maybe!

Full Results:

Men’s Championship Criterium – A Grade
Rider Total Final Place
Mark Langlands 30 1 Men’s Champion
Johnny Burkhart 20 2
Derek Roberts 12 3
Simon Butler 8 4
Devan Simmonds 7 5
Darren Southon 1 6
Dave Drummond 0
Craig Mangin 0
Andrew Linton 0
Daniel Jaques 0
Terry Blackburn 0
Women’s Championship Criterium
Rider Total Final Place
Emily Lutyens 21 1 Women’s Champion
Lesley Mouat 19 2
Michelle McCabe 9 3
Sydney Blackburn 4 4 1st Under 19 Girl
Judy Brown 2 5
Men’s B-Grace Criterium
Rider Total Final Place
Ricky Blade 25 1 1st B-Grade
Caleb Roberts 11 2 1st Junior Boy
John Allen 7 3
Dave Hodder 6 4
Rex Dowding 6 5
Rod Sutherland/Peter Jones 0
Jorge Sandoval 0
Duncan Ellis 0
Mark Jerling 0
Anil Raman 0
Doug Maclachlan/Meri Murphy 0
Jono Didsbury 0 2nd Junior Boy
Stan Braaksma 0


2 Up Time Trial

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It has been said of Time-Trailing that many hate it and some (very few) love it, but hardly anyone sits on the fence about it. The 2-up variety of Time-Trailing is seldom ‘fun’ in the traditional sense of the word. It is certainly a discipline that is likely to leave you gasping for air, groaning in pain, dripping in sweat from the effort involved in this ‘race of truth’, you and your team mate against the unforgiving clock.

Added into the mix tonight was a fairly strong swirling Nor-West wind that made the 40 km race even more of a challenge. Just when you thought you should have had a nice tail-wind to help you home, you discovered it was in your face or coming at you sideways.

It is only after you have had time to finish, catch our breath, stretch out the tensed cramping muscles and recover somewhat that you might discover either a sense of satisfaction or disappointment. It is a discipline that means you work far harder than in any handicapped, or graded road race. Time trialing certainly brings out the competitive nature in most riders. You push yourself to your limit and beyond, leaving everything out on the road, all for the sake of your partner.

Tonight was no exception with the fastest two men’s teams divided by a mere 2 seconds, and in the mixed section the top teams divided by 18 seconds. Congratulations to Mark Langlands and Simon Pumfrey on their win overall, with Richard Day and Ben Knight in second and Dave Drummond and Tom McCallum in 3rd. In the mixed section Andy Curtis-Cody and Belinda Fuller finished first and Devan Simmonds and Lesley Mouat in second with Andrew Linton and Kirsten Goodin in third. Congratulations also to Sheri Wales and Stacey Miller the sole all women team. The Blackburn family duo of Jaimee and Sydney were fastest Junior team.

Many thanks to all our race officials once again. Next week we are down at the Drag Strip for the Club Champs Criterium races.

Results from tonight are:

