Millers Road

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This week was the first of the Handicapped Road Races for the season. Also up for grabs tonight was the John Chesmar Memorial Trophy, awarded to the winner of the race, no matter which handicap group they started in.  John Chesmar was a bit of a character –nicknamed Mad dog – but well loved and respected amongst our members. John had a few things he was passionate about – his family, his Morris Minors, and his cycling. John was a seriously competitive racer who knew how to hold a wheel and excelled when it came to the sprint. He was also well known for constructing ‘funny bikes’ that many people played with over the years. At the same time, we would probably regard him as one of the most social members of our club. It is fitting therefore to hold this race in memory and honour of him.

As is usual with Handicapped races everyone was set off in groups starting with ‘limit’, then 3 break groups and finally scratch – the big boys – were let loose 14 minutes later. The goal for each of the groups is to overtake all the riders in front of you whilst not getting caught by the groups charging up behind you. When the handicapper gets it absolutely right, every group will arrive together to contest the sprint finish. 

The grading processing is an ongoing process, especially this early in the season. This particular circuit offers a few little challenges along the way. First there is the climb up through Gladstone, past the pub and on into a persistent headwind. Once the riders reached Carter’s Line, and the change of direction, the wind became a crosscutter which was the second test for the night, as if you drop a wheel at this point there is no way back! The third test is always the short but punchy climb after the Parkvale Hall, followed by another section of crosswind before turning to start the Millers Road Climb. 

Tonight a few riders demonstrated considerably more strength and speed than others in their group through this series of tests. It is probable that these riders will find themselves re-graded upwards for the next outing. Some of the scratch bunch got very close to lapping the whole field but didn’t succeed in catching absolutely everyone. Better luck next time…. maybe.

In the end congratulations go to Neil Henderson who crossed the line in first place and is therefore tonight’s winner and will be the recipient of the John Chesmar Memorial Trophy. Congratulations to Donna Burkhart who was second and also the first woman across the finish line. Congratulations also go to Tom McCallum the fastest man on the night. Similarly, congratulations to Emily Lutyens the fastest woman tonight.

For the junior members of the club their race took them south from Gladstone Church to Millers Road where they turned and raced back towards the Church. Their tests come in the form of false flat on the first half of the race and head-cross wind on the return journey. Congratulations tonight go toKate Speedy who won the junior race and was also the first junior girl. Jono Didsbury finished in second place and was the first junior boy.

As always very many thanks to the team who manage the race and keep us all safe. Next week is another Handicapped Road race around the Francis Line – Hughes Line circuit.

Full results:

Finish orderNameFinish TimeDifferenceRide time
Main Race
1.Henderson, Neil18:56:3100:00.054:25Winner
2.Burkhart, Donna18:58:2901:58.052:241st Woman
3.Hannam, Stephen18:58:2901:58.052:24
4.McCallum, Thomas18:58:3001:59.043:26Fastest man
5.Foote, Roger18:58:3102:00.052:26
6.Linton, Andrew18:58:3102:00.047:26
7.Blade, Ricky18:58:3202:01.047:26
8.Dowding, Rex18:58:3202:01.052:27
9.Van Woerkom, Bill18:58:3202:01.047:27
10.Yeats, Stephen18:58:3302:02.047:27
11.Hodder, David18:58:3302:02.052:29
12.Graham, Robert18:58:3302:02.047:28
13.Wallace, Paul18:58:3302:02.047:28
14.Langlands, Mark18:58:3702:06.043:32
15.Wilkinson, Mike18:58:4202:11.047:37
16.O’Sullivan, Donna18:58:4602:15.056:40
17.Green, Dominic18:59:4303:12.044:38
18.Pumfrey, Simon18:59:4403:13.044:39
19.Simmonds, Devan18:59:4403:13.044:39
20.Drummond, Dave18:59:4403:13.044:39
21.Price, Gareth18:59:4403:13.044:39
22.Knight, Ben18:59:5003:19.044:45
23.Jaques, Robert18:59:5003:19.048:44
24.Sandoval, Jorge18:59:5303:22.053:49
25.Sutherland, Phil19:00:0803:37.049:03
26.Butler, Simon19:01:0204:31.045:58
27.Blackburn, Terry19:01:0204:31.049:57
28.James, Peter19:01:0504:34.046:00
29.Lutyens, Emily19:01:0504:34.049:59Fastest woman
30.Southon, Darren19:01:0504:34.046:00
31.Baillie, Greg19:01:2804:57.059:22
32.Raman, Anil19:01:2804:57.059:23
33.Whitcombe, Earle19:01:3405:03.055:29
34.Haste, Ray19:04:0107:30.057:56
35.Mouat, Lesley19:04:2707:56.053:22
36.Devenport, Jenny19:04:2707:56.01:02:22
37.Jerling, Mark19:06:2209:51.01:00:17
38.Maclachlan And Murphy, Douglas and Meri19:14:3718:06.01:12:31
DNFMurray, John19:20:00DNF1:17:55
Short Course
1Speedy, Kate25:49:00winner
2Didsbury, Jono25:57:001st boy
3Smith, Annabelle28:20:00
4McNaughton, Ryan31:33:00

