Results XC race 8 & Champs

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A beautiful day once again but there was plenty of mud to give some extra challenge to the last race of the 2021 cross country season and our club championships. The results are by grade (V=visitor, or non-member).

G U13   (2km)
G U18  (4km)
2Jas Moore0:21:20
4Jacquelyn Murray0:26:19
VSallyBooth 0:30:27
5AvaRegister (2km)0:11:05
W 18-39  (6km)
VVickiPaine 0:32:10
VSteph Wingate 0:37:06
W 40-49  (6km)
W 50-59  (6km)
W 60-69 (6km)
Women Walk  (4km)
VCherieFredricksen 0:43:34
VJoeleneChu 0:47:11
VJo Booth 0:48:40
B U13  (2km)
VMontyBooth 0:11:34
3Toby Lammas0:11:59
VJackChu 0:26:48
B U18  (4km)
1Flynn Register0:16:58
VWillBooth 0:22:21
M 18-39  (8km)
M 40-49 (8km)
M 50-59 (8km)
VVAndrew Davenport 0:39:10
VRobbieRobinson 0:51:50
2Chrisvan Gerven0:55:33
M 60-69 (6km)
6AlanKoziarski 0:38:59
M 70+ (6km)
Men Walk (4km)
VDonMcLachlan 0:36:37
VAndrew Booth 0:48:30
4 km Run
 LisaScott 0:37:55

2021 Cross Country Champions

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Congratulations to all our Club Champions and everyone else who ran in our last race of the 2021 Cross Country season. Full results to follow shortly

2021 Cross Country Championships
Girls (under 13)Violet Fisher
Junior Women (13-17)Brooke Miller
Senior Women (18-39)Sam Hill (Champion – Women)
Women 40-49Megan Simpson
Women 50-59Robyn Binnie
Women 60+Sue Bankier
Walkers WomenKim Register
Boys (under 13)Lachie Duffy
Junior Men (13-17)Flynn Register
Senior Men (18-39)Darius Simpson (Champion – Men)
Men 40-49Whana Gordon
Men 50-59Roger Jones
Men 60-69Tony Price
Men 70+David Farlow
Walkers MenStan Braaksma
Cross Country Excellence
WomenSue Bankier
MenFlynn Register
WalkersAlison Nagel
Junior Women/girls (U18) 2or 4 kmBrooke Duffy
Junior Men/boys (U18) 2or4 kmJames Hayes

2021 Cross Country Race 7 results

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Thank you Philip for organising a fabulous new course. The weather as promised was sunny, but a tad cold! What a wonderful venue, can we please come back next year Adam Wyeth? We greatly appreciate the generosity of the landowners who allow us to run across their paddocks and the trouble they go to to make us welcome.

2 km 
Brooke Duffy0:10:42
Mack Duffy0:11:58
Molly Hayes0:13:02
Norman Chu0:13:11
Brenda Hayes0:13:22
Jack Chu0:21:14
Jo Chu0:21:24
4 km 
Violet Fisher0:19:14
Lachie Duffy0:19:26
Brooke Miller0:19:44
Jaqueline Murray0:27:42
Justin Miller0:29:30
Cherie Fredricksen0:46:17
Graeme Roberts0:52:35
6 km 
Darius Simpson0:26:44
Whana Gordon0:27:28
Andrew Davenport0:28:20
Corey Miller0:29:00
Corrina Paine0:30:05
Sam Hill0:30:07
Malcolm MacDonald0:31:50
Jas Moore0:33:49
Tony Price0:33:50
Sue Bankier0:34:04
Michael Duthie0:34:05
Philip Donvin-Irons0:34:10
Lloyd Millar0:34:34
James Hayes0:34:46
Andrew Hayes0:34:47
Sally Duffy0:35:03
Mackenzie Murray0:37:19
Lesley Graham0:37:27
Craig Ewing0:38:33
Norm Chu0:38:34
Chris van Gerven0:39:38
Greg Baillie0:39:45
Robyn Binnie0:40:01
Franky Spite0:41:59
David Farlow0:42:02
Claudia Baechle0:48:02
Lexus Hunter0:48:22
Alison Nagel0:48:43
Rochelle Williams0:49:58
Liz Lee0:51:51
Jennifer Braaksma0:54:11
Lisa Scott0:54:11
Jim Barr0:54:12
Stan Braaksma0:55:40
Lee-Ann Angove0:58:24
Gordon Reid1:01:57
Stephen Young1:05:26
Don McLachlan1:06:35
Robert Ruff-Thomas1:11:18

2021 XC results Race 6

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Stunning weather but our change of schedule saw lower numbers today. Nice to see you all.