Start time Riders Finish time Ride time Place
0:20:00 Mark Langlands, Simon Pumfrey 1:20:29 1:00:29 1 Fastest men
0:06:00 Richard Day, Ben Knight 1:06:31 1:00:31 2 2nd men
0:14:00 Dave Drummond, Tom McCallum 1:15:13 1:01:13 3 3rd men
0:13:00 Pete James, Jeff Saywell 1:16:14 1:03:14 4
0:11:00 Johnny Burkhart, Simon Butler 1:15:38 1:04:38 5
0:04:00 Eddy Kuipers, Mike Wilkinson 1:09:25 1:05:25 6
0:18:00 Corey Miller, Gareth Price 1:23:28 1:05:28 7
0:21:00 Craig Man, Derek Roberts 1:26:37 1:05:37 8
0:15:00 Bill Van Woerkom, Phil Sutherland 1:21:19 1:06:19 9
0:17:00 Duncan Cameron, Simon Mole 1:24:07 1:07:07 10
0:01:00 Andy Curtis-Cody, Belinda Fuller 1:09:57 1:08:57 11 Fastest Mixed
0:05:00 Devan Simmonds, Lesley Mouat 1:14:15 1:09:15 12 2nd mixed
0:09:00 Peter Lee, Rex Dowding 1:18:35 1:09:35 13
0:22:00 John Allen, Daniel Jaques 1:32:29 1:10:29 14
0:08:00 Andi Bond, Terry Blalckburn 1:18:58 1:10:58 15
0:19:00 Andrew Linton, Kirsten Goodin 1:30:16 1:11:16 16 3rd mixed
0:02:00 Rod Sutherland, Peter Jones, Anil Raman 1:15:43 1:13:43 17
0:07:00 Jay Sowry, Julie Millar 1:21:36 1:14:36 18
0:12:00 Ray Haste, Greg Baillie 1:27:26 1:15:26 19
0:10:00 Stan Braaksma, Karen Blade 1:30:26 1:20:26 20
0:16:00 Sheri Wales, Stacey Miller 1:37:43 1:21:43 21 Fastest women
0:03:00 Darren Southon (DNF), Richard McNaughton 1:34:23 1:31:23 22
Start time Riders Finish time Ride time
0:00:00 Jaimee Blackburn, Sydney Blackburn 0:31:59 0:31:59 1 Fastest junior
0:01:00 Doug Maclachlan, Meri Murphy, Jono Didsbury 0:34:04 0:33:04 2
0:01:00 Annabelle Smith 0:36:50 0:35:50 3

Gladstone to Whakarua Road HRR

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This evening’s handicapped road race began at Gladstone Church and raced south to Whakarau Road before returning to finish on Longbush Road. During his briefing our Race Manager, Brent Sowry, reminded riders that the job of each bunch was to catch the riders in front of you and stay away from the riders behind.

When the race handicapper gets it right, most of the riders will arrive at the finish all together. Tonight that very nearly happened. In the winning bunch were a mixture of riders from Limit and Break 3, with all the riders from Break 2, except one who suffered a puncture, finishing a matter of a handful of seconds behind this bunch. There followed a mixture of Break and Scratch who came to the finish less than a minute later.

Line honours go to Jay Sowry this week on the long course, with Donna Burkhart first woman to finish. Congratulations also go to Sydney Blackburn, as the first Junior rider and to Mark Langlands, once again proving to be the fastest man. Belinda Fuller was the fastest woman over the long course.

On the short course race, overall line honours went to Doug Maclachlan and Meri Murphy on the Tandem, who had a quick change of plans when they were unable to hold the wheel of the Limit bunch on the long course and restarted with the short course riders. Congratulations to Kate Port, the first woman on the short course, and to our two Junior riders, Jono Didsbury and Jaimee Blackburn all of whom managed to hang on to the tandem over this course.

Many thanks to our team of race officials, who have kept us safe and enjoying the challenge of racing again tonight. Special mention here to both Brent Sowry and Toni McCallum who turn up to race manage and time our events voluntarily every week.

Best wishes to everyone who is heading off to ride the Great Lake Challenge (Taupo) this weekend. May the weather be kind to you and may you ride free of mechanicals!

Next Week is another ‘race of truth’ the 2-up Time Trial starting at Henley Lake. So remember to find your riding buddy and as much ‘bling’ as you can muster!

Full results from tonight are:

