5K Race 6

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Today we suffered an attack of human error (by me, Richard, sorry) and managed to corrupt the results from today’s race.

Below are the very provisional results that we managed to recover (thanks Carol). We will update/improve them during the week. Please get in touch on Facebook if you can remember your finish number or you recorded your time.

10:09:33Isla Roberts2
20:09:38William Gawith2
30:10:41Samuel Gawith2
40:11:23Jack Gard’ner2
50:11:24Blair Gard’ner2
60:12:31Anthony Saumamao2
70:13:13Billy Saumamao2
90:19:01William Larkin5
100:19:20Anthony Rowe-Penny5
110:19:23Graeme Butcher5
120:20:25Darius Simpson5
130:21:02Joaquin Gomez5
140:21:23Rhys Gwyther5
150:21:44Helen Gard’ner5
160:21:55Malcolm MacDonald5
170:22:31Philip Donvin-Irons5
180:22:50Jason Farley5
190:23:01Oscar Saumamao5
200:23:03Tanya Saumamao5
210:23:05Charlie Gard’ner5
220:23:06Adrienne Gard’ner5
230:23:10Clifford Rowe-Penny5
240:23:25Roger Jones5
250:23:26Tom Andrews5
260:23:29Mackenzie Murray2
270:23:30Rachel Gawith5
280:24:18Michael Duthie5
290:24:49Lesley Graham5
300:25:23John Jerling5
310:25:36Lloyd Millar5
320:26:00Richard Hawkes5
330:26:07Annie Jerling5
340:26:17Brooke Miller5
350:26:18Jacquelyn Murray5
370:26:37Graeme Tindall 5
380:27:02Norm Chu5
390:27:05David Farlow5
410:28:30Garry Keith5
440:29:34Jamie Blackburn5
450:29:58Chris Cogdale5
460:30:43Chris van Gerven5
480:31:28Michael Rowe-Penny5
490:32:04Bron  Wishart5
500:32:05Serena Roberts5
510:32:47Stacey Miller5
520:33:13Logan Roberts5
530:33:54Rebecca Edgecome5
540:34:26Samantha Duthie5
550:34:27Lisa Tonkin5
560:34:28Jenny Braaksma5
570:36:49Franky Spite5
580:36:53Angela Kelly5
590:36:56Justin Miller5
600:38:04Kasey Cox5
610:38:07Teresa Reynolds5
620:40:03Amelia Rowe-Penny5
630:40:30Brian Sanders5
640:43:38Kate Macklin5
650:43:46Rob Ruff-Thomas5
660:44:13Carolyn Colquhoun5
670:44:14Laura Dawes5
680:49:50Cath Rowe-Penny5
690:50:02Judy Burns5
700:50:03Ross Thompson5
710:50:04Stan Braaksma5
720:51:47Graeme Roberts5
730:52:26Robyn Weston5
740:52:55Irene Price5
750:52:57Lincoln Spite5

5K Race 5

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Another damp one, great to see you all there. See you all in two weeks for the last race of this series.

2K Results

1Hunter Johnston0:09:23
2Isla Roberts0:09:36
3Jack Gard’ner0:12:18
4Brooke Duffy0:12:27
5Luca Roberts0:14:54

