John Chesmar Memorial Trophy Results

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Results here

Race 3; 13 Oct 2020 – The John Chesmar Memorial Trophy. HRR Watsons Road/Wainuioru Return 32km

Tonights race was a 32km handicap road race with the start/finish line on Watsons Road and the turn point adjacent Wainuioru school. This is also the race for the John Chesmar Memorial trophy

Conditions were good with a light westerly breeze, dry roads and sunshine. There were 46 riders present for the start of the long course and 4 for the short course.

It’s a short, sharp course with the climbs of Limeworks and Patakawa on the way out and headwinds and a second ascent of Limeworks on the return leg.

1st place/fastest time went to Mark Langlands. In 2nd and 3rd places respectively Derek Roberts and Robert Graham.

Highest placed and fastest woman went to Emily Lutyens in 5th 

Winner of the short course was Jamie Blackburn

Next Tuesday 20th is the Upper Mania Kermesse, Upper Mania Road


Andy CC

GR Series 5

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The 4th GR series event is on this Sunday. Mass start at 10:00 am. We are still finalising details but there will be certificates and prizes for handicap winners on the day. These will hopefully turn into trophies next year. We will have a shared mroning tea.

You must be an ACM member to be eligible so please get you membership done before Friday. Enter your details online or message us if that’s a problem for you.

Matahiwi ITT 2020

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Results here

The ACM racing calendar kicked off Tuesday night with the individual time trial up Matahiwi Road. Conditions were not encouraging with a brisk sou’westerly wind and temperatures hovering around six degrees. Nevertheless forty eight keen competitors presented themselves to the starting gate ready to take on the 17km course.

In addition to the regular ACM riders were nine riders of the Black Spokes pro race team. The Black Spokes are currently here in the Wairarapa to compete in the North Island Team Series.

Needless to say the results were dominated by the visiting riders with Tom McCallum being the highest place local rider coming in 7th place. Highest place woman was Emily Lutyens who came in 30th overall.

Many thanks to the race organisers and the marshals out on the course.

Next race is Tuesday 6th October Rangitumau-Mauriceville return starting at the Twin Bridges at 6pm

GR Series Race 4 Results

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1William Gawith2 km0:09:27
1Brooke Miller4 km0:21:49
2Megan Simpson4 km0:27:21
3Justin Miller4 km0:31:24
1Stan Braaksma4 km Walk0:38:19
2Rachel Reid4 km Walk0:39:37
3Graeme Roberts4 km Walk0:48:58
1Darius Simpson9 km0:37:24
2Whana Gordon9 km0:40:11
3Corey Miller9 km0:42:06
4James Inwood9 km0:43:30
5Craig Roberts9 km0:45:42
6Malcolm MacDonald9 km0:46:07
7Lloyd Millar9 km0:46:57
8Michael Duthie9 km0:49:33
9Robbie Robinson9 km0:50:02
10Rachel Gawith9 km0:51:05
11Mel Roberts9 km0:54:19
12Chris van Gerven9 km0:55:26
13David Farlow9 km0:55:45
14Stacey Miller9 km0:58:43
15Jennifer Braaksma9 km1:02:29
16Franky Spite9 km1:02:30
17Jane Flowerday9 km1:08:10

ACM XC3 – 2020

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 6 km 
1Max Spencer0:25:10
2Flynn Register0:26:18
3Darius Simpson0:26:31
4Charlie Matthews0:28:16
5Graeme Butcher0:28:31
6Corey Miller0:30:02
7Dominic Green0:30:23
8Malcolm MacDonald0:31:53
9Brent Register0:32:18
10James Inwood0:32:47
11Glenn Cocker0:32:53
12Vikki Paine0:33:32
13Sam Hill0:34:29
14Andy Matthews0:34:30
15Greg Lang0:35:12
16Amelia Percy0:35:19
17Euan Percy0:35:37
18Sue Bankier0:35:43
19Corrina Paine0:35:52
20Michael Duthie0:36:12
21Tom Andrews0:36:50
22Craig Weston0:38:20
23Tim Matthews0:38:24
24Richard Hawkes0:38:40
25Bianca Green0:38:42
26Ray Haste0:39:06
27Craig Ewing0:39:11
28Richard Samways0:39:12
29Roger Jones0:39:58
30Rachel Gawith0:40:04
31Steve Brittland0:41:41
32Norm Chu0:42:05
33Franky Spite0:42:14
34Lloyd Millar0:42:34
35Cam Ewen0:43:17
36Chris van Gerven0:43:39
37David Farlow0:44:02
38Gail Edwards0:45:24
39MacKenzie Murray0:46:57
40Kim Register0:47:25
41Michael Stewart0:49:03
42Miranda Barton0:54:34
43Jim Barr0:54:59
44Ali Lang0:57:14
45Robyn Green0:58:46
46Tess Bunny1:00:40
47Lisa Scott1:01:20
48Stacey Miller1:01:21
49Jennifer Braaksma1:01:23
50Gordon Reid1:02:57
51Annie Hawkes1:03:15
52Stan Braaksma1:05:10
53Bob Scott1:05:13
54Rachel Reid1:13:35
55Anthony Rowe-Penny1:16:22
56Sarah Van Gerven1:16:25
57Rob Ruff-Thomas1:18:36
58Lincoln Spite1:26:11
 4 km 
1Ruby Matthews0:21:06
2Brooke Miller0:22:32
3Jacquelyn Murray0:25:41
4Henry Johnston0:27:08
5Justin Miller0:33:41
 2 km 
1Hunter Johnston0:11:21 
2Sylvie Weston0:18:20 
3Jaxon Tobin0:38:43