ACM 5K Series – Race 2 Results

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Hot! Some new faces and some old, thanks from coming to race two. Special thanks to today’s sponsor Ladymead Boarding Kennels & Cattery and our series sponsor The Wairarapa TimesAge. Hope to see you at the next event, tell your friends!

2 KM Results

1     Ollie Kaipo        0:10:09
2     Samuel Gawith      0:10:46
3     William Gawith     0:11:32
4     Isla Roberts       0:11:50
5     Jack Gard'ner      0:12:04
6     Jaxon Kaipo        0:13:37
7     Jada Kaipo         0:13:42
8     Luca Roberts       0:14:38
9     Charlie Gard'ner   0:15:07
10    Adrienne Gard'ner  0:21:41

5 KM Results

1     Michael Macklin     0:18:59
2     Darius Simpson      0:19:34
3     Rhys Gwyther        0:21:53
4     Corey Miller        0:22:22
5     Anthony Rowe-Penny  0:22:42
6     Lloyd Millar        0:22:53
7     Sam Hill            0:23:06
8     Mel Arcus           0:23:22
9     Malcolm MacDonald   0:23:58
10    Graeme Tindall      0:24:10
11    Clifford Rowe-Penny 0:24:44
12    Michael Duthie      0:25:04
13    Craig Ewing         0:25:17
14    Rachel Gawith       0:26:01
15    John Jerling        0:26:28
16    Annie Jerling       0:26:42
17    Lesley Graham       0:27:22
18    Tim Matthews        0:27:32
19    Norm Chu            0:27:42
20    Chris Wilson        0:29:06
21    Megan Simpson       0:29:31
22    Roger Jones         0:29:57
23    Michael Stewart     0:30:09
24    David Farlow        0:30:31
25    Greg Baillie        0:30:32
26    Chris van Gerven    0:30:37
27    Di Chesmar          0:31:19
28    Serena Roberts      0:31:54
29    Stacey Miller       0:32:56
30    Franky Spite        0:33:11
31    Claudia Baechle     0:33:36
32    Miranda Barton      0:33:43
33    Rebecca Edgecome    0:34:57
34    Michael Rowe-Penny  0:34:58
35    Lee-Ann Angove      0:37:27
36    Annie Hawkes        0:37:52
37    Ruth Gwyther        0:38:16
38    Lisa Scott          0:38:20
39    Jim Barr            0:38:31
40    Allison Nagel       0:38:42
41    Gordon Reid         0:42:06
42    Rachel Reid         0:44:39
43    Cherie Fredricksen  0:45:29
44    Barbara Barr        0:45:29
45    Robyn Green         0:45:32
46    Sandra Finlayson    0:45:35
47    Gillian Atkinson    0:45:37
48    Pat Fairhall        0:45:38
49    Stephen Young       0:49:03
50    Graeme Roberts      0:51:59
51    Irene Price         0:52:55
52    Robyn Weston        0:53:02

2020 Provisional Results Club ITT

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The Individual Time Trial is also known as the ‘Race of truth’. It is a race where specific time trial bikes and pointy helmets, deep dish or disk wheels, skinsuits and aerobars can be used to try to make the rider as efficient and aerodynamic as possible. These things can shave seconds off your ride time but really the race is about the rider and their bike against the clock with no one to draft behind.

With most riders leaving at 30 second intervals the only help you get is in the mind by having someone in front of you to try to catch whilst at the same time knowing you probably have someone else behind you that you want to stay away from. For a few riders it becomes a game of catch – how many can I catch – or occasionally it becomes I just climbed past that person, so why are they descending faster and passing me back!

The course out from Bideford Road then turning left into the Whangaehu Valley climbs all the way to the 20 km mark where the turn-around is. The return journey is faster, but usually that doesn’t make it any easier, as everyone is travelling faster, and time trials are about consistent effort all the way to the finish. 

Both Mark Langlands and Tom McCallum backed up very impressively tonight after competing in the New Zealand Cycle Classic that finished on Sunday. It is also great to see a couple of Junior girls turn out to test themselves against the clock on the short course. In the main race three riders had mechanical issues resulting in DNF’s. Dave Drummond’s skinsuit option was definitely not UCI legal, but perhaps on one of the warmest evenings we have experienced this summer, gave him some air conditioning advantage.

Congratulations to our ITT Champions for 2020:

Junior Girls:

1st        Jaimee Blackburn

2nd       Annabelle Smith

Women’s Championship

1st        Belinda Fuller

2nd       Emily Lutyens

3rd        Kirsten Goodin

Men’s Championship

1st       Mark Langlands

2nd       Tom McCallum

3rd        Dave Drummond

Next week is a Handicapped Road Race starting at Wainuioru and racing on the Y loop course.

