Kaituna MSRR 2021

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Last for the season. Good to see Mark back on the bike and on form. Like he never had a few weeks off.

Results here

Race Report – 30 Mar 021  Kaituna MSRR

ACM’s final club race of the season and 34 riders presented themselves to the start line. There was no short course. Defying the forecast the weather was very good with little wind and warm temperatures.

Kaituna is a short, sharp, fast and honest course that often splinters the peleton into smaller groups and offers little opportunity for individuals to hide from the effort. This is what happened tonight with an initial hard effort from the A Grade riders that had the group rapidly strung out in a line before breaking up into their respective grades.

The A Grade continued with their fast pace and filled the podium places. Mark Langlands debuted his return from injury by outpacing everyone else for 1st place, well done Mark!

The post race venue was provided by Mark & Annie Jerling. We were treated to pizzas from their new outside pizza oven and a very convivial evening was had by all.


1st        M Langlands             35:27

2nd       D Cameron                36:18

3rd       D Roberts                  36:18

Fastest Women

1st        L Mouat                      37:26

2nd       E Lutyens                  37:26

3rd       D Burkhart                 40:08

Next fixture is the Hope Gibbons TTT on Sunday 2nd May. This will be held on a new circuit neat to Featherston.

Finally, many thanks to the key people who have spent the season managing, timing and marshalling during the year so that we could enjoy the racing.

Keep riding and stay safe 🙂

Final 5 km series event

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Thank you to everyone who came and ran, walked or helped out today for the last event in the 2021 5 km series. 91 finishers – what a great way to end the season. A very special thank you to all our sponsors – this would not be possible without you.

185 people participated in the series – and that doesn’t count the Mums and Dads who ran with children but didn’t take a finish card. Almost 50 completed at least 5 of the events. What a great effort.

Results from today.

Ava Register2 km0:10:32
Molly Hayes2 km0:10:42
Brenda Hayes2 km0:10:46
Charlie Gard’ner2 km0:11:00
Angus Jackson2 km0:14:42
Walter Lyttle2 km0:15:06
Sue Lyttle2 km0:15:08
Jaxon Tobin2 km0:16:39
Darius Simpson5 km0:18:08
Charlie Matthews5 km0:18:26
Flynn Register5 km0:18:55
Andrew Davenport5 km0:19:25
Mark Simmons5 km0:19:42
Glen Fraser5 km0:20:03
Andre Roberts2 km0:20:17
Brent Register5 km0:20:43
Madeline Gard’ner2 km0:20:53
Ella Wenden-Hooper2 km0:21:53
Jada Kaipo2 km0:21:55
Malcolm MacDonald5 km0:22:22
Ollie Kaipo2 km0:22:36
Jaxon Kaipo2 km0:22:43
Ruby Matthews5 km0:22:53
Graham Tindall5 km0:23:01
Lloyd Millar5 km0:23:07
Deborah & Hank Lyttle2 km0:23:24
Tony Price5 km0:23:32
Andy Matthews5 km0:23:42
Philip Donvin-Irons5 km0:23:55
Craig Roberts5 km0:23:58
Matthew Lane5 km0:24:10
Robbie Robinson5 km0:24:11
Craig Ewing5 km0:24:35
Richard Hawkes5 km0:24:37
Michael Duthie5 km0:24:38
Ray Haste5 km0:25:11
Jasmine Moore5 km0:25:25
James Hayes5 km0:25:32
Andrew Hayes5 km0:25:32
Tom Andrews5 km0:25:43
Amanda Woodmass5 km0:25:46
Greg Baillie5 km0:25:50
Jodi Tobin5 km0:26:22
Martin Dransfield5 km0:26:25
Roger Jones5 km0:26:33
Robyn Green5 km0:26:37
Jack Gardner5 km0:27:20
Helen Gard’ner5 km0:27:28
Sam Hill5 km0:27:29
Aden & Ella McClean5 km0:27:31
Tim Matthews5 km0:28:15
Serena Roberts5 km0:28:27
Mel Roberts5 km0:28:36
Annie Jerling5 km0:28:47
Lesley Graham5 km0:28:47
David Farlow5 km0:29:45
Teena Pettitt5 km0:30:14
Ali O’Neill5 km0:30:49
Hayley Allen5 km0:31:16
Isla Roberts5 km0:31:37
Ali Leggett5 km0:31:37
Lexus Hunter5 km0:32:21
Claudia Baechle5 km0:32:26
Di Chesmar5 km0:32:53
Miranda Barton5 km0:33:53
Sarah O’Donoghue5 km0:34:22
Chris van Gerven5 km0:34:26
Justin Miller5 km0:34:49
Kim Register5 km0:35:01
Jim Barr5 km0:35:07
Alison Nagel5 km0:36:06
Lee-Ann Angove5 km0:36:17
Franky Spite5 km0:36:27
Jenny Braaksma5 km0:36:27
Lisa Scott5 km0:36:48
Stacey Miller5 km0:36:48
Logan Roberts5 km0:37:08
Chris Cogdale5 km0:40:16
Denise Trail5 km0:42:09
Stan Braaksma5 km0:42:35
Pat Fairhall5 km0:42:35
Gordon Reid5 km0:43:25
Cherie Fredricksen5 km0:44:03
Barbara Barr5 km0:44:05
Sarah Dench5 km0:44:47
Stephen Young5 km0:44:57
Grant Perry5 km0:47:03
Anne Perry5 km0:51:36
Lincoln Spite5 km0:56:12
Graeme Roberts5 km0:56:20
Betty Moir5 km1:00:36

