ACM 5km series – Race 5

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A beautiful day for our penultimate event in the 5km series. Next week we will have a BBQ after the run/walk so bring some friends and stay awhile.

            5KM Results 

1Darius Simpson0:18:23
2Michael Macklin0:19:03
3Graeme Butcher0:19:46
4Dominic Green0:20:03
5Michael Rowe-Penny0:20:34
6James Inwood0:21:08
7Corey Miller0:21:50
8Anthony Rowe-Penny0:21:59
9Paul Furkert0:22:05
10Daniel Miller0:22:23
11Malcolm MacDonald0:22:35
12Lloyd Millar0:23:05
13Cherie Fredricksen (3km)0:23:21
14Michael Duthie0:23:58
15Sam Hill0:24:02
16Philip Donvin-Irons0:24:11
17Steph Wingate0:24:53
18Craig Ewing0:24:54
19Annie Jerling0:25:31
20Clifford Rowe-Penny0:26:02
21Tom Andrews0:26:09
22John Jerling0:26:09
23Garry Keith0:26:09
24Lesley Graham0:26:32
25Norm Chu0:26:36
26Tim Matthews0:27:08
27Megan Simpson0:27:18
28Aiden McClean0:27:43
29David Farlow0:28:47
30Jaimie Blackburn0:29:09
31Stacey Miller0:30:14
32Andrew Christian0:30:22
33Michael Stewart0:30:40
34Anne Braddick (3km)0:32:58
35Justin Miller0:33:41
36Jane Flowerday0:33:42
37Annie Bannister0:33:43
38Franky Spite0:35:29
39Lisa Scott0:35:29
40Lee-Ann Angove0:35:40
41Chris van Gerven0:35:41
42Taylor Halford0:37:26
43Don McLachlan0:38:10
44Allison Nagel0:38:30
45Amelia Rowe-Penny0:42:14
46Beverley Elliott0:43:20
47Pat Fairhall0:43:22
48Barbara Barr0:44:35
49Gillian Atkinson0:44:36
50Rachel Reid0:45:24
51Robyn Green0:45:25
52Stephen Young0:46:48
53Rob Ruff-Thomas0:49:08
54Graeme Roberts0:49:53
55Lincoln Spite0:49:54

2KM Results

1Brooke Miller0:09:14
2Ollie Kaipo0:09:47
3James Hayes0:10:18
4Gertie Vermeer0:10:32
5Billie Vermeer0:11:22
6Jack Gard’ner0:11:48
7Molly Hayes0:12:41
8Charlie Gard’ner0:12:49
10Jaxon Kaipo0:14:50

Bideford Road HRR

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I’m sure I’ve been here before! Yes, tonight the race used the same course as last week beginning at the Whangaehu Hall, riding north on Bideford Road to Maungapuru School before returning to the finish line. For the main race the overall journey was about 30 kms. This evening our sole short course contender, Kate Speedy, turned at the top of the first hill, to race approximately 15 kms.

With a brisk Norwest wind in play on this handicapped road race, it was a case of everyone peddling their very best to try to catch the group in front and stay away from those who left after you. Each of the bunches left at 4 minute intervals. Bunches that work well together – rolling through smoothly and steadily, keeping an even effort without leaving gaps, tend to travel faster overall than groups who struggle to work together as a cohesive unit. Of course if the group gets caught, then it’s a case of everyone for themselves to see if you can get on the back of a charging bunch!

Tonight those 4 minute gaps were not enough as each of the groups found themselves both splitting up and being caught by at least some of those in the following groups. Those who were lucky, got caught somewhere that enabled them to hook onto the back, even if only for a short time, whilst those who were unlucky got caught just when the road began to rise once again, making it almost impossible to stay on the back of the faster riders.

Over the final few kilometres, the front end of both ‘Scratch’ and ‘Break’ came together to contest the final hill sprint to the finish. The overall winner taking line honours and fastest man was Tom McCallum, closely followed by Richard van Lent and Mark Langlands in third. Lesley Mouat was the first and fast woman this evening finishing a little ahead of Donna Burkhart.

As ever, many thanks to the race management team for looking after us on the road.

Please note next week there is a course change to the scheduled race. We will now be using the Upper Manaia Road to Kaituna return course.

Full Results can be found:

Bideford Road – GRR

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Tonight saw the first Graded Road Race for 2020 beginning at the Whangaehu Hall, riding north on Bideford Road to Maungapuru School before returning to the finish line. For the main race the overall journey was about 30 kms and for our short course contenders who turn at the top of the first hill, it is about 15 kms in length. The course involves negotiating a number of climbs and descents, so it poses a few challenges for most riders.