Shute order Race Number Rider Start time Finish time Ride Time
7 23 Jay Sowry 0:04:00 0:57:46 0:53:46 First Man
8 77 Terry Blackburn 0:04:00 0:57:46 0:53:46
9 12 Ricky Blade 0:04:00 0:57:47 0:53:47
10 33 Steve Hannam 0:04:00 0:57:47 0:53:47
11 45 Donna Burkhart 0:04:00 0:57:47 0:53:47 First Woman
12 50 Earle Whitcombe 0:04:00 0:57:47 0:53:47
13 51 David Hodder 0:00:00 0:57:48 0:57:48
14 34 Kirsten Goodin 0:00:00 0:57:48 0:57:48
15 72 Rex Dowding 0:04:00 0:57:48 0:53:48
16 29 Ray Haste 0:00:00 0:57:48 0:57:48
17 32 Greg Baillie 0:00:00 0:57:48 0:57:48
18 81 Jorge Sandoval 0:00:00 0:57:49 0:57:49
19 19 Duncan Ellis 0:00:00 0:57:49 0:57:49
20 21 Anil Raman 0:00:00 0:57:50 0:57:50
21 76 Peter Lee 0:04:00 0:59:04 0:55:04
22 14 Brian Sanders 0:04:00 1:00:15 0:56:15
23 38 Greg Lang 0:04:00 1:00:16 0:56:16
24 41 Gareth Price 0:08:00 1:00:28 0:52:28
25 10 Belinda Fuller 0:08:00 1:00:29 0:52:29 Fastest Woman
26 30 Corey Miller 0:08:00 1:00:29 0:52:29
27 5 Lesley Mouat 0:08:00 1:00:29 0:52:29
28 4 Dean Southey 0:08:00 1:00:29 0:52:29
29 75 Andy Curtis-Cody 0:08:00 1:00:30 0:52:30
30 90 Mark Langlands 0:14:00 1:01:12 0:47:12 Fastest Man
31 1 Tom McCallum 0:14:00 1:01:13 0:47:13
32 147 Johnny Burkhart 0:14:00 1:01:14 0:47:14
33 18 Dave Drummond 0:14:00 1:01:14 0:47:14
34 73 Erik D-Arbois 0:14:00 1:01:15 0:47:15
35 13 Ben Knight 0:14:00 1:01:15 0:47:15
36 61 Darren Southon 0:12:00 1:01:15 0:49:15
37 70 Simon Pumfrey 0:12:00 1:01:18 0:49:18
38 36 Devan Simmonds 0:12:00 1:01:27 0:49:27
39 119 Jeff Saywell 0:12:00 1:01:31 0:49:31
40 17 Stan Braaksma 0:00:00 1:05:50 1:05:50
41 78 Sydney Blackburn 0:00:00 1:05:50 1:05:50 First Junior Girl
42 57 Karen Blade 0:00:00 1:05:51 1:05:51
43 25 Stacey Miller 0:00:00 1:05:56 1:05:56
44 158 Michelle McCabe 0:00:00 1:05:57 1:05:57
45 2 Andi Bond 0:08:00 DNF Puncture
Short Course
Shute order Race Number Rider Start time Finish time Ride Time
1 55 Doug Maclachlan/Meri Murphy 0:14:00 0:40:05 0:26:05 Tandem
2 157 Kate Port 0:14:00 0:40:10 0:26:10
3 156 Jaimee Blackburn 0:14:00 0:40:10 0:26:10 Fastest Junior Girl
4 154 Jono Didsbury 0:14:00 0:42:30 0:28:30 Fastest Junior Boy
5 98 Penny Walker 0:14:00 0:56:59 0:42:59
6 74 Rod Sutherland 0:14:00 0:56:59 0:42:59

A and B Graded Cycle Race, Norfolk Road

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Now for something quite different. Tonight’s race was the inaugural A and B graded TEAMS race. Riders were divided into two overall grades, A or B, and then each of those was further divided into 3 sections, with riders having to find a team of 3, one from each of these sections. The overall winner of tonight’s race is the TEAM in each grade with the least time across all three riders.

This format meant there was the potential for a variety of team tactic tonight, for example you could send your fastest rider up the road to try and split the grade to pieces and finish first, hoping that your team mates can manage to hang on to the wheel of other riders.  Or perhaps you could try getting your strongest rider to pace the weakest rider over the entire course. Then again, maybe there would be no love lost between team mates and it would be every rider for themselves, and hope and pray that no-one got dropped from the start-line. For those who were riding with life partners, harmony at home after the race might also have been a factor in the team tactics. Add into this tactical mix were the legs that were already very tired from weekend races – on Saturday the Trust House North Island Series and on Sunday the Tour of Wairarapa.

In A Grade, after all the planning and despite the attempts to split the race by a few of the stronger riders, it came down to a huge bunch sprint, where the team that won managed to position all three riders close to the front of the bunch. Congratulations to go the winning team of Mark Langlands, Andrew Linton and Emily Lutyens.

In B-Grade, two teams also managed to get all three team mates well position at the finish to end the race with two teams tied for first place. Congratulations to Jay Sowry, Caleb Roberts and the tandem with Rod Sutherland and Peter Jones and also to the team of Donna Burkhart, Jorge Sandoval and Mark Jerling for equal first place.