Deer Park 
Jack Chu (400m)0:03:51
1.3 km 
Charlie Gard’ner0:07:09
Hannah Chu0:07:43
Molly Hayes0:07:44
Emma Lammas0:07:46
Jaxon Tobin0:08:27
Luca Roberts0:09:53
James Hayes (1.7 km)0:09:07
River Run 
2.3 km 
Brooke Duffy0:11:19
Mack Duffy0:12:06
Toby Lammas0:12:10
Lexus Hunter0:14:09
4.6 km 
Brooke Miller0:20:31
Ava Register0:22:33
Violet Fisher0:22:33
Jenna Thomson0:23:43
Lachie Duffy0:24:18
Isla Roberts0:29:42
Angela Lammas0:30:23
Justin Miller0:31:45
Kim Register0:33:56
Jim Barr0:36:35
Logan Roberts0:38:43
Kirsten Matthews0:40:43
Ruby Matthews0:40:45
Robyn Binnie0:42:11
Stephen Young0:44:48
Graeme Roberts0:55:08
Robyn Weston0:59:30
Kles Tsatsci0:59:31
 6.8 km 
Flynn Register0:26:40
Charlie Matthews0:28:11
John Lammas0:29:46
Andrew Hayes0:30:13
Corey Miller0:30:35
Brent Register0:30:52
Corrina Paine0:32:23
Malcolm MacDonald0:32:32
Andy Matthews0:32:54
Julie Millar0:33:07
Lloyd Millar0:34:44
Jas Moore0:34:51
Robbie Robinson0:35:10
Philip Donvin-Irons0:35:25
Michael Duthie0:35:40
Hannah Moore0:36:45
Steph Wingate0:37:30
Tony Price0:38:03
Sally Duffy0:38:59
Roger Jones0:39:28
Norm Chu0:39:47
Greg Baillie0:40:53
Chris van Gerven0:42:54
Serena Roberts0:43:11
David Farlow0:43:43
Megan Simpson0:47:40
Rochelle Williams0:49:10
Claudia Baechle0:49:45
Stacey Miller0:52:50
Franky Spite0:54:12
Lisa Scott0:54:13
Lee-Ann Angove0:56:58
Hugo Manson1:02:25
Gordon Reid1:02:40
Lincoln Spite1:18:50
9.1 km 
Darius Simpson0:36:36
Sam Hill0:49:35

Cross Country event postponed

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This Sunday’s cross country at the clubrooms is postponed to the following Sunday. Given the popularity of XC this season, it is difficult to keep the number of competitors, supporters and crew to below 100 people. Assuming the world has gone back to normal, see you at the clubrooms on the 4th of July. Thanks for your understanding.

2021 XC results race 5

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Well done everyone who took on the Rewanui hill, especially those who did Dorne Cup yesterday or other long runs. Some of you didn’t come back to the start flag on the first lap so I have estimated your distance. Some of you may have got away with it!