Full results:

Start timeRiderFinish timeRide Time
0:20:00Mark Langlands1:18:110:58:11Champion man
0:19:00Tom McCallum1:20:251:01:252nd man
0:10:30Dave Drummond1:14:201:03:503rd man
0:21:00Ben Knight1:25:101:04:10
0:14:30Gareth Price1:18:431:04:13
0:13:00Bill van Workoem1:17:531:04:53
0:13:30Josh van Workoem1:19:451:06:15
0:15:30Daniel Jaques1:21:591:06:29
0:18:00Dom Green1:25:441:07:44
0:04:30Rex Dowding1:13:001:08:30
0:09:00Robert Jaques1:18:191:09:19
0:10:00Laurance Kent1:19:231:09:23
0:12:30Duncan Cameron1:22:091:09:39
0:08:00Belinda Fuller1:18:381:10:38Champion woman
0:07:30Emily Lutyens1:18:501:11:202nd woman
0:09:30Stephen Yeats1:21:421:12:12
0:12:00Craig Mangin1:24:211:12:21
0:11:30Andy Curtis-Cody1:23:561:12:26
0:11:00Mike Wilkinson1:24:061:13:06
0:05:30Chris McBride1:20:151:14:45
0:07:00Kirsten Goodin1:23:011:16:013rd Woman
0:05:00Neil Henderson1:21:041:16:04
0:04:00John Allen1:20:581:16:58
0:03:30Anil Raman1:20:381:17:08
0:03:00Mark Jerling1:20:351:17:35
0:06:30Julie Millar1:27:061:20:36
0:02:30Greg Baillie1:25:151:22:45
0:08:30John Murray1:31:251:22:55
0:02:00Karen Blade1:29:431:27:43
0:06:00Mike Parker1:34:011:28:01
0:15:00Eddy KuipersDNFDNF
0:16:00Simon ButlerDNFDNF
0:17:00Peter JamesDNFDNF
Juniors short course
Start timeRiderFinish timeRide Time
0:00:30Jaimee Blackburn0:27:070:26:37Junior champion
0:01:00Annabelle Smith0:32:120:31:122nd Junior

Memorial Ride for Darren and Josh

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Tuesday night is usually ACM Cycling Section’s race night. This evening our club came together as a family for a Memorial Ride to remember and honour Darren and Josh Southon, to offer support to Lisa, Jorja, wider whanau and to one another at this tragic time.  Since news reached us of the sudden loss of Darren and young Josh, his family and friends have been grieving deeply, and struggling with their loss. Tonight’s ride was to honour the memory of two much loved members of our community.

Darren has been acknowledged by all to be an all-round good bloke. He knew how to have fun but also when to be serious. Darren was able to relate to all sorts of people and will be remembered for his easy manner and big smile. Josh was just at the start of what should have been a brilliant and long life. He too loved to have fun with his friends and family, emerging as a junior version of his Dad.

After a minute of respectful silence, the lead car, with both Josh and Darren’s bikes mounted on its roof headed south from Dixon Street. The Tararua Builders Race team and family members led out a peleton of 300+ cyclists, including ACM club members, colleagues, friends, NZ Classic team riders and guests. Non-cycling members of the community lined the route in tribute to these two precious community members. The whole ride was run under a mobile Traffic Management Plan keeping everyone safe – thanks traffic management team.

As we rode many of us remembered precious times spent with Darren. For many of us it is heart-breaking to realise that the small bike on the roof of the car we were following will never be upgraded to a full-sized bike, and we can no longer ride with the owner of the full-sized bike!

Following the ride, and presentation of the NZ Classic teams, refreshments were served at the home of Mike and Tracey Wilkinson – thanks to you both for the hospitality. Here more stories of times shared with Darren and Josh were recounted.  Right now, none of us who have been left behind can quite comprehend the full extent of our loss for these two lives cut short before their time.

Darren and Josh, rest in peace and rise in glory, you are gone, but will never be forgotten. Our thoughts, prayers and support remain with Lisa, Jorja, family and friends.

ACM 5K Series – Race 1 Results

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Well done to everyone!