In the short-course race the team of Kate Port and Scarlett Freeman came home first.

Congratulations also go to all the local riders who won points for their team on Saturday during the Trust House North Island Team Series. This was a tough race with a challenging hill top finish.

And finally on Sunday congratulations to local riders who also went well in the various categories of the Tour of Wairarapa.

120 km – 1stMasterton rider was Derek Roberts who finished in 5thplace, closely followed by Erik D’Arbois, then Simon Pumfrey.

90 km – 1stMasterton rider finishing in 3rdplace was Simon Butler, closely followed by Andrew Linton. The first woman rider home was Donna Burkhart, closely followed by Kirsten Goodin.

50 km– Winner was Caleb Roberts for the second year in a row. First woman home was Julie Millar.

117 km Hardman – In the inaurgural ‘hardman’ category, raced over 117 kms of tar and gravel roads. Ben Knight was the first Masterton rider to finish in 3rdplace overall. The first woman rider home was Lesley Mouat.

Next week is another handicapped road race starting at Gladstone Church, and racing south.

Full results from tonight’s race are:

Place A Grade              team total
1st Mark Langlands Andrew Linton Emily Lutyens 2:12:35
2nd Derek Roberts Peter James Ricky Blade 2:12:37
3rd = Darren Southon Belinda Fuller Dean Southey 2:12:42
3rd = Simon Pumfrey Simon Mole Duncan Cameron 2:12:42
5th Dave Drummond Andrew Osmond Tom McCallum 2:12:47
6th Erik D’Arbois Corey Miller Daniel Jaques 2:19:37
7th Devan Simmonds Lesley Mouat Andi Bond 2:20:24
8th Matt Milne Chris Smith Duncan Ellis 2:21:34
9th Richard Day Andrew Curtis-Cody Earle Whitcombe 2:21:37
10th Mike Wilkinson no team mate John Allen 2:29:19
11th Johnny Burkhart no team mate no team mate 2:30:28
12th Simon Butler no team mate no team mate 2:30:29
13th Craig Mangin no team mate no team mate 2:30:31
14th Ben Knight no team mate no team mate 2:30:35
Place B Grade              team total
equal 1st Jay Sowry Caleb Roberts Rod Sutherland/Peter Jones 2:37:04
equal 1st Donna Burkhart Jorge Sandoval Mark Jerling 2:37:04
3rd Steve Hannam Robert Jaques no team mate 2:43:12
4th Julie Millar David Hodder no team mate 2:43:13
5th Sheri Wales Anil Raman Stacey Miller 2:49:20
Place Short Course team total
1st Kate Port Scarlett Freeman 1:35:43
2nd Allie Domanski Annabelle Smith 1:40:00


6 Francis, Carters, Hughes Line HRR

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Tonight’s course, three laps around the Francis Line, Carters Line, Hughes Line circuit, is one much loved by riders who enjoy flat and fast racing. The aim in a handicapped race is for bunches to catch any riders in front of you and at the same time stay away from bunches who are chasing you. So the art of racing a handicapped race involves getting everyone in your start bunch to work together as single team, right the way to the final sprint. When this art is perfected it is a bit like ballet on a bike – riders moving through the rotations smoothly, and perfectly synchronised with the rest of their bunch. For those who struggled tonight – don’t despair it still early in the season and practice makes perfect!

Congratulations to go Rex Dowding who took line honours, closely followed by Ricky Blade and Dean Southey. Emily Lutyens was the first woman to finish and Caleb Roberts the first Junior Boy. Congratulations also go to Belinda Fuller as the fastest woman, and once again to Mark Langlands as the fastest man.

Over the short course line honours went to Karen Blade closely followed by Doug Maclachlan and Meri Murphy on their tandem. Jaimie Blackburn was the fastest junior girl.

Many thanks to Di Dowding for the finish-line BBQ, and also to the rest of the race team for marshalling, timing, race management and all the other things we need to keep us safe while we have fun.

Next week is something a little different – an A and B Graded Teams race starting at the Waingawa Industrial Estate.

Reminder: If you haven’t yet done so, get your entries in for this Sunday’s Tour of Wairarapa!