Matahiwi 2upTT 2021

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Results here

Race Report – 23 Mar 2021  Matahiwi 2Up Time Trial 

There were 33 riders who presented themselves for the 2Up time trial tonight. This included 4 riders for the short course. The parcours for the evening was an out and return up Matahiwi road for a distance of 17km. Conditions were good with cloud clearing during the afternoon for a warm and sunny evening with a light wind that disappeared over the course of the race.

On the outward leg Matahiwi road undulates gently upwards with only one short ramp to deal with. Past the single lane bridge were several km’s of new chip which didn’t enhance speed but did cause difficulties for one rider who almost came to grief. The return leg is more downhill then up and gives riders the opportunity to improve their average speed on the run to the finish line.

Dave Drummonds’ good form continues. He and his 2Up partner showed a clean pair of heels (tyres?) to the other riders. They were chased hard by Derek Roberts and Eric D’Arbois. And, showing a remarkable return to form, Shifty and Horse pulled off a podium finish with 3rd place.  


1st    D Drummond/S Harpham      23:10:43

2nd   D Roberts/E D’Arbois            23:49:18   

3rd    P Sutherland/M Wilkinson     25:59:47

Fastest Female Team

L Mouat/E Lutyens                          27:50:23             

Short Course

1st     S Goodin/J Blackburn           34:06:17   

2nd   M Stephenson/L Stevens      40:01:84

Full results on the ACM website. Next week Tues 30 and the final club race of the season Kaituna MSRR 23km

Watsons Wainuioru Return HRR 2021

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Finish results

Results by Fastest

Race Report – 16 Mar 2021  Watsons Rd/Wainuioru HRR

Tonight 29 riders presented themselves to the start line including 4 for the short course.

Watsons Road to Wainuioru and back is a mere 30kms but with two decent climbs and the high speeds associated with the handicap format presents a tough challenge for most riders. Tonights race was further complicated by a southerly front that hit just as most riders were going over the summit of the second climb. Heading into the turn around they were confronted by a cold and gusty southerly that dropped the temperature by 10 degrees and made the last kilometres to the turn harder then they need have been.

Duncan Cameron and Dave Drummond were on top form. Starting in Limit but over hauling all the other riders on the return leg to finish 1st and 2nd respectively. A good result too for John Gibbons who hung in there for a solid 3rd place.

Lesley Mouat is showing a return to form finishing as fastest woman and a well earned 5th place.  


