5km series event 5 results

The penultimate event for the series – make sure you are there next time for the grand finale. If you can’t see your name in the results you are probably #45 – jet let us know.

Darius Simpson0:17:19
Andrew Hayes0:19:34
Whana Gordon0:20:05
James Goodger0:20:21
Glen Fraser0:20:36
Brooke Miller0:21:48
Gavin Champion0:22:11
Helen Gard’ner0:22:17
Corey Miller0:22:34
Tony Price0:23:17
Vicky Paine0:23:21
Malcolm MacDonald0:23:34
Craig Roberts0:24:23
Sue Bankier0:24:36
Ben van Gerven0:24:37
Craig Ewing0:25:02
Daniel Chu0:25:11
Chris van Gerven0:25:19
Amanda Woodmass0:25:54
Amelia Scott0:26:07
Kip Marks0:26:54
Greg Baillie0:27:25
Richard Hawkes0:27:36
Andrew Davenport0:27:45
Tom Andrews0:28:23
Martin Dransfield0:28:29
Norm Chu0:28:48
Blair Gard’ner0:29:02
David Farlow0:29:55
Roger Jones0:32:16
Chris Cogdale0:32:30
Di Chesmar0:32:33
Ali O’Neill0:32:50
Claudia Baechle0:35:09
Lisa Scott0:35:36
Stacey Miller0:35:38
Rochelle Williams0:35:39
Franky Spite0:35:41
Andrea Bankier0:35:43
Sam Tobin0:35:48
Megan Simpson0:36:39
Lloyd Millar0:36:50
Alison Andrews0:37:01
Alison Nagel0:37:04
Amelia Rowe-Penny0:37:28
Lee-Ann Angove0:38:34
Brenda Hayes0:39:18
Gordon Reid0:41:12
Sarah Dench0:42:34
Carla Stokes0:43:56
Katrina Malcolm0:43:57
Rose Hansen0:47:37
Rachel Reid0:48:25
Grant Perry0:48:26
Stephen Young0:49:34
Anne Perry0:54:58
Robert Ruffe-Thomas0:55:04
Robyn Weston0:55:31
Graeme Roberts0:58:34
James Hayes0:11:01
Charlie Gard’ner0:11:25
Lucas Goodger0:11:59
Hendrix Charters0:12:04
Michael Duthie0:12:33
Nixon Clarke0:12:44
Michele Clarke0:12:45
Jacquelyn Murray0:13:02
Jaxon Tobin0:13:22
Michael Macklin0:13:33
Ryley Macklin0:13:33
Livvie Bunny Harper0:14:12
Hannah Chu0:14:35
Molly Hayes0:14:42
Shylah Charters0:15:11
Maddie Gard’ner0:16:12
Meila Goodger0:16:34
Scarlett Dennes0:16:48
Jade Forman0:16:49
Ella McClean0:24:49
Cora McClean0:24:52
Aidan McClean0:24:53
Denise Forman0:25:01
Hugo Bunny Harper0:25:27
Tess Bunny0:25:35
Katy McClean0:26:07
Jack Gard’ner0:26:11
Kate Macklin0:26:16
Samantha Macklin0:26:16
Archie Bunny Harper0:26:26
Billie Ewen0:26:41
Kyzer  Tobin0:26:45
Corrina Paine0:26:47
Kobe Ewen0:26:58
Thea Simmons0:31:34
Mark Simmons0:31:36

WIZwireless Whangehu Bideford HRR 2023

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Results here

Race Report – 27 Feb 023 ACM WIZWireless Whangaehou/Bideford HRR

The course was a modest 30kms or so but managed to feel quite grunty with its undulating mix of short, sharp climbs, one long climb and fast flats

A grand total of 21 riders lined up for the start at the Whangaehu Hall. The turn around was located this side of the Bideford school with the finish line in the usual spot atop the final climb coming up to the Whangaehu turn off

Handicap groups had very modest numbers; 3 in Limit, 3 in Break 3, 3 in Break 2, 3 in Break and 4 in Scratch. The short course had 3 riders plus there was Doug & Meri on their e Tandem and Jorge on an e road bike. Conditions were good with a dry road and light sou’easterly breeze. Well done to Rex Dowding for taking the win and to Break 3 for staying in front. Special mention to Sam Jury who rode away very strongly from Break but didn’t quite make the finish line before Rex and Stephen

Results                                                                      Hcp Time                  Race Time

1st                    Rex Dowding Break 3          01:05:29                     01:00:29

2nd                   Stephen Hannam     Break 3          01:05:51                     01:00:51

3rd                   Sam Jury                   Break              01:06:01                     00:53:10

Fastest Woman

                        Belinda Fuller           Break 2          01:06:39                     00:57:40

Short Course

1st                    Gita Van der Leek                            00:37:34

2nd                   Dalene Van Der Leek                      00:37:35

3rd                   David Howden                                  00:42:16

A big thanks to the organisers and volunteers who made the race possible and our main sponser WIZWireless

Full results on the ACM website.