5K Results

1Finn Fowlds0:18:19
2Michael Macklin0:18:33
3William Larkin0:18:45
4Anthony Rowe-Penny0:19:12
5Jack McLaughlan0:19:35
6Darius Simpson0:19:42
7Graeme Butcher0:19:50
8Don Green0:20:32
9Tony Price0:20:59
10Helen Gard’ner0:21:33
11Malcolm MacDonald0:21:55
12Philip Donvin-Irons0:22:13
13Sally Duffy0:22:44
14Clifford Rowe-Penny0:24:15
15Jason Farley0:24:18
16Michael Duthie0:24:50
17Tim Matthews0:25:21
18John Jerling0:25:38
19Brooke Miller0:25:43
20Greg Baillie0:25:57
21Richard Hawkes0:25:59
22Annie Jerling0:26:08
23Craig Ewing0:26:26
24Chris van Gerven0:27:06
25Norm Chu0:27:15
26David Farlow0:27:25
27Chris Wilson0:28:11
28Jacquelyn Murray0:28:37
29Lloyd Millar0:28:43
30Chris Cogdale0:29:07
31Serena Roberts0:30:20
32Jamie Blackburn0:31:45
33Sydney Blackburn0:31:53
34Michael Rowe-Penny0:32:09
35Samantha Duthie0:32:15
36Miranda Barton0:32:28
37Lisa Tonkin0:32:50
38Jenny Braaksma0:32:52
39Franky Spite0:32:53
40Angela Kelly0:33:01
41Jane Flowerday0:33:16
42Ailsa Andrew0:34:31
43Justin Miller0:34:40
44Don McLachlan0:39:40
45John Ihaka0:39:43
46Lincoln Spite0:41:08
47Stan Braaksma0:42:23
48Betty Moir0:42:35
49Kate Macklin0:42:40
50Laura Dawes0:44:39
51Carolyn Colquhoun0:44:40
52Gillian Atkinson0:44:40
53Rob Ruff-Thomas0:45:59
54Amelia Rowe-Penny0:47:56
55Grant Perry0:48:47
56Robyn Green0:50:53
57Stacey Miller0:50:53
58Anne Perry0:51:03
59Cath Rowe-penny0:52:31
60Robyn Weston0:55:23
61Irene Price0:55:24

Gladstone to Mahupuku Road to Kourarau HRR

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Tonight’s offering of a 35 km Handicapped Race that began at Gladstone Church, raced south to Mahupuku Road and then turned to head north and finish at the top of the iconic Kourarau Climb attracted 44 riders. This is a demanding course that required each of the handicapped bunches to work well together over the predominantly flat and fast beginning of the course. Then it also required enough energy to be left in the tank to enable a steady but rapid climb of approximately 6 km right from the bottom to the top of the Kourarau Hill Road.

The results show that riders experienced mixed fortunes in each of the bunches. Even though Limit, and Break 2 started as the largest bunches, the Kourarau climb broke them to bits. In fact across all the start groups Kourarau was the decisive element with only a few riders able to hang onto each other’s wheels and work together on the climb. So the riders who were most successful were those with strength to ride fast on the flat, but also great hill climbing ability, combined with some grit and determination.

Congratulations tonight to Finn Roberts who started in Break 2 and managed to ride away from his bunch and catch all the riders from Limit who started 4 minutes in front of him to win the handicap race overall and be the fastest Junior Boy to complete the long course. Kirsten Goodin was the first woman to finish tonight. Ben Knight, starting in Scratch, demonstrated all the skills of strength, speed and climbing ability to be the fastest man tonight. Belinda Fuller, starting in Break was the fastest woman. Congratulations to Sydney Blackburn who out-sprinted Kate Speedy to take line honours in the short course race. I believe congratulations are due to every rider who managed to complete the course tonight, that was one massive effort by every rider.

As always, many thanks to Brent our Race Manager, and all the marshals who looked after us so well once again. Next week we return to a Mass Start Road Race up Norfolk Road, starting at the Waingawa Industrial Estate.

Full results from tonight can be found below. Finally a reminder to everyone to get your entries in for both the ACM hosted inter club which will be held on Sunday 17th March, and also to our joint social function to be held on Saturday, 23rd March.

