ACM 5K Series – Race 1 Results

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Well done to everyone!

2 KM        
 1    Sam Gawith          0:10:33
 2    William Gawith      0:11:32
 3    Jada Kaipo          0:13:25
 4    Jaxon Kaipo         0:14:15
 5    Ollie Kaipo         0:14:16
 6    Luca Roberts        0:16:16
 7    Andre Roberts       0:16:21
5 KM        
 1    Michael Macklin     0:19:23
 2    Darius Simpson      0:19:45
 3    Anthony Rowe-Penny  0:21:29
 4    Malcolm MacDonnald  0:23:50
 5    Lloyd Millar        0:24:00
 6    Sam Hill            0:24:48
 7    Clifford Rowe-Penny 0:25:15
 8    Michael Duthie      0:25:27
 9    Philip Donvin-Irons 0:25:33
 10   Mizpa Essed         0:25:36
 11   Tom Andrews         0:26:02
 12   Rachel Gawith       0:26:10
 13   John Jerling        0:27:00
 14   Norm Chu            0:27:51
 15   Tama Hurihanganui   0:28:21
 16   Annie Jerling       0:28:34
 17   Lesley Graham       0:28:35
 18   Craig Ewing         0:28:49
 19   Megan Simpson       0:29:49
 20   Roger Jones         0:30:21
 21   David Farlow        0:30:27
 22   Di Chesmar          0:31:21
 23   Michael Rowe-Penny  0:31:36
 24   Chris Van Gervan    0:31:56
 25   Bron Wishart        0:32:13
 26   Serena Roberts      0:32:14
 27   Gail Edwards        0:32:23
 28   Claudia Baechle     0:33:38
 29   Lee-Ann Angove      0:37:26
 30   Jim Barr            0:37:38
 31   Stacy Miller        0:39:12
 32   Jenny Braaksma      0:39:13
 33   Lisa Scott          0:39:14
 34   Franky Spite        0:39:15
 35   Don McLachlan       0:40:04
 36   Alison Nagel        0:40:51
 37   Logan Roberts       0:41:45
 38   Stan Braaksma       0:42:02
 39   Gordon Reid         0:42:57
 40   Ruth Gwyther        0:43:32
 41   Robyn Duffield      0:43:49
 42   Rachel Reid         0:44:18
 43   Viv Webster-Jones   0:45:20
 44   Ror de Bock         0:45:23
 45   Pat Fairhall        0:45:35
 46   Amelia Rowe-Penny   0:47:11
 47   Stephen Young       0:47:15
 48   Robyn Green         0:47:46
 49   Bianca Green        0:47:48
 50   Cherie Fredricksen  0:47:58
 51   Barbara Barr        0:47:59
 52   Rob Ruff-Thomas     0:51:09
 53   Julie Huffer        0:51:30
 54   Lincoln Spite       0:52:02
 55   Graeme Roberts      0:52:13
 56   Irene Price         0:52:21
 57   Taahia Castorina    0:53:35
 58   Shelly Browne       0:53:35
 59   Davide Castorina    0:53:36

Carrington Handicapped Road Race

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Tuesday 7 Jan 020 and the first road race of the year for ACM. A total of 33 riders presented themselves to the start line for a handicap race around the short, sharp and some may say brutal course that is the Carrington circuit.

It was a cool evening with a brisk SW wind which provided some mitigation to the false flat that is Haringa Road but made life difficult for riders after the summit of the hill climb. The race comprised five groups; Limit, Break 2 (at 6″), Break (at 12″), Scratch (at 18″) and Scratch+ (at 19″). 

The five starters in scratch+ quickly became four who then mopped up the remaining field in short order, catching Break after one and a half laps and taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

1st  Dan Walusewski

2nd Madi Hartley-Brown

3rd  Matt Webb-Smith

Fastest woman was Emily Lutyens who came in 8th (along side the unrecorded author!).

Several riders mislaid their transponders (the author being one of these 😕) and tho participating had no recorded time. Apologies also to John Allen and Tom McCallum who also do not feature in the results due to transponder issues.

Well done to all the riders who put themselves out there and big thanks to Dave H & Jenny D for the cracking meal afterwards.

Full results:

Andy CC

Gladstone South Return HRR

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Gladstone to Whakarua Road return, HRR

This was an out and back course of 33 kms duration for the main race beginning and ending at Gladstone Church. The course has a number of reasonably knarly short climbs in both directions and this, along with a brisk, and blustery westerly wind played havoc with the bunches. It was noticeable how many riders from each of the start groups were dropped well before the racing was over. Most of these riders then had a lonely journey back to the finish line.