2 KM        
 1    Sam Gawith          0:10:33
 2    William Gawith      0:11:32
 3    Jada Kaipo          0:13:25
 4    Jaxon Kaipo         0:14:15
 5    Ollie Kaipo         0:14:16
 6    Luca Roberts        0:16:16
 7    Andre Roberts       0:16:21
5 KM        
 1    Michael Macklin     0:19:23
 2    Darius Simpson      0:19:45
 3    Anthony Rowe-Penny  0:21:29
 4    Malcolm MacDonnald  0:23:50
 5    Lloyd Millar        0:24:00
 6    Sam Hill            0:24:48
 7    Clifford Rowe-Penny 0:25:15
 8    Michael Duthie      0:25:27
 9    Philip Donvin-Irons 0:25:33
 10   Mizpa Essed         0:25:36
 11   Tom Andrews         0:26:02
 12   Rachel Gawith       0:26:10
 13   John Jerling        0:27:00
 14   Norm Chu            0:27:51
 15   Tama Hurihanganui   0:28:21
 16   Annie Jerling       0:28:34
 17   Lesley Graham       0:28:35
 18   Craig Ewing         0:28:49
 19   Megan Simpson       0:29:49
 20   Roger Jones         0:30:21
 21   David Farlow        0:30:27
 22   Di Chesmar          0:31:21
 23   Michael Rowe-Penny  0:31:36
 24   Chris Van Gervan    0:31:56
 25   Bron Wishart        0:32:13
 26   Serena Roberts      0:32:14
 27   Gail Edwards        0:32:23
 28   Claudia Baechle     0:33:38
 29   Lee-Ann Angove      0:37:26
 30   Jim Barr            0:37:38
 31   Stacy Miller        0:39:12
 32   Jenny Braaksma      0:39:13
 33   Lisa Scott          0:39:14
 34   Franky Spite        0:39:15
 35   Don McLachlan       0:40:04
 36   Alison Nagel        0:40:51
 37   Logan Roberts       0:41:45
 38   Stan Braaksma       0:42:02
 39   Gordon Reid         0:42:57
 40   Ruth Gwyther        0:43:32
 41   Robyn Duffield      0:43:49
 42   Rachel Reid         0:44:18
 43   Viv Webster-Jones   0:45:20
 44   Ror de Bock         0:45:23
 45   Pat Fairhall        0:45:35
 46   Amelia Rowe-Penny   0:47:11
 47   Stephen Young       0:47:15
 48   Robyn Green         0:47:46
 49   Bianca Green        0:47:48
 50   Cherie Fredricksen  0:47:58
 51   Barbara Barr        0:47:59
 52   Rob Ruff-Thomas     0:51:09
 53   Julie Huffer        0:51:30
 54   Lincoln Spite       0:52:02
 55   Graeme Roberts      0:52:13
 56   Irene Price         0:52:21
 57   Taahia Castorina    0:53:35
 58   Shelly Browne       0:53:35
 59   Davide Castorina    0:53:36

Carrington Handicapped Road Race

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Tuesday 7 Jan 020 and the first road race of the year for ACM. A total of 33 riders presented themselves to the start line for a handicap race around the short, sharp and some may say brutal course that is the Carrington circuit.

It was a cool evening with a brisk SW wind which provided some mitigation to the false flat that is Haringa Road but made life difficult for riders after the summit of the hill climb. The race comprised five groups; Limit, Break 2 (at 6″), Break (at 12″), Scratch (at 18″) and Scratch+ (at 19″). 

The five starters in scratch+ quickly became four who then mopped up the remaining field in short order, catching Break after one and a half laps and taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

1st  Dan Walusewski

2nd Madi Hartley-Brown

3rd  Matt Webb-Smith

Fastest woman was Emily Lutyens who came in 8th (along side the unrecorded author!).

Several riders mislaid their transponders (the author being one of these 😕) and tho participating had no recorded time. Apologies also to John Allen and Tom McCallum who also do not feature in the results due to transponder issues.

Well done to all the riders who put themselves out there and big thanks to Dave H & Jenny D for the cracking meal afterwards.

Full results:

Andy CC

Club Champs Crit – provisional results

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The first of four Club Championship Races were held tonight at the Masterton Motorplex. The Criterium is a circuit or street race, held over a specified period of time plus 2 laps, where the aim is to gain as many sprint points as possible. Sprints occur on alternate laps, with points allotted to the first 4 riders (5, 3, 2 and 1) to cross the line each time a sprint is held. At the end of the race each rider’s points are totalled up to determine winners.

It was very pleasing tonight to have sufficient contenders to be able to run 3 separate grades. The first race was C-Grade, racing for 15 minutes plus 2 laps. This race included our sole junior girl as well as the sole tandem. B-Grade included the Women’s championship race as well as a couple of junior boys, was 25 minutes plus 2 laps. The final race was A-Grade – the men’s Championship race at 40 minutes plus 2 laps. 