1st    D Cameron         (Break)      58:40

2nd   D Drummond      (Break)      58:42

3rd    J Gibbons           (Limit)        1:11:20              

Fastest Women

1st    L Mouat               (Break 2)   1:04:13              

2nd   D O’Sullivan        (Limit)        16:15        

3rd    J Blackburn         (Limit)        18:43

Short Course

1st    K Blade               42:05

2nd   S Goodin            42:46

3rd    M Stephenson    43:36

Full results on the ACM website

A big thanks to all the marshals and organisers who were out on the course as the southerly came through.

Next race Tues 23 Mar is the 2UpTT on Matahiwi Rd

5 km series event 5

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Wow, another glorious day and fantastic turn out with 80 finishers and even more new faces. The last event in this series is in a fortnight. We will throw some sausages on the BBQ, see you there.

Ollie Kaipo0:09:342 km
Jack Gardner0:09:412 km
Jaxon Kaipo0:10:212 km
Sue Lyttle0:10:272 km
Molly Hayes0:11:412 km
Charlie Gard’ner0:11:412 km
Brenda Hayes 0:11:412 km
Andrew Davenport0:19:005 km
Whana Gordon0:19:105 km
Helen Gard’ner0:21:235 km
Lloyd Millar0:21:565 km
Tony Price0:22:035 km
Malcolm MacDonald0:22:055 km
Robert Spite0:22:145 km
James Inwood0:22:405 km
Sue Bankier0:23:335 km
Philip Donvin-Irons0:24:075 km
Tom Andrews0:24:125 km
Dalene van der Leek0:24:195 km
Robbie Robinson0:24:345 km
Jaxon Tobin0:25:012 km
Steve Brittland0:25:035 km
Gita van der Leek0:25:055 km
James Hayes0:25:125 km
Andrew Hayes0:25:135 km
Craig Roberts0:25:465 km
Amanda Woodmass0:25:485 km
Leroux van der Leek0:26:035 km
Greg Baillie0:26:135 km
Bede0:26:435 km
Garry Keith0:26:515 km
Martin Dransfield0:27:035 km
Annie Jerling0:27:115 km
Robyn Green0:27:155 km
Robert Ruff-Thomas0:27:442 km
Jodi Tobin0:28:195 km
Megan Simpson0:28:265 km
David Farlow0:28:385 km
Mel Roberts0:29:505 km
Lexus Hunter0:30:345 km
Mark Simmons0:30:435 km
Stacey Miller0:31:095 km
Makayla O’Hara0:31:325 km
Liberty Jones0:31:455 km
Hayley Allen0:31:475 km
Sarah O’Donoghue0:31:525 km
Chris van Gerven0:31:525 km
Jo O’Hara0:32:085 km
Mel Nathan0:32:495 km
Sam Hill0:33:035 km
Lesley Graham0:33:045 km
Di Chesmar0:33:215 km
Dave Nathan0:34:215 km
Jane Flowerday0:34:215 km
Justin Miller0:34:215 km
Rochelle Williams0:34:465 km
Pippa White0:34:565 km
Naya Boone0:34:595 km
Miranda Barton0:35:055 km
Jim Barr0:36:045 km
Alison Nagel0:36:295 km
Lee-Ann Angove0:36:585 km
Lisa Scott0:39:165 km
Jenny Braaksma0:39:185 km
Ingrid Bird0:40:255 km
Tim Bird0:40:255 km
Chris Cogdale0:40:415 km
Stan Braaksma0:41:055 km
Denise Trail0:41:525 km
Pat Fairhall0:43:445 km
Cherie Fredricksen0:44:115 km
Barbara Barr0:44:115 km
Linda Hannam0:45:015 km
Stephen Young0:49:525 km
Steve Hannam0:50:375 km
Grant Perry0:50:375 km
Anne Perry0:50:375 km
Graeme Roberts0:54:055 km
Lincoln Spite0:58:345 km
Betty Moir1:00:275 km

Millers x1 GRR 2021

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Results here

Race Report – 9 Mar 2021  Miller Road GRR

The return of an old favourite! A single 29km lap around the Millers Road circuit starting and finishing at the Gladstone church. ACM were again favoured with very good conditions, warm with a variable northerly breeze.