1 km (best guess) 
Monty Booth0:04:03
Jack Gard’ner0:04:13
Freddy Lewis0:04:27
Charlie Gard’ner0:05:04
Emma Lammas0:05:42
Sophie Miller0:07:51
4 km 
John Lammas0:19:12
Brooke Miller0:21:55
Will Gawith0:23:32
Jenna Thomson0:25:00
Ray Haste0:27:27
Blair Gard’ner0:27:31
Jacqueline Murray0:27:44
Toby Lammas0:28:58
Robyn Binnie0:29:03
Lexus Hunter0:30:07
Justin Miller0:31:11
Sally Booth0:31:48
Angela Lammas0:34:02
Duncan MacDonald0:39:22
Tania Forsyth0:39:35
Jo Booth0:43:05
Cherie Fredricksen0:47:21
Charlie Matthews (6.5km)0:29:16
Corey Miller0:32:07
Malcolm MacDonald0:32:52
Helen Gard’ner0:33:31
Brent Register0:34:23
Andy Matthews0:35:06
Jas Moore0:35:10
Corrina Paine0:35:22
Lloyd Millar0:36:00
Michael Duthie0:37:56
Philip Donvin-Irons0:38:01
Tony Price0:38:37
Will Booth0:38:42
Rachel Gawith0:38:56
Lesley Graham0:39:06
Craig Ewing0:39:52
Mackenzie Murray0:41:12
Roger Jones0:41:50
Chris van Gerven0:42:03
Louise Gibson0:43:06
Greg Baillie0:43:43
Alan Koziarski 0:45:09
David Farlow0:45:49
Gail Edwards0:45:58
Chris Wilson0:47:33
Franky Spite0:48:53
Jane Flowerday0:49:01
Andrew Booth0:50:32
Alison Nagel0:51:25
Stacey Miller0:52:33
Claudia Baechle0:53:07
Steph Wingate0:54:53
Ginny McLean0:54:54
Lee-Ann Angove0:55:22
Rochelle Williams0:55:39
Sarah O’Donoghue0:55:58
Jim Barr0:56:23
Don McLachlan (5.5 km)0:58:16
Teena Pettitt1:00:45
Stan Braaksma1:00:47
Jennifer Braaksma1:02:15
Lisa Scott1:02:16
Stephen Young1:05:42
Robert Ruff-Thomas (5.5 km)1:17:03
Gordon Reid1:17:07
Graeme Roberts1:34:58
8 km 
Whana Gordon (7.5 km)0:36:36
Andrew Davenport0:42:19
Mark Simmons0:43:09
Sam Hill0:46:38


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Athletics & Cycling Masterton AGM

Date:        Wednesday 23 June 2020.

Time:        7.00 pm

Venue:     Sports Bowl, Clubrooms.

Agenda:   Presidents Report

                Financial Report  

                Election of Officers

                Subscriptions for the 2021-2022

                General Business

Cross Country Race 4 Results

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Can’t believe we had another beautiful day and fantastic number of participants again, including new faces and new members. Welcome and well done everyone. Congratulations to our Talbot Memorial Trophy winners.

Brooke Duffy0:11:16
Monty Booth0:11:28
Jack Gard’ner0:11:31
James Hayes0:11:32
Toby Lammas0:11:52
Mack Duffy0:11:59
Ollie Kaipo0:12:24
Lexus Hunter0:13:11
Charlie Gard’ner0:13:18
Jada Kaipo0:15:00
Emma Lammas0:15:08
Molly Hayes0:15:18
Brenda Hayes0:15:46
Jaxon Tobin0:17:22
Jaxon Kaipo0:17:24
Madeline Gard’ner0:19:40
Luca Roberts0:20:20
Nigel Fleming0:20:38
Molly Fleming0:20:41
Phoboe Fleming0:20:47
Andre Roberts0:24:49
Mel Roberts0:24:50
Ruby Matthews0:19:41
Charlie Edge0:20:04
Brooke Miller0:20:05
Lachie Duffy0:20:48
Violet Fisher0:20:51
Ava Edge0:21:42
Will Gawith0:22:48
Will Booth0:25:06
Jacqueline Murray0:28:56
Justin Miller0:30:30
Andrew Booth0:30:46
Sally Booth0:32:02
Blair Gard’ner0:32:15
Logan Roberts0:38:29
Stacey Miller0:39:08
Tony Price0:39:09
Annie Hawkes0:39:13
Isla Roberts0:39:49
Ali Leggott0:39:50
Kirsten Matthews0:42:13
Ruby Broom0:42:14
Tania Forsyth0:42:25
Robert Ruff-Thomas0:46:00
Don McLachlan0:46:00
Flynn Register0:26:58
Charlie Matthews0:27:15
Andrew Davenport0:27:52
Andrew Hayes0:28:26
Whana Gordon0:28:46
Corey Miller0:31:29
Corrina Paine0:31:48
Malcolm MacDonald0:32:12
Sam Hill0:32:32
Brent Register0:32:38
Helen Gard’ner0:32:53
Lloyd Millar0:33:31
Sue Bankier0:33:51
Andy Matthews0:34:57
Jas Moore0:35:00
Vicky Paine0:36:51
Michael Duthie0:37:22
Craig Ewing0:37:37
Philip Donvin-Irons0:38:17
Rachel Gawith0:38:24
Lesley Graham0:38:32
Roger Jones0:38:49
Craig Roberts0:39:57
Robyn Binnie0:40:06
Robbie Robinson0:40:24
Mackenzie Murray0:40:39
Tim Matthews0:41:04
Franky Spite0:41:35
Alan Koziarski 0:41:35
Steph Wingate0:43:23
Megan Simpson0:43:32
David Farlow0:43:33
Chris van Gerven0:45:16
Kim Register0:45:21
Chris Wilson0:46:41
Jane Flowerday0:46:49
Jennifer Braaksma0:50:09
Claudia Baechle0:50:51
Hamish Edge0:52:09
Sally Rutherford0:52:10
Jim Barr0:53:01
Rochelle Williams0:53:20
Lee-Ann Angove0:53:59
Sarah O’Donoghue0:55:07
Teena Pettitt0:55:45
Stan Braaksma0:58:47
Stephen Young1:04:16
Gordon Reid1:04:19
Graeme Roberts1:26:45
Lincoln Spite1:28:28
Whana Gordon0:38:33
John Lammas0:42:00
Helen Gard’ner0:43:58