The majority of riders from ‘Break 2’ were successful in catching ‘Limit’ approximately a kilometre or two from the finish. ‘Break’ closed the handicap gap on ‘Break 2’ but still finished over a minute behind. ‘Scratch’ also closed the gap on everyone but finished approximately a minute behind ‘Break’.

Congratulations go to Finn Roberts who demonstrated considerable sprinting prowess to cross the line in first place, followed on the same time by Rex Dowding and Roger Foote.  Also finishing on the same time was the first woman home, Kirsten Goodin. All these riders began the race in ‘Break 2’.

Congratulations also go to Tom McCallum as the fastest man and Lesley Mouat as the fastest woman tonight. Special mention tonight goes to Kate Speedy, fastest junior girl. This is only the second race that Kate has stepped up into the main race, and tonight she worked with her group right the way back to Millars Road before running out of steam and slipping out the back door.

There were three contenders in the short race tonight. This race also started and finished at Gladstone Church, but turned at Millars Road. Tonight, line honours go to Jono Didsbury, followed on the same time by Caleb Roberts. Annabelle Smith finished a couple of minutes later.

Special mention and congratulations also go to all the Tararua Builders Team members who finished their North Island Series on Sunday. You are allowed to rest the legs for a week or two now, unless, of course you are intending to race The Great Lake Challenge!

From all of us, best wishes for a speedy recovery go to Mike Wilkinson, following his altercation with errant farm equipment while out riding. It is at times like this that we appreciate our local emergency services, and hospital. Get well soon Mike.

Full results from tonight can be found at:


  • Everyone needs to marshall, so make sure you are signup by emailing Kirsten.
  • If anyone took any photos tonight could you please post them on Facebook, or send them to me.
  • Next week, is the 2-up TT. Please pre-register your team with Brent/David for this event by Monday.

Norfolk Road, GRR

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Norfolk Road is a regular on the ACM race calendar, and much loved by those who enjoy hurtling downhill with the wind at your back – which would be most of us of course! The race had a slightly different twist this evening as it was run as a Graded Road race, which meant the huge bunch we usually try to hide within turned into just the riders in your grade. In total 53 riders presented themselves to the Race Manager this evening. A few of the regular riders were absent, possibly resting weary legs after their efforts on the Tour of Wairarapa at the weekend.

‘A Grade’ (the fast boys) were the first to leave, then each grade at one-minute intervals though to ‘D Grade’ in the main race. Finally, the short course riders started after everyone else.  Graded races can be quite tactical with some riders opting to take as few turns on the front as possible while others work with their group consistently. Everyone hopes to be there at the sprint, but so much can go wrong before that. Pinch points in this race occur from a number of sources: when a rider attacks off the front of their bunch; up the slightly steeper sections of incline; if you get hung out in the wind when it is blowing a northerly; and at the turn when, if you happen to be the last rider round the cone, racing can feel like a bungy cord that has just snapped and dropped you out the back door. When this happens, it is a long way back to the finish wondering if the grade behind you will catch and if they do, realizing you are not allowed to work with them, you can only sit at the back and follow along. 

In ‘A Grade’ Erik d’Arbois was the first rider to successfully attack off the front to create a solo breakaway. However, by about 8 km into the race Mark Langlands crossed the gap to join up with Erik. At the turn Erik and Mark were about 500 metres in front of the ‘A Grade’ peloton. The racing was not done and dust however, as the peloton worked together and had caught the breakaway by the 25 km mark. So ‘A Grade’ approached the finish for a bunch sprint which was taken out by Mark Langlands. 

Although the speed increased a few times on the way up Norfolk Road there were no serious attempts to form a breakaway in ‘B Grade’. The pace was reasonably high on the way up, and predictably increased on the return journey, but the bunch remained intact.  Unfortunately, three riders were disqualified for crossing the centre line approaching the sprint finish. Thus, tonight congratulations go to overall grade winner Andrew Linton and to Belinda Fuller first woman.

A similar story (minus the disqualifications) played out in both ‘C-Grade’ and ‘D-Grade with both races ending in sprint finishes. Congratulations go to Chris McBride winner of ‘C-Grade’ and Donna Burkhart first woman. In ‘D-Grade’ congratulations go to Greg Baillie overall winner and to Donna O’Sullivan first woman.

For the short-course riders, their turnaround point is near the one-lane bridge. A couple of these riders had to hold their line as they got caught by one or two of the bunches in the main race. It was great to see some of our juniors had hooked themselves onto the back of a bunch and finished strongly. Congratulations to Jono Didsbury overall winner and to Karen Blade first woman.

Thanks to the Deb and John Allen for the post-race refueling and hospitality. And as always to our race officials without whom we cannot race.

