Trophy Series Race 1

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Over 50 hardy souls turned out in the rain today for the first run of our 2019 Trophy Series. Well done everyone. These are the final results for Race 1.

These are the start times for the second Trophy Series from Kitchener St. The timer starts at 10am. Please be there and check in with the timer at least 15 minutes before your start time. They are in alphabetical order of first name.

Changes to Harriers Program

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Due to a number of issues, including repairs to the club rooms, the program for the rest of the year has been altered. Trophy Series is up next, followed by the Summer Series. The first race of the Trophy Series will be from the Clubrooms on 14th July, but please note that we may not have access to the building. The program for the rest of 2019 can be viewed here.

Cross Country Series Race 5

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1Michael MacklinA0:34:12
2Graeme ButcherA0:35:33
3Flynn RegisterA0:37:13
4Anthony Rowe-PennyA0:38:42
5Sally DuffyA0:39:34
6Helen Gard’nerA0:39:38
7Malcolm MacDonaldA0:39:57
1Clifford Rowe-PennyB0:29:48
2Sam HillB0:30:10
3John GordonB0:30:32
4Sue BankierB0:30:53
5Ray SpencerB0:31:05
6Greg LangB0:31:25
7Tom AndrewsB0:31:47
8Chris LewisB0:33:30
9Neil CameronB0:34:36
1Lloyd MillarC0:31:28
2Mackenzie MurrayC0:33:38
3Mia GordonC0:33:52
4Norm ChuC0:36:34
5Ray HasteC0:37:32
6Ali GordonC0:37:55
1Will BoothD0:35:09
2Chris van GervenD0:36:19
3John JerlingD0:38:07
4Chris WilsonD0:38:17
5Franky SpiteD0:39:25
6Andy BoothD0:41:38
1Jenny BraaksmaE0:45:00
2Annie HawkesE0:52:33
3Rob Ruff-ThomasE1:06:38
1Michael Rowe-PennyW0:42:49
2Kim RegisterW0:46:34
3Brent RegisterW0:49:07
4Lee-Ann AngoveW0:50:12
5Stan BraaksmaW0:54:20
6Don McLachlanW0:54:22
7Amelia Rowe-PennyW0:58:44
8Stephen YoungW0:59:19
9Annie JerlingW0:59:46
10Robyn GreenW0:59:47
11Graeme RobertsW1:10:26
12Lincoln SpiteW1:10:30
1Ava RegisterJ0:20:09
2Jacquelyn MurrayJ0:24:32
1Brooke DuffyM0:11:52
2Jack Gard’nerM0:14:38
3Charlie Gard’nerM0:18:41

Cross Country Series Race 4

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Here are the provisional results for Sunday’s race. I’ll make time during the week to figure out the handicap points and total point for the series so far.

1Max SpencerA0:34:41
2Graeme ButcherA0:36:37
3William LarkinA0:37:31
4Michael MacklinA0:37:56
5Anthony Rowe-PennyA0:39:35
6Malcolm MacDonaldA0:42:50
7Murray HudsonA0:42:50
8Flynn RegisterA0:43:34
9Sally DuffyA0:43:58
10Corey MillerA0:45:50
11Philip Donvin-IronsA0:46:13
12Roger JonesA0:51:15
1Jack HunterB0:26:47
2Clifford Rowe-PennyB0:33:32
3John GordonB0:33:45
4Greg LangB0:34:01
5Sue BankierB0:34:10
6Andy MatthewsB0:35:04
7Sam HillB0:35:12
8Tom AndrewsB0:35:18
9Lesley GrahamB0:36:17
10Chris LewisB0:36:37
11Michael DuthieB0:36:48
12Neil CameronB0:37:14
13Craig EwingB0:38:47
1Lloyd MillarC0:35:21
2Mackenzie MurrayC0:38:06
3Richard HawkesC0:39:23
4Tim MatthewsC0:39:30
5Mia GordonC0:40:21
6Ali GordonC0:41:54
7Norm ChuC0:42:32
1Chris van GervenD0:42:22
2Chris WilsonD0:43:12
3Andy BoothD0:45:38
4Serena RobertsD0:45:46
5Gail EdwardsD0:46:31
6Megan SimpsonD0:46:46
7Miranda BartonD0:47:01
8Jane FlowerdayD0:47:10
9Sydney BlackburnD0:50:25
10Claudia BaechleD0:52:21
11John JerlingD1:09:29
1Jenny BraaksmaE0:47:07
2Jane JohnstonE0:49:29
3Libby TraffordE0:50:49
4Viv BunnyE0:53:44
5Stacey MillerE0:55:37
6Annie HawkesE0:59:19
1Brooke MillerJ0:22:56
2Will BoothJ0:23:50
3Jacquelyn MurrayJ0:24:30
4Jenna ThomsonJ0:25:11
5Henry JohnstonJ0:27:20
6Isla RobertsJ0:27:39
7Sally BoothJ0:28:40
8Jack ThomsonJ0:33:14
9Logan RobertsJ0:33:16
10Justin MillerJ0:36:31
1Talyin HunterM0:10:04
2Hunter JohnstonM0:10:07
3Monty BoothM0:11:34
4Brooke DuffyM0:12:46
5Ollie KaipoM0:13:17
6Adam SetfordM0:14:51
7Luca RobertsM0:15:38
8Makenzie HunterM0:20:42
9Kristy HunterM0:20:43
1Michael Rowe-PennyW0:43:06
2Kim RegisterW0:47:39
3Robyn GreenW0:48:45
4Teresa ReynoldsW0:52:28
5Annie JerlingW0:53:20
6Lee-Ann AngoveW0:54:00
7Jo BoothW0:54:50
8Stan BraaksmaW0:55:22
9Don McLachlanW0:56:13
10Ali LangW0:56:51
11Stephen YoungW1:04:00
12Amelia Rowe-PennyW1:04:01
13Chris BunnyW1:04:26
14Lincoln SpiteW1:19:18
15Robyn WestonW1:23:41
16Kathryn AndersonW1:34:00
17Malcolm AndersonW1:34:00