A number of riders begin contemplating their tactics for a Graded Road race well in advance of the actual start. As riders are only racing with their start group, and are not allowed to participate in the race of any other grade, the questions get posed, ‘do I attack on the flat, or should I attack on the first climb’? ‘Should I try to get rid of a few competitors before the final climb or should I see if it is possible to sit on the back and hide for as long as possible so I can reserve my energy’?  Tonight a reasonably brisk North-East wind also impacted on the strategy in the bunches, making it less attractive to attack on the outward journey. The first climb on the way out did stretch some of the bunches, but it was the return journey that bunches really began to split up. 

Riders began in 4 grades beginning with A-Grade who had 12 contestants, then B-Grade with 10 contenders, followed by C-Grade with 10 riders and the final bunch in the main race had 9 riders.  On the short course there were 4 riders.

Congratulations to all the grade winners from this evening:

A-Grade:          Mark Langlands

B-Grade:          Duncan Cameron, and Finn Roberts – first junior boy

C-Grade:          Caleb Roberts and Kirsten Goodin – first woman

D-Grade:         Andrew Bond, and Donna O’Sullivan – first woman

Short Course: Karen Blade, and Jaimee Blackburn – first Junior Girl

Chocolate Fish awards go to a couple of riders did not register times – perhaps they left their transponder at home! Full results can be found at:

For Full Results:

As always very many thanks to the race management team who keep us safe out on the road. Also, thanks to Ricky Blade, Di Dowding, and Eastwoods for the post-race BBQ.

Next week is a Handicapped Road Race starting at Gladstone Church, racing south, then returning to finish at the top of Admiral Hill.

ACM 5K Series – Race 4

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Results from the latest 5K series race. Great to see you, sorry about the weather. See you next time, tell your friends 🙂

5K Results

 1     Darius Simpson      0:18:58
 2     Michael Macklin     0:19:26
 3     Dominic Green       0:20:49
 4     Graeme Butcher      0:21:05
 5     Anthony Rowe-Penny  0:21:46
 6     Corey Miller        0:22:02
 7     Lloyd Millar        0:22:23
 8     Malcolm MacDonald   0:22:31
 9     Craig Roberts       0:23:29
 10    Philip Donvin-Irons 0:24:38
 11    Clifford Rowe-Penny 0:24:55
 12    Richard Hawkes      0:25:01
 13    Steph Wingate       0:25:06
 14    Ray Haste           0:25:38
 15    Tim Matthews        0:26:39
 16    Ange McDonald       0:26:50
 17    Annie Jerling       0:27:49
 18    Lesley Graham       0:27:50
 19    Greg Baillie        0:27:55
 20    David Farlow        0:28:05
 21    Megan Simpson       0:28:16
 22    Chris Wilson        0:28:26
 23    Chris van Gerven    0:28:31
 24    Rob Ruff-Thomas     0:29:49
 25    Stacey Miller       0:30:07
 26    Di Chesmar          0:30:18
 27    Serena Roberts      0:30:46
 28    Bron Wishart        0:30:46
 29    Michael Stewart     0:32:03
 30    Aiden McClean       0:32:23
 31    Katy McClean        0:32:24
 32    Jane Flowerday      0:34:03
 33    Annie Bannister     0:34:08
 34    Lee-Ann Angove      0:36:01
 35    Jim Barr            0:36:15
 36    Don McLachlan       0:36:25
 37    Lisa Scott          0:36:52
 38    Jennifer Braaksma   0:36:52
 39    Allison Nagel       0:37:29
 40    Claudia Baechle     0:39:40
 41    Amelia Rowe-Penny   0:42:36
 42    Stan Braaksma       0:43:11
 43    Robyn Green         0:43:13
 44    Rachel Reid         0:44:36
 45    Stephen Young       0:46:00
 46    Louis Jaimmieson    0:47:18
 47    Graeme Roberts      0:50:11
 48    Anne Perry          0:52:08
 49    Janette Mitchell    0:52:08
 50    Robyn Weston        0:53:04

2K Results

 1    Billie Vermeer        0:10:34
 2    James Hayes           0:10:35
 3    Katie Vermeer         0:11:07
 4    Brenda Hayes          0:13:59
 5    Molly Hayes           0:14:02
 6    Luca Roberts          0:14:29
 7    Sandra McClean        0:16:12
 8    Taylin Hunter         0:42:23

Hill Climb Championship – Provisional

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Club Hill Climb – Provisional results

What a fabulous evening for a stroll up a hill! Certainly 46 riders thought so, as they came out to contest ACM’s Cycling Hill Climb Championship Race up Kourarau Hill (Te Wharau Road). Some of those riders were not so much strolling as flying, and there were a number of remarkably good times posted this evening. Both Roberts boys to mention just two. 