ShuteNoRiderStart timeFinish TimeRide Time
940Finn Roberts0:04:001:15:251:11:251st & 1st Junior
1048Caleb Roberts0:00:001:15:561:15:56
1172Rex Dowding0:04:001:16:031:12:03
1234Kirsten Goodin0:00:001:16:171:16:171st Woman
1387Stephen Yeats0:04:001:16:361:12:36
1416Julie Millar0:00:001:16:381:16:38
1560John Allen0:04:001:17:071:13:07
16100Steve Brown0:04:001:17:481:13:48
1776Peter Lee0:04:001:18:411:14:41
1818Dave Drummond0:13:001:18:491:05:49
19153Simon Mole0:09:001:19:041:10:04
205Lesley Mouat0:09:001:19:101:10:10
2113Ben Knight0:17:001:19:201:02:20Fastest Man
2270Simon Pumfrey0:17:001:19:481:02:48
2377Terry Blackburn0:09:001:20:001:11:00
2450Earle Whitcombe0:04:001:20:021:16:02
2521Anil Raman0:00:001:20:191:20:19
2645Donna Burkhart0:04:001:20:281:16:28
2751Dave Hodder0:00:001:20:491:20:49
2836Devan Simmonds0:13:001:21:051:08:05
2910Belinda Fuller0:13:001:21:071:08:07Fastest Woman
3043John Murray0:00:001:21:461:21:46
31117Simon Butler0:13:001:21:501:08:50
3246Derek Roberts0:17:001:21:571:04:57
332Andi Bond0:04:001:22:071:18:07
3419Duncan Ellis0:00:001:22:231:22:23
35119Jeff Saywell0:17:001:22:311:05:31
363Mark Jerling0:00:001:22:541:22:54
3785Viv Bunny0:00:001:22:551:22:55
3831Jenny Devenport0:00:001:22:561:22:56
3969Pete James0:09:001:24:191:15:19
4012Ricky Blade0:09:001:24:201:15:20
4173Erik D’Arbois0:17:001:29:111:12:11
4257Karen Blade0:00:001:33:461:33:46
4375Andrew Curtis-Cody0:09:00DNFDNF
4417Stan Braaksma0:00:00DNFDNF
Short course
ShuteNoRiderStart timeFinish TimeRide Time
178Sydney Blackburn0:18:000:54:400:36:401st Junior Girl
20Kate Speedy0:18:000:54:410:36:41
3154Jono Didsbury0:18:000:58:040:40:04
4156Jaimee Blackburn0:18:001:00:060:42:06
565Annabelle Smith0:18:001:02:080:44:08
6144Katherine Domanski0:18:001:02:240:44:24
771Bruce McCallum0:18:001:03:580:45:58
874Rod Sutherland0:18:001:13:550:55:55

5K Series Race 4

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Awesome battle against rain, well done for taking part. Huge thanks to Vet Services for sponsoring today’s race. See you in two weeks time.

2K Results

1Isla Roberts0:10:45
2Riley Denholm0:11:32
3Jack Gard’ner0:11:46
4Blair Gard’ner0:11:47
5Lily Kinahan0:13:41
6Luca Roberts0:16:04

5K Results

1Max Spencer0:18:14
2Finn Fowlds0:18:48
3William Larkin0:19:29
4Anthony Rowe-Penny0:19:49
5Dom Green0:20:07
6Darius Simpson0:20:58
7Joaquin Gomez0:21:25
8Helen Gard’ner0:22:02
9Malcolm MacDonald0:22:16
10Philip Donvin-Irons0:22:36
11Robert Spite0:23:29
12Tom McCallum0:23:39
13Sally Duffy0:23:47
14Mackenzie Murray0:23:53
15Tom Andrews0:23:55
16Roger Jones0:24:22
17Bianca Green0:24:33
18Clifford Rowe-Penny0:25:05
19Craig Ewing0:25:17
20Lesley Graham0:25:21
21John Jerling0:25:22
22Michael Duthie0:25:29
23Robyn Green0:25:32
24Tim Matthews0:25:36
25Greg Baillie0:26:29
26Annie Jerling0:26:34
27Chris Ray0:26:44
28Brooke Miller0:26:48
29Chris van Gerven0:27:06
30David Farlow0:27:53
31Stacey Miller0:28:52
32Jacquelyn Murray0:29:16
33Chris Wilson0:29:26
34Chris Cogdale0:29:47
35Claudia Baechle0:29:59
36Lloyd Millar0:30:01
37Gail Edwards0:30:23
38Michael Rowe-Penny0:32:08
39Lisa Tonkin0:33:50
40Franky Spite0:33:52
41Jenny Braaksma0:33:53
42Angela Kelly0:34:02
43Lee-Ann Angove0:36:58
44Logan Roberts0:38:54
45Serena Roberts0:38:54
46John Ihaka0:39:27
47Don McLachlan0:39:29
48Stan Braaksma0:39:35
49Justin Miller0:43:09
50Betty Moir0:43:20
51Rachel Reid0:43:39
52Kate Macklin0:43:57
53Stephen Young0:44:34
54Rob Ruff-Thomas0:46:35
55Cath Rowe-penny0:50:57
56Zoe Duncan0:52:05
57Lincoln Spite0:52:07

5K Series Race 3

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Thanks for taking part and thanks to Quizmaster for sponsoring today’s race.