To do well in a criterium the skills most useful are an ability to corner rapidly, to be able to survive rapid changes of pace and also the ability to recover rapidly from repeated full-on efforts. Each of the grades were hotly contested with some riders proving their skills, strength and endurance was up to the challenge of repeated sprinting. For a few riders this proved a step too far. 

Congratulations to the grade winners and out newest Club champions:

Greg Baillie                  – 1st C-Grade

David Hancock            – 2nd C-Grade

Andi Bond                   – 3rd C-Grade

Daniel Jaques             – 1st B-Grade

Ricky Blade                  – 2nd B-Grade

Caleb Roberts             – 1st U 15 boy & 3rd B-Grade

Ryan McNaughton      – 2nd U 15 boy

Jaimee Blackburn        – 1st U 17 girl

Finn Roberts               – 1st U19 boy

Emily Lutyens              – Champion woman

Lesley Mouat              – 2nd woman

Donna O’Sullivan        – 3rd woman

Mark Langlands          – Champion man

Erik d”Arbois               – 2nd man

Simon Butler               – 3rd man

Many thanks to Brent Sowry, commissaire, and to all who ‘spotted’ when they were not riding. Also, very many thanks to Di Dowding, Karen Blade and Kirsten Goodin who made sure that riders were refuelled after their efforts.

Full results can be found here:

Some Lap times can be found here:


Next week is a handicapped Road Race over Hinakura and back starting in Martinborough at the Martinborough cemetery. There will be a short course available.

Please also remember that for those who have not yet done so, you will need to renew your Cycling New Zealand licence before you can race in January.

If you have not yet done so, Kirsten is still looking for marshalls for the next races.

Finally – watch out for upcoming details of a change to our club race 14thJanuary – which coincides with the New Zealand Cycle Classic – more details will be published once details have been finalised.

2 up Time Trial

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Time Trials are often called the race of truth. They are a test of how fast and efficient a rider can be over a set distance with no bunch to assist. 2-up Time Trials usually mean that riders push themselves to their absolute limits so as not to let their team mate down. They are predominately ridden for ‘bragging rights,’ with teams bringing out the bling – that is the TT bikes, bars, deep dish or disk wheels and funny pointy TT helmets all of which are supposed to shave seconds or fractions of seconds off the total time taken over the course.

Twenty-one teams presented themselves to the starter for the main race, and two for the short course. All the teams discovered as they headed north up Bideford Road that there was a noticeable head wind to add extra challenge into the test.  Most teams will have set themselves some personal challenges, perhaps to try and catch one team in front of them, or to not get caught, or to better a previous time. For the top teams the goal could be to complete the test in under an hour. Tonight, only three teams reached this outstanding feat of speed.

Congratulations to Mark Langlands and Simon Pumfrey the fastest team overall in a time of 57:19.89. This time equates to an average speed of 41.861 km per hour. In second place were the team of Derek Roberts and Erik d’Arbois with a time of 58:23:36, and in third place to Dave Drummond and Tom McCallum with a time of 58:47:26. The fastest mixed team tonight were Belinda Fuller and Eddy Kuipers, and the fastest all woman team were Donna Burkhart and Donna O’Sullivan. On the short course the fastest team were Finn and Caleb Roberts. Congratulations to everyone who completed the test and achieved your own personal goals in the process!

Once again, many thanks to all those who were managing and marshalling our race, making sure that all riders were kept safe. Thanks also to our support teams, family and friends, who come out with encouragement, post-race refreshments and sometimes lifts home. Your support is much appreciated. 

Next week, is one of the classic races for the season, on the Dalefield Circuit which is much loved by the sprinters in the club. As always, if you have not yet done so, you need to contact Kirsten let her know when you will take your turn to marshall.

Finally, good luck to everyone who is facing the Great Lake Challenge this weekend. Ride well and keep safe.

Full results from tonight can be found here:

Gladstone South Return HRR

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Gladstone to Whakarua Road return, HRR

This was an out and back course of 33 kms duration for the main race beginning and ending at Gladstone Church. The course has a number of reasonably knarly short climbs in both directions and this, along with a brisk, and blustery westerly wind played havoc with the bunches. It was noticeable how many riders from each of the start groups were dropped well before the racing was over. Most of these riders then had a lonely journey back to the finish line.

The majority of riders from ‘Break 2’ were successful in catching ‘Limit’ approximately a kilometre or two from the finish. ‘Break’ closed the handicap gap on ‘Break 2’ but still finished over a minute behind. ‘Scratch’ also closed the gap on everyone but finished approximately a minute behind ‘Break’.