The hill climb is a time trial event, with no draughting allowed. You are allowed to use the riders in front of you for motivation to – go faster, harder, produce more power, or just plain grovel to get past them – but you can’t sit on their wheel having a free ride. Hill climbs are rather different to flat time trials, and hills can be the ‘skinny riders’ play-ground. It is all about the power to weight ratio, and an ability to ignore legs and lungs screaming at you to stop. Riders who fly up hills, know that the quicker they get to the top the sooner the pain goes away!

As a Championship race, riders can test how well they climb against others in their age category, as well as racing for overall climbing honours. On the start line there was a considerable amount of banter between riders, but as was commented on, with a race that is seeded so that the top riders leave last, the banter ceases altogether when there are only a handful of riders left in the start box! It all becomes quite serious. 

In the junior races, champions emerged who were clearly quicker than their closest rivals. In the Open Men, Mark Langlands emerged as the clear winner, but an arm wrestle took place for second and third with Richard van Lent pipping Ben Knight by a few seconds. In the Women’s Open race another arm wrestle for the championship took place with Emily Lutyens taking the win by a fraction of a second from Belinda Fuller, with Lesley Mouat a few seconds back in 3rdplace.  Congratulations to all riders this evening, but especially to our Champions for 2020:

Junior Champions

U17 Girl: Kate Speedy

U17 Boy: Caleb Roberts

U19 Boy: Finn Roberts

Champion woman: Emily Lutyens

Champion man: Mark Langlands

As always, very many thanks to the team of race officials who looked after us out on the road. Next week, is a Graded Road Race starting from the Whangaehu hall out to Bideford and back.

Overall results can be found:

Age Group Results:

The Butler did it, with the bicycle, on the Upper Plain Circuit!

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Tonight’s handicapped road race around the Upper Plain circuit was fast and furious right from the get-go!  On an almost perfect summer evening, thirty-nine riders presented themselves to the starter for this predominately flat course with two junior riders and one senior completing two laps and everyone else racing for 3 laps. 

There was a handicap of three minutes between each of the bunches, and tonight the handicapper has to take credit for ‘getting it spot-on’, resulting in the whole race coming together on the final lap. As is expected on these occasions riders who were feeling strong managed to hook onto the back of the faster riders as they came through. Overall line honours tonight went to Simon Butler, who put both Mark Langlands and Tom McCallum to the sword in the final sprint. Simon also takes out the honour of being fastest man on the night.  Emily Lutyens outsprinted Donna Burkhart to take line honours amongst the women riders. Emily also takes out the honour of being fastest woman on the night.

On the short course, congratulations go to Karen Blade, who was the fastest rider overall on the short course. Also, congratulations to Kate Speedy who pipped Jaimee Blackburn in the sprint to take line honours amongst the junior girls.

After all was done and dusted, the riders were an animated bunch as they discussed the tactics that they had employed and whom had managed to get onto whose wheel, and which riders in their bunch didn’t take a turn on the front! Many riders were heard to state, ‘that was great, I enjoyed that’. For a few unlucky ones, tonight there was the sad story of only managed a few kilometres before I punctured!

As always, many thanks to Brent Sowry and his race team who make it possible for these races to take place safely. It was a big team of folks out there tonight. Also, very many thanks to Andrew Linton and Kirsten Goodin for refuelling riders and officials.

Next week is the final Club Championship race – the love it or hate it Hill Climb Champs up the one and only Admiral Hill.

Finally, good luck to Tom McCallum as he heads north to contest the Elite National up in Cambridge. Go hard Tom.