The course itself is relatively flat and fast with the exception of the climb over Millers road itself. The final ramp and downhill favours riders who can accelerate over the top and gap following riders on the downhill section. The left turn onto the run to the finish line has some gentle undulations but this is where the northerly breeze made itself known with the riders having to work hard to maintain good speed all teh way to the chequered flag. 

Numbers were modest with only 34 riders presenting themselves to the start line. This included 5 riders for the short course (13km). Some groups were small, only three in the A grade. At least they were all guaranteed to podium! 

A Grade

1st    S Pumfrey          44:53

2nd   G price                46:23

3rd    E D’Arbois          46:23

B Grade

1st    P James             48:50

2nd   D Cameron         48:50

3rd    S Mole                48:55

C Grade

1st    C Roberts           51:25

2nd   F Roberts           51:26

3rd    L Kent                 51:29

D Grade

1st    J Sandoval         54:22

2nd   R Dowding          54:23

3rd    S Hannam          54:54

E Grade

1st    G Baillie              58:18

2nd   A Raman            58:18

3rd    J Gibbons           58:21

Short Course

1st    K Blade               26:11

2nd   M Stephenson    26:12

3rd    S Plummer         29:12

Fastest Women

1st    L Mouat              51:39

2nd   E Luytens           52:43

3rd    D Burkhart          55:05

Next race Tues 16 Mar Watsons/Wainuioru/Watsons HRR

Whangaehu Bideford HRR 2021

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HRR Results here

In Fastest Time Order

2 March ACM Race Report – Whangaehu Hall/Bideford Rd HRR

A total of 35 riders presented themselves at Whangaehu Hall for the start of the Bideford Road HRR. This included 6 riders for the short course.

The turn around for the long course was the Bideford Hall giving a distance of 30kms. The short course turned at Stoddards Road for a distance of 18kms.

Conditions for the race were excellent with temperatures in the mid 20’s and a light northerly providing assistance for the return leg. The course is a straightforward out and return with one technical downhill section. There are also a variety of undulating sections including the longer hill climb on the return leg that performed its task of selecting the final contestants for the dash to the finish line.

On the night many riders were caught on the long climb on the return leg. Break 2 overhauled Break 3 with Break in hot pursuit and elements of Scratch closing in fast.

Unfortunately an accident on the fast straight after the climb saw one rider taken to ED with a number of riders pulling up to render assistance.

Results – Long Course

1st – Finn Roberts                 1:03:14

2nd –Terry Blackburn            1:03:14                      

3rd – Lawrence Kent            1:03:15

Fastest Women – Long Course

1st –  Emily Lutyens             1:03:17

2nd – Lesley Mouatt              1:03:22

3rd – Donna O’Sullivan        1:03:26

Results – Short Course

1st – Amelia Percy                38:58

2nd – Jamie Blackburn         40:18

3rd – Scarlett McCallum      42:53

Full results on the ACM website

Next Race – Tues 9th March  Millars Road GRR

5km Series Race 4

Another beautiful sunny day for our 4th event in this series. Well done to all our participants, from young Walter to amazing Betty still out there doing it – almost 90 years between those two! What a wonderful refection of what the club is all about. More new faces today – a warm welcome to you.