Full results can be found:


  1. Everyone needs to sign up with Kirsten to offer themselves for marshalling duties.
  2. Next week the race starts at Gladstone Church, travels south to Whakarua Road and then returns to finish at Gladstone Church.

Summer Series Race 5

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1Sam HillA0:46:33
2Sue BankierA0:46:54
3Mel ArcusA0:47:10
4Darius SimpsonA0:51:11
5Malcolm MacDonaldA0:51:13
6Andrew DavenportA0:51:17
7James InwoodA0:52:18
8Clifford Rowe-PennyA0:57:46
1Lesley GrahamB0:47:32
2Lloyd MillarB0:48:15
3Craig EwingB0:52:23
4Annie JerlingB0:52:40
5Philip Donvin-IronsB0:54:09
6Rachel GawithB0:54:13
7Michael DuthieB0:54:42
8Richard HawkesB0:54:49
9Roger JonesB0:54:58
0Tim MatthewsB0:55:06
11Norm ChuB0:57:29
12Chris van GervenB0:58:11
1Megan SimpsonC1:03:39
2Claudia BaechleC1:05:10
3Gail EdwardsC1:05:50
4Chris WilsonC1:07:13
5Stacey MillerC1:14:01
1Miranda BartonD1:07:57
2Lisa TonkinD1:10:37
3Jennifer BraaksmaD1:10:38
4Annie HawkesD1:19:09
5Jim BarrD1:20:25
6Rob Ruff-ThomasD1:59:27
1Serena RobertsE0:48:09
2Bron WishartE0:48:11
1Michael Rowe-PennyW0:45:53
2Lee-Ann AngoveW0:50:29
3Allison NagelW0:54:30
4Stan BraaksmaW0:58:16
5Don McLachlanW0:58:58
6Amelia Rowe-PennyW1:05:58
7Stephen YoungW1:06:05
8Lincoln SpiteW1:35:14
9Robyn WestonW1:35:23
1Brooke MillerJ0:19:52
2MacKenzie MurrayJ0:20:26
3Jacquelyn MurrayJ0:24:06
4Justin MillerJ0:27:26
5Logan RobertsJ0:30:43
6Isla RobertsJ0:38:02
7Beth Bramwell-CookeJ0:38:03
1Lachie DuffyM0:09:36
2William GawithM0:10:55
3Brooke DuffyM0:11:05
4Samuel GawithM0:12:42
5Mack DuffyM0:12:44
6Luca RobertsM0:16:09

Millers Road

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This week was the first of the Handicapped Road Races for the season. Also up for grabs tonight was the John Chesmar Memorial Trophy, awarded to the winner of the race, no matter which handicap group they started in.  John Chesmar was a bit of a character –nicknamed Mad dog – but well loved and respected amongst our members. John had a few things he was passionate about – his family, his Morris Minors, and his cycling. John was a seriously competitive racer who knew how to hold a wheel and excelled when it came to the sprint. He was also well known for constructing ‘funny bikes’ that many people played with over the years. At the same time, we would probably regard him as one of the most social members of our club. It is fitting therefore to hold this race in memory and honour of him.

As is usual with Handicapped races everyone was set off in groups starting with ‘limit’, then 3 break groups and finally scratch – the big boys – were let loose 14 minutes later. The goal for each of the groups is to overtake all the riders in front of you whilst not getting caught by the groups charging up behind you. When the handicapper gets it absolutely right, every group will arrive together to contest the sprint finish. 

The grading processing is an ongoing process, especially this early in the season. This particular circuit offers a few little challenges along the way. First there is the climb up through Gladstone, past the pub and on into a persistent headwind. Once the riders reached Carter’s Line, and the change of direction, the wind became a crosscutter which was the second test for the night, as if you drop a wheel at this point there is no way back! The third test is always the short but punchy climb after the Parkvale Hall, followed by another section of crosswind before turning to start the Millers Road Climb. 

Tonight a few riders demonstrated considerably more strength and speed than others in their group through this series of tests. It is probable that these riders will find themselves re-graded upwards for the next outing. Some of the scratch bunch got very close to lapping the whole field but didn’t succeed in catching absolutely everyone. Better luck next time…. maybe.

In the end congratulations go to Neil Henderson who crossed the line in first place and is therefore tonight’s winner and will be the recipient of the John Chesmar Memorial Trophy. Congratulations to Donna Burkhart who was second and also the first woman across the finish line. Congratulations also go to Tom McCallum the fastest man on the night. Similarly, congratulations to Emily Lutyens the fastest woman tonight.

For the junior members of the club their race took them south from Gladstone Church to Millers Road where they turned and raced back towards the Church. Their tests come in the form of false flat on the first half of the race and head-cross wind on the return journey. Congratulations tonight go toKate Speedy who won the junior race and was also the first junior girl. Jono Didsbury finished in second place and was the first junior boy.

