Summer Series Race 1 Results

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Points to be added.

1Graeme ButcherA0:26:30
2Flynn RegisterA0:26:55
3Andrew DavenportA0:27:12
4Darius SimpsonA0:28:46
5Robert SpiteA0:29:23
6Clifford Rowe-PennyA0:30:46
7Mel ArcusA0:30:51
8Craig RobertsA0:31:16
9Sam HillA0:31:26
10Sue BankierA0:31:51
1Sarah HigginsB0:32:23
2Lloyd MillarB0:32:43
3Tom AndrewsB0:33:34
4Lesley GrahamB0:33:36
5Thomas LeskeB0:33:54
6Ray HasteB0:34:45
7Michael DuthieB0:34:57
8Annie JerlingB0:35:08
9Philip Donvin-IronsB0:35:08
10Rachel GawithB0:35:14
11Roger JonesB0:36:38
12Gavin ChampionB0:36:44
13Craig EwingB0:36:56
14MacKenzie MurrayB0:37:07
15Tim MatthewsB0:37:12
16Chris van GervenB0:37:30
1John JerlingC0:39:09
2Stacey MillerC0:39:50
3Di ChesmarC0:39:57
4Serena RobertsC0:40:43
5Gail EdwardsC0:40:51
6Chris CogdaleC0:41:00
7Chris WilsonC0:41:06
8Megan SimpsonC0:42:33
9Claudia BaechleC0:43:34
1Miranda BartonD0:45:29
2Lisa TonkinD0:47:31
3Franky SpiteD0:47:31
4Jennifer BraaksmaD0:47:32
5Annie HawkesD0:50:47
6Jim BarrD0:53:57
7Rob Ruff-ThomasD1:03:54
1Kim RegisterW0:35:36
2Tim BirdW0:36:33
3Lee-Ann AngoveW0:38:01
4Allison NagelW0:39:09
5Amelia Rowe-PennyW0:39:51
6Ingrid BirdW0:40:41
7Don McLachlanW0:41:07
8Stan BraaksmaW0:41:23
9Stephen YoungW0:44:22
10Claire BlomgrenW0:45:23
11Lincoln SpiteW0:51:58
1Brooke MillerJ0:19:25
2Jacquelyn MurrayJ0:23:21
3Logan RobertsJ0:27:40
4Justin MillerJ0:28:05
1William GawithM0:11:14
2Samuel GawithM0:11:14
3Luca RobertsM0:13:29
4Olvia InwoodM0:19:14


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Athletics & Cycling Masterton AGM

Date:        Wednesday 18 September 2019.

Time:        7.00 pm

Venue:     Sports Bowl, Clubrooms.

Agenda:   Presidents Report

                Financial Report  

                Election of Officers

                Subscriptions for the 2019-20 year

                General Business

Trophy Series Race 1

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Over 50 hardy souls turned out in the rain today for the first run of our 2019 Trophy Series. Well done everyone. These are the final results for Race 1.

These are the start times for the second Trophy Series from Kitchener St. The timer starts at 10am. Please be there and check in with the timer at least 15 minutes before your start time. They are in alphabetical order of first name.

Changes to Harriers Program

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Due to a number of issues, including repairs to the club rooms, the program for the rest of the year has been altered. Trophy Series is up next, followed by the Summer Series. The first race of the Trophy Series will be from the Clubrooms on 14th July, but please note that we may not have access to the building. The program for the rest of 2019 can be viewed here.

Cross Country Series Race 5

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1Michael MacklinA0:34:12
2Graeme ButcherA0:35:33
3Flynn RegisterA0:37:13
4Anthony Rowe-PennyA0:38:42
5Sally DuffyA0:39:34
6Helen Gard’nerA0:39:38
7Malcolm MacDonaldA0:39:57
1Clifford Rowe-PennyB0:29:48
2Sam HillB0:30:10
3John GordonB0:30:32
4Sue BankierB0:30:53
5Ray SpencerB0:31:05
6Greg LangB0:31:25
7Tom AndrewsB0:31:47
8Chris LewisB0:33:30
9Neil CameronB0:34:36
1Lloyd MillarC0:31:28
2Mackenzie MurrayC0:33:38
3Mia GordonC0:33:52
4Norm ChuC0:36:34
5Ray HasteC0:37:32
6Ali GordonC0:37:55
1Will BoothD0:35:09
2Chris van GervenD0:36:19
3John JerlingD0:38:07
4Chris WilsonD0:38:17
5Franky SpiteD0:39:25
6Andy BoothD0:41:38
1Jenny BraaksmaE0:45:00
2Annie HawkesE0:52:33
3Rob Ruff-ThomasE1:06:38
1Michael Rowe-PennyW0:42:49
2Kim RegisterW0:46:34
3Brent RegisterW0:49:07
4Lee-Ann AngoveW0:50:12
5Stan BraaksmaW0:54:20
6Don McLachlanW0:54:22
7Amelia Rowe-PennyW0:58:44
8Stephen YoungW0:59:19
9Annie JerlingW0:59:46
10Robyn GreenW0:59:47
11Graeme RobertsW1:10:26
12Lincoln SpiteW1:10:30
1Ava RegisterJ0:20:09
2Jacquelyn MurrayJ0:24:32
1Brooke DuffyM0:11:52
2Jack Gard’nerM0:14:38
3Charlie Gard’nerM0:18:41