Norm Chu2 km0:09:44
James Hayes2 km0:09:51
Edie White2 km0:11:27
Jaxon Kaipo2 km0:11:30
Molly Hayes2 km0:12:02
Jada Kaipo2 km0:12:10
Ronan O’Grady2 km0:13:38
Lorcan O’Grady2 km0:13:38
Candace O’Grady2 km0:13:48
Jaxon Tobin2 km0:16:39
Walter Lyttle2 km0:17:21
Sue Lyttle2 km0:17:23
Darius Simpson5 km0:17:54
Judy Stout2 km0:19:08
Deborah Lyttle2 km0:19:10
Whana Gordon5 km0:19:16
Michael Macklin5 km0:19:46
Mark Simmons5 km0:20:28
Corey Miller5 km0:21:06
Brent Register5 km0:21:08
Rachel Lewis2 km0:22:01
Lloyd Millar5 km0:22:05
Malcolm MacDonald5 km0:22:32
Andrew Davenport5 km0:22:55
Mel Arcus5 km0:23:27
Murray Hudson5 km0:23:30
Brooke Miller5 km0:23:46
Patrick O’Grady5 km0:24:03
Sam Hill5 km0:24:17
Philip Donvin-Irons5 km0:24:19
Craig Ewing5 km0:24:29
Robbie Robinson5 km0:24:31
Ray Haste5 km0:25:29
Michael Duthie5 km0:25:38
Tom Andrews5 km0:25:58
Roger Jones5 km0:26:00
Amanda Woodmass5 km0:26:15
Sam Tobin5 km0:26:16
Greg Baillie5 km0:26:37
Robyn Green5 km0:26:40
Robyn O’Neill2 km0:27:20
Elaine Beck2 km0:27:20
Andy Kerr5 km0:27:25
David Farlow5 km0:29:18
Martin Dransfield5 km0:29:26
Ali O’Neill5 km0:29:52
Claudia Baechle5 km0:32:35
Teena Pettitt5 km0:33:17
Barry Todd5 km0:34:10
Doug Bracewell5 km0:34:10
Hayley Allen5 km0:34:26
Sarah O’Donoghue5 km0:34:35
Chris van Gerven5 km0:34:35
Alison Nagel5 km0:35:53
Anna Anderson5 km0:36:11
Mel Nathan5 km0:36:11
Rochelle Williams5 km0:36:18
Justin Miller5 km0:36:31
Stacey Miller5 km0:36:31
Lee-Ann Angove5 km0:36:39
Lesley Graham5 km0:37:21
Jenny Braaksma5 km0:37:22
Lisa Scott5 km0:37:36
Franky Spite5 km0:37:37
Stan Braaksma5 km0:41:40
Chris Cogdale5 km0:41:40
Pat Fairhall5 km0:43:05
Gordon Reid5 km0:43:56
Cherie Fredricksen5 km0:44:48
Barbara Barr5 km0:44:51
Stephen Young5 km0:47:26
Anne Perry5 km0:48:43
Irene Price5 km0:50:15
Betty Moir5 km0:54:00
Graeme Roberts5 km0:54:31

Hill Climb Club Champs 2021 – Kaka Amu Road

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Overall Results

Age Group Results

Race Report – 23 Feb 2021  ACM Hill Climb Champs – Kaka Amu Rd

This years hill climb ITT championship was a 5.7km course on Kaka Amu Road which winds its way up the side of Rangitumau, a local peak and landmark.

It’s not a brutal climb like the Admiral Hill Road or as long as the Kaurarau climb never the less it’s challenging to do it as an individual time trial. The start is a long false flat leading into the first ramp that winds past the hall. Thereafter several more distinct ramps are interspersed with flat ish sections eventually leading onto the final false flat and the finish line.  

The effort was made more challenging by the high evening temperature and nor’easterly headwind that made its presence known to the riders.

In all 38 cyclists presented themselves to the start line. In a first for the club (and possibly reflecting the growing number of B.B.‘s  transitioning to this genre) there was a separate E bike catagory with 4 cyclists represented.

All cyclists rode the same course. No short course this week.


1st    M Langland        12:07

2nd   R Van Lent         14:16

3rd    D Roberts           14:21        

Fastest Women

1st    E Luytens           15:14        

2nd   L Mouat              16:15        

3rd    K Goodin            18:43                  

Full results and by age group on the ACM website

Next race Tues 2 Mar is an HRR Whangaehu Hall/Bideford Hall 30km

Note; BB = Baby Boomer. A person born between 1945 & 1960

5km series Race 3

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Wow we nearly did it. 100 participants out on the course and 97 finishers. Well done everyone.