Congratulations go to Finn Roberts who demonstrated considerable sprinting prowess to cross the line in first place, followed on the same time by Rex Dowding and Roger Foote.  Also finishing on the same time was the first woman home, Kirsten Goodin. All these riders began the race in ‘Break 2’.

Congratulations also go to Tom McCallum as the fastest man and Lesley Mouat as the fastest woman tonight. Special mention tonight goes to Kate Speedy, fastest junior girl. This is only the second race that Kate has stepped up into the main race, and tonight she worked with her group right the way back to Millars Road before running out of steam and slipping out the back door.

There were three contenders in the short race tonight. This race also started and finished at Gladstone Church, but turned at Millars Road. Tonight, line honours go to Jono Didsbury, followed on the same time by Caleb Roberts. Annabelle Smith finished a couple of minutes later.

Special mention and congratulations also go to all the Tararua Builders Team members who finished their North Island Series on Sunday. You are allowed to rest the legs for a week or two now, unless, of course you are intending to race The Great Lake Challenge!

From all of us, best wishes for a speedy recovery go to Mike Wilkinson, following his altercation with errant farm equipment while out riding. It is at times like this that we appreciate our local emergency services, and hospital. Get well soon Mike.

Full results from tonight can be found at:


  • Everyone needs to marshall, so make sure you are signup by emailing Kirsten.
  • If anyone took any photos tonight could you please post them on Facebook, or send them to me.
  • Next week, is the 2-up TT. Please pre-register your team with Brent/David for this event by Monday.

Norfolk Road, GRR

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Norfolk Road is a regular on the ACM race calendar, and much loved by those who enjoy hurtling downhill with the wind at your back – which would be most of us of course! The race had a slightly different twist this evening as it was run as a Graded Road race, which meant the huge bunch we usually try to hide within turned into just the riders in your grade. In total 53 riders presented themselves to the Race Manager this evening. A few of the regular riders were absent, possibly resting weary legs after their efforts on the Tour of Wairarapa at the weekend.

‘A Grade’ (the fast boys) were the first to leave, then each grade at one-minute intervals though to ‘D Grade’ in the main race. Finally, the short course riders started after everyone else.  Graded races can be quite tactical with some riders opting to take as few turns on the front as possible while others work with their group consistently. Everyone hopes to be there at the sprint, but so much can go wrong before that. Pinch points in this race occur from a number of sources: when a rider attacks off the front of their bunch; up the slightly steeper sections of incline; if you get hung out in the wind when it is blowing a northerly; and at the turn when, if you happen to be the last rider round the cone, racing can feel like a bungy cord that has just snapped and dropped you out the back door. When this happens, it is a long way back to the finish wondering if the grade behind you will catch and if they do, realizing you are not allowed to work with them, you can only sit at the back and follow along. 

In ‘A Grade’ Erik d’Arbois was the first rider to successfully attack off the front to create a solo breakaway. However, by about 8 km into the race Mark Langlands crossed the gap to join up with Erik. At the turn Erik and Mark were about 500 metres in front of the ‘A Grade’ peloton. The racing was not done and dust however, as the peloton worked together and had caught the breakaway by the 25 km mark. So ‘A Grade’ approached the finish for a bunch sprint which was taken out by Mark Langlands. 

Although the speed increased a few times on the way up Norfolk Road there were no serious attempts to form a breakaway in ‘B Grade’. The pace was reasonably high on the way up, and predictably increased on the return journey, but the bunch remained intact.  Unfortunately, three riders were disqualified for crossing the centre line approaching the sprint finish. Thus, tonight congratulations go to overall grade winner Andrew Linton and to Belinda Fuller first woman.

A similar story (minus the disqualifications) played out in both ‘C-Grade’ and ‘D-Grade with both races ending in sprint finishes. Congratulations go to Chris McBride winner of ‘C-Grade’ and Donna Burkhart first woman. In ‘D-Grade’ congratulations go to Greg Baillie overall winner and to Donna O’Sullivan first woman.

For the short-course riders, their turnaround point is near the one-lane bridge. A couple of these riders had to hold their line as they got caught by one or two of the bunches in the main race. It was great to see some of our juniors had hooked themselves onto the back of a bunch and finished strongly. Congratulations to Jono Didsbury overall winner and to Karen Blade first woman.

Thanks to the Deb and John Allen for the post-race refueling and hospitality. And as always to our race officials without whom we cannot race.

Full results can be found:


  1. Everyone needs to sign up with Kirsten to offer themselves for marshalling duties.
  2. Next week the race starts at Gladstone Church, travels south to Whakarua Road and then returns to finish at Gladstone Church.