2K Results

1Hunter Johnston0:09:29
2Isla Roberts0:09:34
3Isaac Murphy0:10:00
4Ethan Murphy0:10:36
5Charlie Sellwood0:10:37
6David Kawawa0:10:38
7Riley Denholm0:12:42
8Luca Roberts0:14:36
9Blake Kawana0:14:42
10Caden Kawana0:19:05
11Hayley Kawana0:20:49
12Aleisha O’Gorman0:22:49

5K Results

1Finn Fowlds0:18:36
2William Larkin0:19:03
3Andrew Hayes0:19:16
4Graeme Butcher0:19:44
5Don Green0:19:59
6Tony Price0:20:27
7Anthony Rowe-Penny0:20:37
8Darius Simpson0:21:01
9Joaquin Gomez0:21:48
10Malcolm MacDonald0:22:15
11Philip Donvin-Irons0:22:42
12Corey Miller0:23:23
13Tom Andrews0:23:49
14Ray Haste0:24:06
15Mark Davies0:24:44
16Lesley Graham0:24:52
17Tim Matthews0:25:12
18Robyn Green0:25:18
19John Jerling0:25:48
20Jason Farley0:25:48
21Rachel Gawith0:25:59
22Craig Ewing0:26:00
23Annie Jerling0:26:05
24Roger Jones0:27:25
25Richard Hawkes0:27:27
26Norm Chu0:27:52
27David Farlow0:28:26
28Garry Keith0:28:44
29Stacey Miller0:28:50
30Chris van Gerven0:29:09
31Chris Wilson0:29:14
32Lloyd Millar0:29:16
33Mackenzie Murray0:29:35
34Chris Cogdale0:29:46
35Jamie Blackburn0:30:15
36Gail Edwards0:30:20
37Jacquelyn Murray0:31:18
38Serena Roberts0:31:21
39Bron Wishart0:31:21
Claudia Baechle0:31:35
Michael Rowe-Penny0:31:52
42Bernie Sellwood0:32:28
43Jer Manvel0:32:30
44Luca O’Gorman0:32:48
45Franky Spite0:34:12
46Lisa Tonkin0:34:13
47Jenny Braaksma0:34:14
48Jess Collins0:34:37
49Angela Kelly0:35:17
50Justin Miller0:35:33
51Ropata Fowlds-Hartley0:36:43
52Teresa Reynolds0:36:49
53Gordon Reid0:37:50
54Kasey Cox0:38:48
55Amelia Rowe-Penny0:39:04
56Brian Sanders0:39:59
57Stan Braaksma0:41:05
58Logan Roberts0:41:08
59Rachel Reid0:41:12
60John Ihaka0:41:40
61Rob Ruff-Thomas0:44:27
62Gillian Atkinson0:44:27
63Teresa Hickman0:44:49
64Jeff Hickman0:45:10
65Grant Perry0:46:38
66Graeme Roberts0:48:51
67Anne Perry0:49:00
68Kate Macklin0:50:55
69Cath Rowe-penny0:51:07
70Lincoln Spite0:54:52
71Nick Jackson0:54:55
72Betty Moir1:02:44

5K Series Race 2

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Results for race 2. Thanks so much for coming, it was fantastic to see so many people and so many new faces. If you notice any mistakes in the results let us know on Facebook or at the next race. See you in two weeks!