Shute Race no Rider Start time Finish time Ride time
9 72 Rex Dowding 0:03:00 1:13:34 1:10:34 First man
10 12 Ricky Blade 0:03:00 1:13:36 1:10:36
11 4 Dean Southey 0:03:00 1:13:36 1:10:36
12 2 Andrew Bond 0:03:00 1:13:37 1:10:37
13 99 Mark Halewood 0:00:00 1:13:38 1:13:38
14 89 Emily Lutyens 0:03:00 1:13:38 1:10:38 First woman
15 48 Caleb Roberts 0:00:00 1:13:38 1:13:38 First Junior boy
16 33 Steve Hannam 0:03:00 1:13:39 1:10:39
17 76 Peter Lee 0:03:00 1:13:40 1:10:40
18 81 Jorge Sandoval 0:00:00 1:13:44 1:13:44
19 38 Greg Lang 0:03:00 1:13:57 1:10:57
20 45 Donna Burkhart 0:03:00 1:14:03 1:11:03
21 153 Simon Mole 0:08:00 1:15:31 1:07:31
22 142 Duncan Cameron 0:08:00 1:15:32 1:07:32
23 10 Belinda Fuller 0:08:00 1:15:33 1:07:33 Fastest woman
24 96 Andrew Linton 0:08:00 1:15:33 1:07:33
25 29 Ray Haste 0:00:00 1:15:35 1:15:35
26 75 Andy Curtis-Cody 0:08:00 1:15:35 1:07:35
27 Jeff Saywell 0:08:00 1:15:35 1:07:35
28 34 Kirsten Goodin 0:00:00 1:15:36 1:15:36
29 97 Chris Smith 0:08:00 1:15:39 1:07:39
30 5 Lesley Mouat 0:08:00 1:15:40 1:07:40
31 90 Mark Langlands 0:13:00 1:15:42 1:02:42 Fastest man
32 147 Johnny Burkhart 0:13:00 1:15:44 1:02:44
33 22 Dominic Green 0:13:00 1:15:45 1:02:45
34 46 Derek Roberts 0:13:00 1:15:46 1:02:46
35 31 Jenny Devenport 0:00:00 1:15:46 1:15:46
36 73 Erik D’Arbois 0:13:00 1:15:48 1:02:48
37 61 Darren Southon 0:13:00 1:15:49 1:02:49
38 117 Simon Butler 0:13:00 1:15:54 1:02:54
38 3 Mark Jerling 0:00:00 1:17:16 1:17:16
40 21 Anil Raman 0:00:00 1:17:25 1:17:25
41 74 Rod Sutherland/Peter Jones 0:00:00 1:18:35 1:18:35 Tandem
42 160 Roger Foote 0:08:00 1:20:08 1:12:08
43 32 Greg Baillie 0:03:00 1:20:09 1:17:09
44 16 Julie Millar 0:03:00 1:20:11 1:17:11
45 18 Dave Drummond 0:13:00 1:22:25 1:09:25
46 44 Craig Mangin 0:13:00 1:24:03 1:11:03
47 17 Stan Braaksma 0:00:00 1:24:04 1:24:04
48 25 Stacey Miller 0:00:00 1:24:05 1:24:05
49 27 Daniel Jaques 0:08:00 1:25:03 1:17:03
50 83 Mike Wilkinson 0:13:00 1:27:48 1:14:48
51 78 Sydney Blackburn 0:00:00 DNF
52 47 Michael Cuff 0:00:00 DNF
53 Earle Whitcombe 0:03:00 DNF
54 Andrew Osmond 0:13:00 DNF
Short course
Shute Race no Rider Start time Finish time Ride time
1 57 Karen Blade 0:14:00 0:44:06 0:30:06
2 55 Doug Maclachlan/Meri 0:14:00 0:44:09 0:30:09 Tandem
3 156 Jaimee Blackburn 0:14:00 0:46:18 0:32:18 First Junior girl
4 11 Scarlet Freeman 0:14:00 0:46:26 0:32:26
5 71 Bruce McCallum 0:14:00 0:46:41 0:32:41
6 V2 Annabelle Smith 0:14:00 0:46:45 0:32:45
7 V1 Allie Domanski 0:14:00 0:48:53 0:34:53
8 98 Penny Walker 0:14:00 1:00:43 0:46:43