Belvedere at the Bowl – Results

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Thanks to everyone who participated and donated to our fundraising event today. All proceeds go to LifeFlight. It got rather warm, especially for the last lap. The relay will be in August next year so it will be cooler. Wonderful to have so many Bush members here and congratulations to Julie and Bush Motu – closest to your estimated time. Julie – almost exact!

Julie Millar1:25:201:25:210:00:01
Chris van Gerven1:33:001:33:070:00:07
Norm Chu1:40:001:38:000:02:00
Helen Gard’ner1:30:001:27:200:02:40
Alison Nagel2:10:002:07:080:02:52
Claudia Baechle2:18:002:21:010:03:01
Lloyd Millar1:35:001:38:450:03:45
Roger Jones1:41:001:47:350:06:35
Rochelle Williams2:00:002:18:030:18:03
Bush Motu (LeeAnn Angrove,  Grant Dyer,  Rachael Garratt)2:08:002:08:080:00:08
Team Christmas (Lexus Hunter, Troy Hunter, Jade Forman)1:28:001:28:440:00:44
The Gee Bees (Blair, Jack, Charlie, Madeleine Gard’ner)1:30:001:29:120:00:48
A Spectrum (Richard, Annie H, Malcolm)1:50:001:48:290:01:31
Gold cards (Lincoln, Viv, Craig)2:15:002:16:490:01:49
Mighty Merchies (Stacey, Tina, Carla)1:58:002:00:220:02:22
MSD (David, Sue, Megan)1:36:001:38:270:02:27
JNL Studs (Richard, Robbie, Michael)1:28:451:25:160:03:29
Bush Mahi (Robyn Weston,  LeeAnn Angrove,  Andrew Davenport)2:08:002:04:240:03:36
RPS (Darius, Amelia)1:26:001:30:140:04:14
Turbo Turtles (Franky Spite, Lisa Scott, Annie Jerling)1:50:001:43:010:06:59
Bush Horo (Rachael Garratt,  Stephen Young,  Mark Crooks)2:11:002:23:560:12:56

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