Cross Country Race 3 – Results

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Wow – another incredible day at a fabulous venue with a fantastic turn out – 95 finishers! Well done everyone an os glad to see so many families out there doing it together. Let us know if there are any errors in the results – very likely!

2 km 
Jack Gardner0:09:16
Monty Booth0:09:35
James Hayes0:09:45
Freddy Lewis0:09:58
Flynn Martin0:11:03
Charlie Gard’ner0:11:16
Sienna Martin0:12:07
Nate Martin0:12:09
Molly Hayes0:12:10
Emily McLean0:13:20
Zachary Clark0:14:49
Jaxon Tobin0:15:53
Jaxon Kaipo0:15:55
Harriet Lewis0:16:20
Jacob Clark0:16:58
3.5 km 
Noah Fisher0:14:29
Ruby Matthews0:14:51
Violet Fisher0:15:17
Brooke Miller0:15:20
Ava Register0:16:25
Will Gawith0:16:34
Claudia Clarke0:16:42
Jennifer Martin0:17:13
Lexus Hunter0:21:44
Brenda Hayes0:22:02
Justin Miller0:22:40
Ollie Kaipo0:29:52
Jada Kaipo0:29:53
Andy Matthews0:30:44
Kirsten Matthews0:30:46
Cherie Fredricksen0:31:47
Brent Register0:35:15
Tony Price0:41:31
6  km 
Flynn Register0:22:40
Andrew Hayes0:25:45
Corey Miller0:26:50
Iain McKee0:27:10
Corrina Paine0:27:37
Malcolm MacDonald0:27:52
Lloyd Millar0:28:21
Sue Bankier0:28:51
Jenna Thomson0:29:49
Craig Ewing0:30:10
Glenn Cocker0:30:15
Will Booth0:30:33
Jas Moore0:30:35
Philip Donvin-Irons0:30:58
Greg Lang0:31:04
Tom Andrews0:31:39
Rachel Gawith0:32:42
Norm Chu0:33:00
Greg Baillie0:33:08
Robyn Binnie0:33:25
Blair Gard’ner0:33:31
Jack Thomson0:33:31
Steve Btrittland0:33:40
Alan Koziarski0:33:44
Ray Haste0:33:57
Roger Jones0:35:40
Franky Spite0:36:20
David Farlow0:36:55
Steph Wingate0:38:06
Chris van Gerven0:39:20
Teena Pettitt0:39:46
Stacey Miller0:39:58
Andrew Booth0:40:12
Megan Simpson0:40:20
Louise Gibson0:40:32
Tania McKee0:41:21
Jane Flowerday0:41:27
Claudia Baechle0:42:56
Alison Nagel0:43:28
Don McLachlan0:43:35
Rochelle Williams0:43:35
Jim Barr0:46:55
Lee-Ann Angove0:47:23
Sarah O’Donoghue0:47:41
Ginny McLean0:48:03
Annie Jerling0:49:43
Jo Booth0:51:34
Gordon Reid0:51:55
Jennifer Braaksma0:55:29
Lisa Scott0:55:29
Stephen Young0:56:37
Robyn Weston1:06:19
Graeme Roberts1:08:00
Irene Price1:13:09
Lincoln Spite1:13:11
Robert Ruff-Thomas1:16:01
8.5  km 
Darius Simpson0:32:48
Andrew Davenport0:34:25
Whana Gordon0:34:50
Helen Gard’ner0:38:47
Vicky Paine0:43:32
Sam Hill0:44:44