As always very many thanks to the team who manage the race and keep us all safe. Next week is another Handicapped Road race around the Francis Line – Hughes Line circuit.

Full results:

Finish orderNameFinish TimeDifferenceRide time
Main Race
1.Henderson, Neil18:56:3100:00.054:25Winner
2.Burkhart, Donna18:58:2901:58.052:241st Woman
3.Hannam, Stephen18:58:2901:58.052:24
4.McCallum, Thomas18:58:3001:59.043:26Fastest man
5.Foote, Roger18:58:3102:00.052:26
6.Linton, Andrew18:58:3102:00.047:26
7.Blade, Ricky18:58:3202:01.047:26
8.Dowding, Rex18:58:3202:01.052:27
9.Van Woerkom, Bill18:58:3202:01.047:27
10.Yeats, Stephen18:58:3302:02.047:27
11.Hodder, David18:58:3302:02.052:29
12.Graham, Robert18:58:3302:02.047:28
13.Wallace, Paul18:58:3302:02.047:28
14.Langlands, Mark18:58:3702:06.043:32
15.Wilkinson, Mike18:58:4202:11.047:37
16.O’Sullivan, Donna18:58:4602:15.056:40
17.Green, Dominic18:59:4303:12.044:38
18.Pumfrey, Simon18:59:4403:13.044:39
19.Simmonds, Devan18:59:4403:13.044:39
20.Drummond, Dave18:59:4403:13.044:39
21.Price, Gareth18:59:4403:13.044:39
22.Knight, Ben18:59:5003:19.044:45
23.Jaques, Robert18:59:5003:19.048:44
24.Sandoval, Jorge18:59:5303:22.053:49
25.Sutherland, Phil19:00:0803:37.049:03
26.Butler, Simon19:01:0204:31.045:58
27.Blackburn, Terry19:01:0204:31.049:57
28.James, Peter19:01:0504:34.046:00
29.Lutyens, Emily19:01:0504:34.049:59Fastest woman
30.Southon, Darren19:01:0504:34.046:00
31.Baillie, Greg19:01:2804:57.059:22
32.Raman, Anil19:01:2804:57.059:23
33.Whitcombe, Earle19:01:3405:03.055:29
34.Haste, Ray19:04:0107:30.057:56
35.Mouat, Lesley19:04:2707:56.053:22
36.Devenport, Jenny19:04:2707:56.01:02:22
37.Jerling, Mark19:06:2209:51.01:00:17
38.Maclachlan And Murphy, Douglas and Meri19:14:3718:06.01:12:31
DNFMurray, John19:20:00DNF1:17:55
Short Course
1Speedy, Kate25:49:00winner
2Didsbury, Jono25:57:001st boy
3Smith, Annabelle28:20:00
4McNaughton, Ryan31:33:00

Summer Series Race 4

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1Darius SimpsonA0:40:03
2Andrew DavenportA0:40:36
3Anthony Rowe-PennyA0:41:59
4Sam HillA0:42:20
5Craig RobertsA0:43:03
6Sue BankierA0:44:46
7Clifford Rowe-PennyA0:46:09
8Malcolm MacDonaldA0:46:59
1Lloyd MillarB0:45:25
2Roger JonesB0:47:52
3Michael DuthieB0:47:59
4Richard HawkesB0:48:26
5Lesley GrahamB0:48:38
6Annie JerlingB0:49:12
7Rachel GawithB0:49:24
8Craig EwingB0:51:21
9Tim MatthewsB0:52:28
10Chris van GervenB0:53:08
11Norm ChuB0:53:21
1Franky SpiteC0:58:21
2Stacey MillerC0:59:07
3Megan SimpsonC1:03:22
4Claudia BaechleC1:16:48
1Miranda BartonD1:03:49
2Lisa TonkinD1:04:14
3Jane FlowerdayD1:04:28
4Jim BarrD1:09:51
5Rob Ruff-ThomasD1:16:57
1Steph WingateE0:44:07
2Annie HawkesE0:57:51
1Michael Rowe-PennyW0:49:04
2Lee-Ann AngoveW0:53:48
3Allison NagelW0:58:10
4Don McLachlanW0:59:20
5Michael TeahanW1:04:38
6Stephen YoungW1:04:49
7Amelia Rowe-PennyW1:09:41
8Lincoln SpiteW1:16:19
1Brooke MillerJ0:18:09
2Isla RobertsJ0:22:41
3Justin MillerJ0:26:08
4Logan RobertsJ0:27:48
1William GawithM0:09:51
2Samuel GawithM0:10:58
3Luca RobertsM0:11:11