2 KM

1Isla Roberts0:10:49
2Riley Denholm0:12:33
3Max Andrew0:15:14
4Caden Kawana0:15:24
5Luca Roberts0:16:36
6Elizabeth Andrew0:17:33
7Clara Andrew0:19:02
8Blake Kawana0:24:50
9Hayley Kawana0:25:33

5 KM

1Finn Fowlds0:19:20
2William Larkin0:19:32
3Tony Price0:20:24
4Don Green0:20:29
5Andrew Hayes0:20:36
6Darius Simpson0:20:55
7Anthony Rowe-Penny0:21:29
8Ian McKee0:22:24
9Daniel Miller0:22:38
10Gareth Gwyther0:22:46
11Philip Donvin-Irons0:22:47
12Malcolm MacDonald0:22:50
13Joshua Saxton0:23:11
14Paul Furkert0:23:25
15Bianca Green0:24:51
16Chris Lewis0:24:55
17Brooke Miller0:25:16
18Tim Matthews0:25:19
19Clifford Rowe-Penny0:25:34
20Michael Duthie0:25:37
21James Inwood0:25:47
22Lesley Graham0:25:49
23Jason Farley0:26:33
24Craig Ewing0:26:47
25Greg Baillie0:26:58
26Robyn Green0:27:00
27John Jerling0:27:03
28David Kawawa0:27:21
29Norm Chu0:27:31
30Scott Andrew0:27:34
31Annie Jerling0:27:55
32Bron Wishart0:28:02
33David Farlow0:28:57
34Chris Wilson0:29:04
35Lloyd Millar0:29:40
36Serena Roberts0:30:28
37Guy Fisher0:30:39
38Chris van Gerven0:31:14
39Gail Edwards0:31:30
40Stacey Miller0:31:46
41Michael Rowe-Penny0:32:37
42Claudia Baechle0:33:03
43Jane Flowerday0:33:33
44Rachel Lewis0:34:39
45Ailsa Andrew0:36:06
46Shellie McAnulty0:36:08
47Barbara Whitburn0:36:31
48Justin Miller0:36:55
49Lee-Ann Angove0:37:28
50Gordon Reid0:37:50
51Teresa Reynolds0:38:38
52Lisa Tonkin0:39:22
53Jenny Braaksma0:39:24
54Franky Spite0:39:25
55Kasey Cox0:41:03
56Ruth Gwyther0:41:23
57Stan Braaksma0:41:28
58Don McLachlan0:41:31
59John Ihaka0:42:38
60Logan Roberts0:43:27
61Brenda Hayes0:44:04
62Amelia Rowe-Penny0:45:23
63Rachel Reed0:46:01
64Stephen Young0:46:02
65Rob Ruff-Thomas0:47:16
66Graeme Roberts0:51:15
67Cath Rowe-penny0:52:08
68Robyn Weston0:52:35
69Irene Price0:52:58
70Annette Gibson0:53:26
71Sara Feringa0:53:27
72Jane Ross0:53:28
73Lincoln Spite0:53:33
74Amy Drysdale0:55:07
75Ella Drysdale0:57:11
76Paul Drysdale0:57:12
77Shirley Loftus0:57:17
78Judy Burns0:57:19
79Betty Moir1:02:56

FootGolf – social event & picnic

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Come along for 9 holes of  footgolf  on Sunday 10th Feb at Carterton golf club,  117 Chester Road at 11.30am. Bring a picnic lunch to share after the game.

$15 per person (may be cheaper with more people). If you bring your own size 5 ball then its only $10

If you plan to come, please message us on Face Book or let Carol MacDonald or Gail Edwards know.

Please wear trainers – not sprigs

FootGolf is played like golf but all you need is a soccer ball each. You kick the ball from tee to hole, counting your kicks (shots) along the way. As you’d expect, the one with the lowest score after 9 holes is the winner.

5K Series Race 1

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Here are the results from the first 5K event. Great to see you all there, we hope you enjoyed it.