Watson’s Road to Wainuioru return

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There have been some itchy wheels within the club this season due to races needing to be cancelled or postpone because of adverse weather conditions. So, it was a relief that this evening proved dry enough, albeit chilly and breezy, for some itches to be scratched.

Forty-five riders presented themselves to the starter to be divided into A and B Grade, with two junior riders contesting the short course. All grades began in Watson’s Road, heading East up and over, before returning to finish at the top of Limeworks hill. 

I heard this course described by one rider as ‘brutal’, which is especially true when you add in a reasonably healthy westerly wind. This particular course is always ‘testing’ with riders trying to hold the wheel in front of them whilst their heart and lungs complain bitterly about the effort required to do so. That is, unless you are among the strongest and one of those who is ‘putting the hurt’ on your competitors. In the end it was a race of attrition with riders being spread out over the course in small groups with the strongest rider finishing solo. For riders who succeed in staying within a group until the bottom of the final climb up Limeworks the end result was then decided on climbing ability.

On the short course congratulations go to Ryan McNaughton for a win in his very first race, followed not far behind by Annabelle Smith, our only junior girl tonight. In B-Grade congratulations go to Duncan Cameron who finished over four minutes in front of the next group of riders, with both Caleb and Finn Roberts demonstrating high quality climbing ability to finish second and third. Congratulations to Laura Cockroft who was first woman home. Once again In A-Grade congratulations go to Mark Langlands finishing solo nearly a minute in front of Dominic Green, followed shortly after that by Erik D’Arbois. First and fastest woman on the night was Emily Lutyens.

Many thanks to all our race officials who kept us safe and also to David and Lyn Howden for hosting the after-match barbecue.

Two reminders:

  • If you have not yet done so, everyone has to sign up to marshall at least twice during the season;
  • If you are receiving these emails and no longer want to, please reply with ‘unsubscribe’.

Next week: is the first handicapped road race of the season, which means that everyone will be racing for the John Chesmar Memorial Trophy to contested around one lap of the Millers Road circuit, starting and finishing at Gladstone Church.

Full Results:

Summer Series Race 4

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1Darius SimpsonA0:40:03
2Andrew DavenportA0:40:36
3Anthony Rowe-PennyA0:41:59
4Sam HillA0:42:20
5Craig RobertsA0:43:03
6Sue BankierA0:44:46
7Clifford Rowe-PennyA0:46:09
8Malcolm MacDonaldA0:46:59
1Lloyd MillarB0:45:25
2Roger JonesB0:47:52
3Michael DuthieB0:47:59
4Richard HawkesB0:48:26
5Lesley GrahamB0:48:38
6Annie JerlingB0:49:12
7Rachel GawithB0:49:24
8Craig EwingB0:51:21
9Tim MatthewsB0:52:28
10Chris van GervenB0:53:08
11Norm ChuB0:53:21
1Franky SpiteC0:58:21
2Stacey MillerC0:59:07
3Megan SimpsonC1:03:22
4Claudia BaechleC1:16:48
1Miranda BartonD1:03:49
2Lisa TonkinD1:04:14
3Jane FlowerdayD1:04:28
4Jim BarrD1:09:51
5Rob Ruff-ThomasD1:16:57
1Steph WingateE0:44:07
2Annie HawkesE0:57:51
1Michael Rowe-PennyW0:49:04
2Lee-Ann AngoveW0:53:48
3Allison NagelW0:58:10
4Don McLachlanW0:59:20
5Michael TeahanW1:04:38
6Stephen YoungW1:04:49
7Amelia Rowe-PennyW1:09:41
8Lincoln SpiteW1:16:19
1Brooke MillerJ0:18:09
2Isla RobertsJ0:22:41
3Justin MillerJ0:26:08
4Logan RobertsJ0:27:48
1William GawithM0:09:51
2Samuel GawithM0:10:58
3Luca RobertsM0:11:11

Langlands and Fuller continue where they left off!