Next race Tues 7 March fun event at the drag strip. BBQ and cold beverage afterwards                                                  

WIZwireless Whangaehu 2upTT

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Results here

Race Report – 21 February 2023 ACM WIZwireless 2Up TT Whangaehu Valley Rd

The 2Up TT was held on the Whangaehou Valley road course. Starting and finishing at the Te Ore Ore marae. The main race being 40kms out and back with a short course option also available

Conditions were good, warm but with a blustery nor’westerly that provided help and hinderance in equal measure. Up the valley road the wind tends to swirl around inconsistently giving riders unexpected gusts of head & side winds

There was a modest turnout of club members for the race. Just 12 entries in the long course and 6 for the short course. These supplemented by 2 ebike riders and 2 solo riders

Quickest riders on the night was the duo of Dave Drummond & Simon Butler. The short course honors went to the mother & daughter team of Dalene & Gita Van Der Leek


Long Course

1st    Dave Drummond/Simon Butler                        01:00:28            

2nd   Terry Blackburn/Josh Duley                             01:07:31            

3rd    Simon Pumfrey/Rex Dowding                         01:09:44            

Short Course

1st    Dalene/Gita Van Der Leek                          00:36:34

2nd   Judy Brown/Anil Raman                              00:37:18

3rd    Mark Jerling/David Howden                        00:37:38                          

Full results on the ACM web site. Many thanks to the marshals and organisers who were out on the course ensuring the safety of the riders and smooth running of the race

Next race Tues 28 February is a handicap RR Whangaehu/Bideford return

2023 5km series event 3 results

Another fabulous turnout today and more new faces. Any errors in the result please let us know – my finish line scribble wasn’t good at times!

Andrew Hayes0:18:47
Whana Gordon0:19:15
Glen Fraser0:20:22
James Goodger0:20:51
Gavin Graham0:21:16
Daniel (& Izzy) Miller0:22:40
Malcolm MacDonald0:23:18
Vicky Paine0:23:38
Jeremy Leveridge0:24:27
Lloyd Millar0:24:38
Sue Bankier0:24:59
Kip Marks0:25:17
Craig Ewing0:25:22
Ben van Gerven0:25:26
Philip Donvin-Irons0:25:27
Chris van Gerven0:25:41
Michael Duthie0:25:58
Amanda Woodmass0:26:13
Peter Beech0:27:01
Sam Tobin0:27:09
James Hayes0:27:12
Martin Dransfield0:27:16
Claire Jordan0:27:23
Lucas Goodger0:27:56
Lexus Hunter0:28:43
Grant Dyer0:29:08
David Farlow0:29:30
Justin Miller0:30:10
Tim Matthews0:30:13
Greg Baillie0:30:25
Ray Haste0:30:26
Roger Jones0:32:04
Chris Wilson0:32:40
Chris Cogdale0:32:41
Teena Pettitt0:32:41
Hendrix Charters0:33:03
Claudia Baechle0:33:34
Michael Rowe-Penny0:33:35
Lesley Graham0:33:49
Franky Spite0:33:50
Di Chesmar0:33:53
Lisa Scott0:35:34
Jenny Braaksma0:35:34
Rochelle Williams0:36:01
Alison Andrews0:36:25
Tom Andrews0:36:26
Brianna Hull0:37:19
Alison Nagel0:37:41
Lee-Ann Angove0:39:35
Andrew Davenport0:40:23
Jim Barr0:41:42
Stan Braaksma0:41:45
Gordon Reid0:42:04
Dianne Pillar0:42:34
Barbara Barr0:47:47
Carla Stokes0:48:07
Katrina Malcolm0:48:08
Rachel Reid0:48:25
Sarah Dench0:48:26
Jo Chu0:49:16
Stephen Young0:50:43
Robyn Weston0:54:24
Lincoln Spite0:54:26
Cath Rowe-Penny0:58:06
Graeme Roberts0:59:05
Kendal Goodger0:12:30
Shylah Charters0:12:32
Meila Goodger0:16:50
Nivana Charters0:16:50
Jaxon Tobin0:17:08
Scarlett Dennes0:17:39
Jade Forman0:17:40
Ryley Macklin0:18:38
Kate Macklin0:18:48
Kyzer  Tobin0:19:12
Corrina Paine0:19:13
Carter Davies0:19:37
Sam Davies0:19:40
Sophie Miller0:22:19
Lucy Miller0:22:19
Molly Hayes0:23:00
Brenda Hayes0:23:05
Denise Forman0:23:46
Ella McClean0:23:52
Katy McClean0:23:52
Cora McClean0:23:55
Aidan McClean0:23:55
Ella Dench0:23:56
Sophie Bourke0:23:56
Samantha Macklin0:29:01
Jess (& Ayla-Rose) Davies0:31:37
Betty Moir0:39:51