1Ollie Kaipo2 km0:09:46
2Pippa White2 km0:09:57
3James Hayes2 km0:10:00
4Betty Moir4 km0:40:44
5Jada Kaipo5 km0:11:34
6Charotte Robinson2 km0:11:50
7Hayden Robinson2 km0:11:50
8Edie White2 km0:12:09
9Mathew Robinson2 km0:12:55
10Jaxon Kaipo2 km0:14:14
11Jonty Kumura2 km0:17:51
12Flynn Register5 km0:18:16
13Darius Simpson5 km0:18:17
14Jaxon Tobin2 km0:18:28
15Whana Gordon5 km0:20:00
16Michael Macklin5 km0:20:02
17Gareth Gwyther5 km0:20:41
18Rhys Gwyther5 km0:20:44
19Ian McKee5 km0:21:04
20Walter Lyttle2 km0:21:08
21Sue Lyttle2 km0:21:08
22Brent Register5 km0:21:34
23Lloyd Millar5 km0:21:54
24Paul Furkett5 km0:22:05
25Donald Bate5 km0:22:07
26Corrina Paine5 km0:22:21
27Malcolm MacDonald5 km0:22:29
28Andrew Davenport5 km0:22:52
29Tony Price5 km0:23:40
30Julie Millar5 km0:23:44
31Ryley Macklin2 km0:23:48
32Kate Macklin2 km0:23:49
33Carrie White5 km0:24:13
34Michael Duthie5 km0:24:33
35Philip Donvin-Irons5 km0:24:42
36Tom Andrews5 km0:24:47
37Robbie Robinson5 km0:24:50
38Craig Ewing5 km0:25:00
39Steve Brittland5 km0:25:43
40Roger Jones5 km0:25:48
41Mark Simmons5 km0:26:12
42Sam Hill5 km0:26:19
43Amanda Woodmass5 km0:26:20
44Robyn Green5 km0:26:50
45Chris van Gerven5 km0:27:20
46Greg Baillie5 km0:27:22
47Jodi Tobin5 km0:27:37
48Isla Roberts5 km0:29:17
49Serena Roberts5 km0:29:18
50David Farlow5 km0:29:24
51Robyn O’Neill2 km0:29:53
52Gail Edwards5 km0:30:39
53Ali O’Neill5 km0:30:49
54Robert Ruff-Thomas2 km0:31:43
55Lincoln Spite2 km0:31:44
56Di Chesmar5 km0:32:39
57Claudia Baechle5 km0:32:43
58Tania McKee5 km0:32:51
59Kristy Torto5 km0:33:37
60Doug Taylor5 km0:33:38
61Sarah O’Donoghue5 km0:33:46
62Mel Nathan5 km0:33:52
63Hayley Allen5 km0:34:03
64Franky Spite5 km0:34:35
65Stacey Miller5 km0:34:35
66Jenny Braaksma5 km0:34:36
67Makayla O’Hara5 km0:35:06
68Jo O’Hara5 km0:35:11
69Rochelle Williams5 km0:35:24
70Miranda Barton5 km0:35:31
71Jim Barr5 km0:35:53
72Jane Flowerday5 km0:36:03
73Alison Nagel5 km0:36:09
74Ruth Gwyther5 km0:37:17
75Lee-Ann Angove5 km0:38:26
76Justin Miller5 km0:38:42
77Ingrid Bird5 km0:40:26
78Tim Bird5 km0:40:26
79Chris Cogdale5 km0:41:18
80Logan Roberts5 km0:41:32
81Stan Braaksma5 km0:41:47
82Tim Matthews5 km0:41:58
83Denise Trail5 km0:42:23
84Gordon Reid5 km0:43:36
85Rachel Reid5 km0:43:42
86Pat Fairhall5 km0:43:57
87Grant Perry5 km0:45:33
88Cherie Fredricksen5 km0:45:42
89Barbara Barr5 km0:45:43
90Luca Roberts5 km0:47:12
91Annie Hawkes5 km0:47:55
92Stephen Young5 km0:48:44
93Jess Morrison5 km0:49:47
94Robyn Weston5 km0:50:11
95Andrea Hay5 km0:50:12
96Anne Perry5 km0:50:13
97Graeme Roberts5 km0:55:19