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A new cycle race season is finally under way. Chance once again to test the legs, and heart and lungs, not to mention the race tactics, and determination. All those things that have been put on hold during the winter. Even though the season is just starting there are some very fit cyclists out there – namely those competing in the North Island Team Series – whilst for others their fitness and early season training has yet to kick in. 

After the cancellation of the first grading race last week, the weather was much kinder this week so allowing the second grading-race to proceed as planned. This 27 km Mass Start Road Race began at the bottom of the Rangitumai bluff racing towards Mauriceville and then returning to finish 2 kms past the bluff on Rangitumai Road.

In mass start racing, as the name suggests, the race starts with everyone together at the same time. This means the vast majority of the field then trying their best to ‘hang on’ to the wheels in front of them, whilst those who fancy their chances, attack as hard and fast as they can to create gaps and a breakaway. Predictably, within a few kms of the start, Mark Langlands along with Tom McCallum executed the perfect attack to create their breakaway. A head-cross-cutter wind probably assisted with breaking the elastic to the chase group.  The main chase group once formed, worked together to try to bring back the breakaway. In doing so, many other riders found themselves distanced and strung out along the road. These riders then formed smaller groups to work with each other.

Unfortunately, Tom was unable to stay with Mark and dropped out of the breakaway to be reeled back in by the chase bunch. At the turnaround, Mark was solo and had a gap of about a minute back to the chase group. This gap was reduced somewhat with the assistance of the tail-crosscutter wind on the return leg of the race, but not by enough to close the gap completely. In the end Mark had a solo win with a margin of 43 seconds. Dominic Green showed a clean pair of heels to the rest of the chase group to cross the line in second place, with Tom McCallum sprinting to third.

The next group back on the road contained the top woman contender, Belinda Fuller, followed 32 seconds later by Emily Lutyens. A little further back Kirsten Goodin outsprinted Julie Millar to be third woman home. 

Chocolate fish story tonight goes to John Murray who punctured before the turnaround. Congratulations to everyone who raced and thanks to all our race officials and marshalls.

Next week is one for the hill-climbers with an A and B-Graded race starting in Watson’s Road, heading out to Wainiouru and finishing at the top of Limeworks hill.

Full results are:

First NameLast NamePlaceRide Time (Min)
MarkLanglands10:37:031st and Fastest man
Simon Butler50:37:48
BelindaFuller120:40:051st and Fastest woman
JoshVan Woerkom130:40:06
Julie Millar230:43:44
Jorge Sandoval330:43:50

Summer Series Race 3

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Here are the results from Race 3.

1Graeme ButcherA0:40:18
2Darius SimpsonA0:40:43
3Flynn RegisterA0:42:17
4Anthony Rowe-PennyA0:43:41
5Brent RegisterA0:44:30
6Sam HillA0:45:01
7Craig RobertsA0:45:48
8Sue BankierA0:46:25
9Andrew DavenportA0:48:35
10Clifford Rowe-PennyA1:00:41
1Lesley GrahamB0:47:25
2Roger JonesB0:49:50
3Lloyd MillarB0:49:52
4Michael DuthieB0:51:51
5Tom AndrewsB0:52:15
6Annie JerlingB0:52:21
7Jack SorrellB0:53:00
8Craig EwingB0:53:03
9Rachel GawithB0:53:13
10Chris van GervenB0:55:38
11Norm ChuB0:56:40
12Tim MatthewsB1:00:40
1Stacey MillerC1:00:48
2Megan SimpsonC1:04:59
3Claudia BaechleC1:05:13
4Franky SpiteC1:06:22
1Miranda BartonD1:03:56
2Lisa TonkinD1:06:49
3Jane FlowerdayD1:08:09
4Annie HawkesD1:15:35
5Rob Ruff-ThomasD1:28:32
1Richard HawkesE0:37:13
2Steph WingateE0:40:12
3Philippa CopeE0:40:12
1Michael Rowe-PennyW0:46:29
2Lee-Ann AngoveW0:49:09
3Allison NagelW0:54:20
4Don McLachlanW0:54:22
5Amelia Rowe-PennyW1:00:36
6Gillian AtkinsonW1:00:57
7Stephen YoungW1:02:44
8Lincoln SpiteW1:12:07
1Brooke MillerJ0:18:24
2Isla RobertsJ0:23:22
3Logan RobertsJ0:24:45
4Jacquelyn MurrayJ0:27:44
1Lachie DuffyM0:09:27
2Brooke DuffyM0:10:23
3Samuel GawithM0:11:13
4Mack DuffyM0:12:18
5Luca RobertsM0:13:36