Cross Country Series Race 3

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Here are the (very) raw results from race 3. Please let us know if there are any errors or omissions. Fantastic to see so many people.

1Michael MacklinA0:37:29
2William LarkinA0:38:08
3Charlie MatthewsA0:38:33
4Flynn RegisterA0:40:41
5Anthony Rowe-PennyA0:41:13
6Jordan RobinsonA0:41:48
7Darius SimpsonA0:43:08
8Murray HudsonA0:43:45
9Malcolm MacDonaldA0:43:53
10Sally DuffyA0:44:48
11Roger JonesA0:48:02
1Clifford Rowe-PennyB0:32:22
2Sam HillB0:32:24
3Brent RegisterB0:32:45
4John GordonB0:32:54
5Sue BankierB0:33:35
6Mel ArcusB0:35:14
7Andy MatthewsB0:35:24
8Lesley GrahamB0:35:31
9Tom AndrewsB0:35:52
10Chris LewisB0:36:05
11Matt MillsB0:36:16
12Michael DuthieB0:36:34
13Neil CameronB0:36:55
1Robyn GreenC0:31:07
2Lloyd MillarC0:35:49
3Mackenzie MurrayC0:36:54
4Rachel GawithC0:38:01
5Greg BaillieC0:39:26
6Wayne RobinsonC0:39:43
7Norm ChuC0:41:40
8Ali GordonC0:43:24
1Chris van GervenD0:40:50
2Franky SpiteD0:42:29
3Chris WilsonD0:42:41
4Samantha DuthieD0:43:43
5Andy BoothD0:46:46
6Serena RobertsD0:46:56
7Megan SimpsonD0:47:20
8Jane FlowerdayD0:48:03
9Gail EdwardsD0:49:03
10Claudia BaechleD0:49:20
1Jane JohnstonE0:51:03
2Libby TraffordE0:53:19
3Kirsten MatthewsE0:53:50
4Lisa TonkinE0:54:16
5Jenny BraaksmaE0:54:16
6Stacey MillerE0:54:57
7Rob Ruff-ThomasE1:03:02
1Rose LarkinJ0:14:21
2Ruby MatthewsJ0:20:54
3Tyler RobinsonJ0:22:58
4Brooke MillerJ0:23:49
5Ava RegisterJ0:24:01
6Will BoothJ0:25:34
7Bailey RobinsonJ0:26:18
8Jenna ThomsonJ0:26:50
9Jacquelyn MurrayJ0:26:55
10Isla RobertsJ0:28:54
11Sally BoothJ0:30:21
12Jack ThomsonJ0:35:52
13Justin MillerJ0:36:09
14Bailey ArcusJ0:40:25
15Logan RobertsJ0:40:28
1Hunter JohnstonM0:10:55
2Lachie DuffyM0:11:20
3William GawithM0:11:52
4Ollie KaipoM0:12:19
5Brooke DuffyM0:12:30
6Jack Gard’nerM0:13:15
7Monty BoothM0:13:56
8Samuel GawithM0:15:28
9Mack DuffyM0:16:03
10Luca RobertsM0:18:21
11Charlie Gard’nerM0:20:20
12Blair Gard’nerM0:21:48
1Michael Rowe-PennyW0:44:06
2Kim RegisterW0:48:06
3Tim BirdW0:50:51
4Teresa ReynoldsW0:51:20
5Lee-Ann AngoveW0:51:28
6Jo BoothW0:52:34
7Kasey CoxW0:56:01
8Stan BraaksmaW0:56:31
9Don McLachlanW0:57:27
10Stephen YoungW1:03:28
11Amelia Rowe-PennyW1:03:32
12Graeme RobertsW1:20:48
13Denise LandowW1:28:57
14Lincoln SpiteW1:29:41

2019 Hope Gibbons Team Time Trial Results

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Congratulations to everyone who competed in the 2019 Hope Gibbons Team Time Trial. It was a great day for it and we had some fabulous and fast racing. For senior riders this is contested over a distance of 40 km, starting and finishing on Johnstone Street.