Full results from tonight can be found at:

Lap times:

ACM 5K Series – Race 3

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2KM Results

 1    Jaxon Kaipo          0:11:44
 2    James Hayes          0:11:52
 3    Andrew Hayes         0:11:54
 4    Sandra McClean       0:15:48
 5    Annie Hawkes         0:15:51
 6    Molly Hayes          0:15:51
 7    Brenda Hayes         0:15:58

5KM Results

 1     Michael Rowe-Penny  0:21:02
 2     Rhys Gwyther        0:21:35
 3     Corey Miller        0:21:57
 4     Anthony Rowe-Penny  0:22:01
 5     Sam Hill            0:22:19
 6     Lloyd Millar        0:22:28
 7     Malcolm MacDonald   0:22:53
 8     Clifford Rowe-Penny 0:24:18
 9     Graeme Tindall      0:24:22
 10    Ray Haste           0:24:34
 11    Michael Duthie      0:24:38
 12    Richard Hawkes      0:24:39
 13    Brooke Miller       0:24:46
 14    Craig Ewing         0:24:47
 15    Steph Wingate       0:24:57
 16    Julie Greaves       0:24:58
 17    Annie Jerling       0:25:48
 18    Lesley Graham       0:25:53
 19    Roger Jones         0:26:13
 20    Tim Matthews        0:26:25
 21    Norm Chu            0:26:31
 22    Ange McDonald       0:27:03
 23    David Farlow        0:28:04
 24    Greg Baillie        0:28:12
 25    Claudia Green       0:28:21
 26    Megan Simpson       0:28:27
 27    Chris van Gerven    0:28:36
 28    Davide Castorina    0:30:14
 29    Peter Russell       0:30:20
 30    Michael Stewart     0:30:28
 31    Di Chesmar          0:30:37
 32    Katy McClean        0:31:08
 33    Aiden McClean       0:31:09
 34    Rebecca Edgecome    0:31:49
 35    Franky Spite        0:33:12
 36    Jennifer Braaksma   0:33:12
 37    Justin Miller       0:34:38
 38    Stacey Miller       0:34:41
 39    Lee-Ann Angove      0:36:09
 40    Allison Nagel       0:38:25
 41    Claudia Baechle     0:40:33
 42    Gordon Reid         0:41:03
 43    Rachel Reid         0:43:50
 44    Sandra Finlayson    0:44:40
 45    Barbara Barr        0:44:41
 46    Chris Cogdale       0:44:44
 47    Stan Braaksma       0:44:46
 48    Amelia Rowe-Penny   0:46:00
 49    Stephen Young       0:46:40
 50    Bianca Green        0:47:13
 51    Robyn Green         0:47:14
 52    Taahia Castorina    0:47:24
 53    Lisa Missen         0:47:25
 54    Bella McInnes       0:48:32
 55    Grant Perry         0:48:33
 56    Graeme Roberts      0:49:34
 57    Lincoln Spite       0:50:20
 58    Irene Price         0:50:50
 59    Anne Perry          0:50:52
 60    Robyn Weston        0:50:52

ACM Club Road Race Champs – Provisional results

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It was a challenging parcours for the riders who presented themselves to the start line for the club road race championship. Just on 60 kms over two laps of the Millars Road circuit and one lap for the short course riders. Local temperature was nudging 30 degrees and there was a brisk nor’westerly which ramped up as the evening progressed.

Out on the circuit this translated to a long drag into a headwind as the riders passed the Hurunui-O-Rangi marae and continued up past the Gladstone vineyards and over the rise past Middle Run. Turning the corner onto Carters Line and down to the Deerstalkers Hall is normally a fast & furious affair but this evening made difficult by a blustery and bullying crosswind that caused numerous problems for riders caught in a gap or out of position in the line.

Bearing left past the Hall and up past the mushroom factory gave some respite in the form of a rough tailwind pretty much all the way up to the Millars Road turn off and continued with a blustery tailwind up and over the Millars road climb. The final leg presented with a solid cross headwind which was to be endured all the way to the finish line.

First two men across the line were Mark Langland followed by Derek Roberts. First woman was Emily Luytens who just pipped Belinda Fuller for line honours. Also congratulations to first junior boy, Finn Roberts, and first junior girl, Jaimie Blackburn.

Congratulations to all riders who completed the course tonight and a big thanks to all the marshalls for doing a sterling job and to Di for the BBQ

For full results:

Report: Andy Curtis-Cody

Y Loop Handicapped Road Race

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On a pleasantly warm evening 40 riders presented themselves to the starter for our Y Loop handicapped road race. Two of those contested the short course, which was to the end of the right-hand arm of the ‘Y’. For everyone else the race is contested over both arms of the ‘Y’. This is an interesting course, with enough short fairly steep climbs to test the mettle of all riders. 

The riders left in 4 handicap groups, with the exception of a few riders who had struggled on the first third of the course, ‘limit’ remained in the lead as the riders returned to the bridge after the first arm of the ‘Y’. It was noticeable however, how far the gap had shortened between all the groups. For the riders who had already dropped out of their bunch on the early sections of the course, their ride was a long and lonely training TT. For those still in their group there was still a couple more testing climbs ahead, and work to be done.