Summer Series Race 2 Results

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1Graeme ButcherA0:31:45
2Andrew DavenportA0:32:38
3Darius SimpsonA0:33:20
4Flynn RegisterA0:34:12
5Craig RobertsA0:36:33
6Sam HillA0:37:46
7Sue BankierA0:38:10
8Anthony Rowe-PennyA0:38:26
9Clifford Rowe-PennyA0:40:21
1Lesley GrahamB0:37:21
2Lloyd MillarB0:38:04
3Gavin ChampionB0:39:17
4Steve ReynoldsB0:39:26
5Tom AndrewsB0:39:42
6Thomas LeskeB0:40:14
7Ray HasteB0:40:48
8Roger JonesB0:41:20
9Craig EwingB0:41:31
10Philip Donvin-IronsB0:41:58
11Annie JerlingB0:43:15
12Chris van GervenB0:43:51
13Tim MatthewsB0:46:02
15Michael DuthieB0:47:56
1Serena RobertsC0:48:02
2Bron WishartC0:48:02
3Stacey MillerC0:49:09
4Franky SpiteC0:50:03
5Megan SimpsonC0:52:36
6Claudia BaechleC0:52:38
1Miranda BartonD0:54:27
2Lisa TonkinD0:54:35
3Jennifer BraaksmaD0:54:35
4Jane FlowerdayD0:58:07
5Annie HawkesD1:01:18
6Jim BarrD1:01:19
7Rob Ruff-ThomasD1:15:30
1Michael Rowe-PennyW0:37:46
2Kim RegisterW0:40:35
3Lee-Ann AngoveW0:41:24
4Tim BirdW0:42:55
5Allison NagelW0:44:13
6Ingrid BirdW0:46:06
7Don McLachlanW0:46:08
8Stan BraaksmaW0:48:38
9Amelia Rowe-PennyW0:50:46
10Stephen YoungW0:51:45
11Claire BlomgrenW0:53:17
12Irene PriceW1:00:16
13Betty MoirW1:31:28
1Brooke MillerJ0:19:39
2Jacquelyn MurrayJ0:21:22
3Isla RobertsJ0:25:27
4Justin MillerJ0:33:23
1Sam KirtonM0:06:31
2Luca RobertsM0:07:39
3Olvia InwoodM0:07:44
4Annabelle KirtonM0:11:49

Summer Series Race 1 Results

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Points to be added.

1Graeme ButcherA0:26:30
2Flynn RegisterA0:26:55
3Andrew DavenportA0:27:12
4Darius SimpsonA0:28:46
5Robert SpiteA0:29:23
6Clifford Rowe-PennyA0:30:46
7Mel ArcusA0:30:51
8Craig RobertsA0:31:16
9Sam HillA0:31:26
10Sue BankierA0:31:51
1Sarah HigginsB0:32:23
2Lloyd MillarB0:32:43
3Tom AndrewsB0:33:34
4Lesley GrahamB0:33:36
5Thomas LeskeB0:33:54
6Ray HasteB0:34:45
7Michael DuthieB0:34:57
8Annie JerlingB0:35:08
9Philip Donvin-IronsB0:35:08
10Rachel GawithB0:35:14
11Roger JonesB0:36:38
12Gavin ChampionB0:36:44
13Craig EwingB0:36:56
14MacKenzie MurrayB0:37:07
15Tim MatthewsB0:37:12
16Chris van GervenB0:37:30
1John JerlingC0:39:09
2Stacey MillerC0:39:50
3Di ChesmarC0:39:57
4Serena RobertsC0:40:43
5Gail EdwardsC0:40:51
6Chris CogdaleC0:41:00
7Chris WilsonC0:41:06
8Megan SimpsonC0:42:33
9Claudia BaechleC0:43:34
1Miranda BartonD0:45:29
2Lisa TonkinD0:47:31
3Franky SpiteD0:47:31
4Jennifer BraaksmaD0:47:32
5Annie HawkesD0:50:47
6Jim BarrD0:53:57
7Rob Ruff-ThomasD1:03:54
1Kim RegisterW0:35:36
2Tim BirdW0:36:33
3Lee-Ann AngoveW0:38:01
4Allison NagelW0:39:09
5Amelia Rowe-PennyW0:39:51
6Ingrid BirdW0:40:41
7Don McLachlanW0:41:07
8Stan BraaksmaW0:41:23
9Stephen YoungW0:44:22
10Claire BlomgrenW0:45:23
11Lincoln SpiteW0:51:58
1Brooke MillerJ0:19:25
2Jacquelyn MurrayJ0:23:21
3Logan RobertsJ0:27:40
4Justin MillerJ0:28:05
1William GawithM0:11:14
2Samuel GawithM0:11:14
3Luca RobertsM0:13:29
4Olvia InwoodM0:19:14