The winner of the Men’s challenge this year, in a time of 52 minutes and 24 seconds, is the ACM team of Ben Knight, Matt Webb-Smith, Mark Langlands and Dan Waluszewski. In second place, in a time of 54 minutes and 20 seconds were Tijs Robinson, Matt Seeley, Pete Mora and Angus Taylor. In third place in a time of 56 minutes and 32 seconds was the team of Peter Moore, Jaimie Campbell, Ben Storey and Matthew Webber.

The women’s challenge was also won in a time of 1 hour 6 minutes and 51 seconds, by the ACM team of Belinda Fuller, Emily Lutyens, Kirsten Goodin and Lesley Mouat. The Social mixed team that won in a time of 1 hour 7 minutes and 19 minutes, was also a team from ACM containing Andi Bond, Donna Burkhart, Rex Dowding, and Terry Blackburn. Of note in this team, Rex Dowding has just turned 73, which just goes to prove that age is no barrier to cycling!

In the girls junior section the racing was very close with the St Matthew’s collegiate team of Annabelle Smith, Scarlet Freeman, and Lucy Stevens were second in a time of 32 minutes and 44 seconds, whilst the fastest team representing Wairarapa College was the Blackburn sister duo of Sydney and Jaimie completing the 16 km race in a time of 32 minutes and 38 seconds.

In the boys junior section the Scot’s College team of Elliot Robertson, George Tompkin, and Harrison Stew won in a time of 24 minutes and 15 seconds. In second place, were the two up team of Caleb Roberts and Toby Braun completing the course in a time of 25 minutes and 14 seconds. In third place in a time of 25 minutes and 58 seconds, was the Wellington College team of Joshua Foote, Sam Mitchell, and James de Hair.

As always, very many thanks to Brent Sowry, Commissaire, and all our marshals for keeping everyone safe on the road today, and also to Di Dowding for providing the replenishment of the energy used on the racing.

2019 Hope Gibbons Team Time Trial
School TeamsJunior Girls
ClubNoRider 1NoRider 2NoRider 3NoRider 4StartFinishRidePlace
St Matts501Annabelle Smith502Scarlett Freeman503Lucy Stevens00:02:000:34:4400:32:442
Jnr mixed504Sydney Blackburn505Jaimie Blackburn 506Jono Didsbury00:04:000:36:3800:32:381
School TeamsJunior Boys
ClubNoRider 1NoRider 2NoRider 3NoRider 4StartFinishRidePlace
Scots509Matthew McDermott 510Henry Tompkin511Lewis Tompkin00:08:000:36:3900:28:395
Rathkeale515Finn Roberts516Craig Bebbington517James Malsher518Oliver Pyatt00:12:000:39:4000:27:404
Wgtn College519Joshua Foote520Sam Mitchell521James de Hair00:14:000:39:5800:25:583
jnr mixed507Toby Braun508Caleb Roberts00:06:000:31:1400:25:142
Scots512Elliot Robertson513George Tompkin514Harrison M. Stew00:10:000:34:1500:24:151
Social Mixed
ClubNoRider 1NoRider 2NoRider 3NoRider 4StartFinishRidePlace
ACM522Andi Bond523Donna Burkhart524Rex Dowding525Terry Blackburn00:30:001:37:1901:07:191
Female Championship
ClubNoRider 1NoRider 2NoRider 3NoRider 4StartFinishRidePlace
ACM526Belinda Fuller527Emily Luytens528Kirsten Goodin529Lesley Mouat00:33:001:39:5101:06:511
Male Championship
ClubNoRider 1NoRider 2NoRider 3NoRider 4StartFinishRidePlace
ACM530Daniel Jaques531Andy Curtis Cody532Ricky Blade533Andrew Osmond00:36:001:41:1901:05:199
Kapiti538Adrian McKenzie539Tony levaggi540Dave Downer541Joe Clarkson 00:41:001:43:5801:02:588
ACM534Darren Southon535Simon Butler536Devon Simmons537Mike Wilkinson00:39:001:40:0601:01:067
ACM546Bill VW547Phil Sutherland548Peter James549Andrew Linton00:48:001:48:4701:00:476
Kapiti554Mike Proudfoot555Gary Clareburt556Tristan Ratcliffe557Leon Goodwin 00:54:001:52:2700:58:275
ACM550Derek Roberts551Simon Pumfrey552Tom McCallum553Jeff Saywell00:51:001:48:5200:57:524
WMCC542Peter Moore543Jamie Campbell544Ben Storey545Matthew Webber00:45:001:41:3200:56:323
WMCC562Tijs Robinson563Matt Seeley564Pete Mora565Angus Taylor01:00:001:54:2000:54:202
ACM558Ben Knight 559Matt Webb Smith560Mark Langlands561Dan Waluszewski 00:57:001:49:2400:52:241