As the riders returned to the bridge after the second arm of the ‘Y’, break had caught all the other riders, and some of those who had been caught had managed to hook onto the back. By this time Scratch were hard on the tail of these riders, and the question was going to be, would those now riding with ‘break’ have enough time to climb out from the bridge, position themselves well for the false flat to the top of the final rise and then charge at the finish line before scratch could reach them? And the answer to that question for many in that group was a big ‘yes’.

Congratulations tonight go to our overall winner Josh van Workoem who started with ‘Break’ – but maybe moving on up to ‘Scratch’ before much longer!  Special mention has to go to Finn Roberts, a junior rider, who started in Break 2 but hung onto Break as his group were caught and finished a close second overall. Congratulations also go to Kirsten Goodin, first and fastest woman, and once again to Mark Langlands fastest man. Perhaps tonight we should also be saying congratulations to our handicapper, for the closeness of the finish over the first 20 riders to finish! On the short course, congratulations to our winner Ryan McNaughton who outsprinted Annabelle Smith.

Our thanks once more to all the race officials who kept the riders safe, and also to the combination of Eastwood Motors, and Di Dowding for well-earned refuelling at the end of the night.

Next week you can look forward to a major source of bragging rights with the Club Championship Road Race over the ‘Millars Road’ circuit, starting at Gladstone Church. This will be a Mass Start Road Race of 2 laps.

Full results from tonight can be found at:

ACM 5K Series – Race 2 Results

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Hot! Some new faces and some old, thanks from coming to race two. Special thanks to today’s sponsor Ladymead Boarding Kennels & Cattery and our series sponsor The Wairarapa TimesAge. Hope to see you at the next event, tell your friends!

2 KM Results

1     Ollie Kaipo        0:10:09
2     Samuel Gawith      0:10:46
3     William Gawith     0:11:32
4     Isla Roberts       0:11:50
5     Jack Gard'ner      0:12:04
6     Jaxon Kaipo        0:13:37
7     Jada Kaipo         0:13:42
8     Luca Roberts       0:14:38
9     Charlie Gard'ner   0:15:07
10    Adrienne Gard'ner  0:21:41

5 KM Results

1     Michael Macklin     0:18:59
2     Darius Simpson      0:19:34
3     Rhys Gwyther        0:21:53
4     Corey Miller        0:22:22
5     Anthony Rowe-Penny  0:22:42
6     Lloyd Millar        0:22:53
7     Sam Hill            0:23:06
8     Mel Arcus           0:23:22
9     Malcolm MacDonald   0:23:58
10    Graeme Tindall      0:24:10
11    Clifford Rowe-Penny 0:24:44
12    Michael Duthie      0:25:04
13    Craig Ewing         0:25:17
14    Rachel Gawith       0:26:01
15    John Jerling        0:26:28
16    Annie Jerling       0:26:42
17    Lesley Graham       0:27:22
18    Tim Matthews        0:27:32
19    Norm Chu            0:27:42
20    Chris Wilson        0:29:06
21    Megan Simpson       0:29:31
22    Roger Jones         0:29:57
23    Michael Stewart     0:30:09
24    David Farlow        0:30:31
25    Greg Baillie        0:30:32
26    Chris van Gerven    0:30:37
27    Di Chesmar          0:31:19
28    Serena Roberts      0:31:54
29    Stacey Miller       0:32:56
30    Franky Spite        0:33:11
31    Claudia Baechle     0:33:36
32    Miranda Barton      0:33:43
33    Rebecca Edgecome    0:34:57
34    Michael Rowe-Penny  0:34:58
35    Lee-Ann Angove      0:37:27
36    Annie Hawkes        0:37:52
37    Ruth Gwyther        0:38:16
38    Lisa Scott          0:38:20
39    Jim Barr            0:38:31
40    Allison Nagel       0:38:42
41    Gordon Reid         0:42:06
42    Rachel Reid         0:44:39
43    Cherie Fredricksen  0:45:29
44    Barbara Barr        0:45:29
45    Robyn Green         0:45:32
46    Sandra Finlayson    0:45:35
47    Gillian Atkinson    0:45:37
48    Pat Fairhall        0:45:38
49    Stephen Young       0:49:03
50    Graeme Roberts      0:51:59
51    Irene Price         0:52:55
52    Robyn Weston        0:53:02