WIZwireless Club Champs, MSRR, Carrington Circuit

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Race results by finish order

Results with lap times

Age Group Results

Race Report – 7 Feb 023 ACM WIZWireless Road Race Champs Carrington Circuit

The annual club road race champs was on the Carrington circuit. It’s only a fraction over 12kms in length but last night managed to dish out an extraordinary amount of punishment. The combination of Haringa road with it’s never ending false flat and malign surface coupled with the brisk westerly sapped the legs before riders hit the short but vicious climb up and over Carrington Hill. After one lap the mass start had broken up with riders strung out around the circuit

Kudos to the 30 riders who presented themselves to the start line. The bulk of riders were up for 4 laps with some opting for the 2 lap short course and the Elite/M1/M4 doing 5

The start/finish was located along Haringa road. Maintaining a good average speed from here to the left turn up Mangatarere road was a major challenge. The westerly had picked up to present riders with a stiff head wind. The road surface is rougher than gravel and it’s a false flat. The turn up Mangatarere road brought some short respite before the left turn into Hururua road and the short but nasty climb over Carrington Hill. Once over the top it was down hill with a tail wind so speeds were high through the series of sweeping bends leading past Fensham Reserve and the left turn back into Haringa road and another leg sapping grind through the start/finish line

A big thanks to the organisers and volunteers who made the race possible and our main sponser WIZWireless

Full results on the ACM website. Next race Tues 14 February Upper Manaia Kermesse                                                  

WIZwireless Mauriceville Gravel and Tar 2023

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Results here

There are two sets of results for those that did two laps, Final and Final with Laps.

Great feedback, thank you to everyone who took part. A couple of special mentions, Jackson Kosena (9) and Julian Lawrence (13) who finished the event.

I rode late in the ride and did notice a wild skid mark on the exit of the tightening hairpin on the downhill section on Mangaoranga Road. Good save someone unless it was just Caleb Roberts playing silly buggers.

Thank you to Mark Jurling who was in the truck and set out the course signs for the Traffic Management Plan and had to be rescued from a drain on the pickup lap and Andrew Linton who prepared the TMP. Brent Sowry our Commissaire, ACM bike section President and general organiser and general good guy. Belinda Fuller who stood in the sun for most of the morning collecting tag and registering everyone. The ACM harrier section marshals who also stood in the sun on some key intersections. Karen Blade in the background making sure we are all on track and others too numerous to mention.

WIZwireless Kourarau Hill Climb Club Champs 2023

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Overall Results here

Age group results here

Race Report – 31 Jan 023 ACM WizWireles Hill Climb Champs Te Wharou Road

It’s that time of year again; club championships & trophies up for grabs. Last night it was the hill climb champs up Te Wharou road. From Gladstone to the top of Kourarou. My Garmin had the distance as 6.79kms with 303m of elevation. Conditions were reasonable, very warm & humid with a nor’easterly breeze. Fortunately the breeze seemed to disappear further up the climb.   

There were 26 riders who lined up to start. The order was slowest to fastest with 30 seconds intervals between starts. The climb is a time trial to the top with pacing playing an important part. Go to hard to early on the early slopes and your legs could fall off nearer to the top.

Congratulations to Caleb Roberts for fastest overall time and to Belinda Fuller for fastest woman

Of course the second race of the evening was even more important. The ‘Roll Off’ back down the hill to the start line. The rules are simple; push off at the top of the hill and free wheel to the bottom. No pedalling allowed. A group of a dozen or so assembled and pushed off. There is some skill involved in adopting as aero position as possible and drafting other riders without using brakes. The leading trio of Donna B, Andy CC and Devan S had forged ahead and looked set for the podium when a stealthy Richard VDL overtook metres before the finish line and pipped them for first place.  

Overall                                                                       Race Time                           

1st        Caleb Roberts                                               00:17:59                                  

2nd         Richard Van der Lent                                   00:19:10                                

3rd          Dave Drummond                                          00:19:46                                

Fastest Women

1st        Belinda Fuller                                               00:22:51                    

2nd     Donna Burkhart                                            00:28:39                                

3rd       Gita Van der Leek                                        00:31:44                                


            Scarlett McCallum                                       00:13:04                                            

            Ricky Blade                                                   00:13:24

            Andrew Linton                                              00:16:31        

A big thanks to the organisers and marshals for supporting the race and keeping everyone safe. Thanks also to the truck driver and volunteers for setting up & taking down the road signage.

Next race Tuesday 7 February. The club road race champs on the ever popular Carrington circuit. The good news is there’s only (short) climb per lap.