2 KM

1Isla Roberts0:11:39
2Max Andrew0:12:59
3Luca Roberts0:15:47
4Clara Andrew0:16:25
5Elizabeth Andrew0:16:34
6Scott Andrew0:16:35

5 KM

1William Larkin0:20:39
2Dom Green0:20:42
3Anthony Rowe-Penny0:20:49
4Tony Price0:21:52
5Darius Simpson0:21:54
6Malcolm MacDonald0:22:33
7Sam Hill0:22:45
8Heidi-Jane Humphries0:22:51
9Paul Furkert0:22:53
10Sue Bankier0:23:02
11Joaquin Gomez0:23:24
12Philip Donvin-Irons0:23:33
13Graeme Butcher0:23:48
14Tom Andrews0:24:10
15Clifford Rowe-penny0:24:16
16Ray Haste0:25:12
17Chris Lewis0:25:28
18Roger Jones0:25:37
19Norm Chu0:26:13
20Michael Duties0:26:26
21John Jerling0:26:35
22Mackenzie Murray0:27:12
23Craig Ewing0:27:35
24Annie Jerling0:27:48
25Greg Baillie0:28:11
26Stacey Miller0:28:27
27Jason Farley0:28:28
28Chris van Gerven0:28:42
29Robyn Green0:28:51
30Andrew Denholm0:29:00
31David Farlow0:29:12
32Franky Spite0:29:44
33Garry Keith0:29:52
34Chris Cogdale0:30:14
35Claudia Baechle0:31:02
36Lloyd Millar0:31:11
37Bron Wishart0:31:13
38Serena Roberts0:31:40
39Jamie Blackburn0:32:11
40Julian Knaf0:32:12
41Claudia Green0:32:13
42Michael Rowe-Penny0:32:19
43Jane Flowerday0:33:20
44David Kawawa0:33:56
45Jer Manvel0:35:33
46Jacquelyn Murray0:36:06
47Ailsa Andrew0:36:46
48Shellie Mcanulty0:37:03
49Lee-Ann Angove0:37:11
50Gordon Reid0:38:00
51Paul Manvel0:38:58
52Brian Sanders0:40:55
53John Ihaka0:41:42
54Gillian Atkinson0:42:51
55Amelia Rowe-Penny0:43:23
56Logan Roberts0:43:33
57Don McLachlan0:43:58
58Stephen Young0:44:27
59Ruth Gwyther0:47:42
60Lisa Tonkin0:47:43
61Rob Ruff-Thomas0:48:03
62Hayley Katana0:50:04
63Graeme Roberts0:50:47
64Rebecca Edgecombe0:51:24
65Robyn Weston0:51:25
66Cath Rowe-Penny0:52:01

Martinborough to Hinekura

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The final club race for 2018 proved to be quite a challenge for a number of reasons. Firstly, this should have been a course for the climbers – with plenty of ‘up’ to deal with, however the original course needed to be amended and shortened thereby reducing the amount of ‘up’ available to the climbers. This was because of some brand new seal having been laid on the far side of Hinekura. The next challenge was presented by the windy conditions this evening. As the race began the prevailing Westerly wind was doing it’s thing. Out on course the wind became quite swirly, making riding conditions quite difficult especially for the lighter riders who were being blown around rather more than the more solid riders.

The next challenge faced by all the bunches was trying to stay together and work as a team as this was a handicapped race. It was noticeable that the short course riders had a real struggle with this and many of them ended up being dropped and riding either in pairs or by themselves. They were not alone in their struggle and in the end a number of riders were dropped from across each of the groups.

The final challenge tonight was one that, thankfully, is very rare indeed – the disappearance of a rider. Arguably our most well travelled cyclist, Donna, managed to get lost and rode off course. Instead of heading out and climbing Hinekura with her bunch, she was one of those riders who was dropped early on, and finding herself all alone she then took the more usual left turn at Pope’s Head and rode towards Longbush. The Marshall who was at that turn didn’t realise Donna was in the race, so didn’t manage to re-direct her. It was a while before Donna realised her mistake and turned her bike around to head back towards Martinborough, by which time quite the search party had set out to scour the course and its ditches. All’s well that ends well, and we were all relieved when Donna was found, safe, well and riding her bike somewhat tired and just a little embarrassed! 

So congratulations tonight go firstly to Jorge Sandoval as the first rider home on a tough course much of which was ridden all by himself. For his win he scored a nice bottle of Rose! Secondly, to Kirsten Goodin who was the first woman home. Thirdly, congratulations to Sydney Blackburn as the first rider home on the short course. Fourthly, to Mark Langlands and Belinda Fuller, once again fastest man and woman. Lastly, congratulations to our youngest riders tonight Scarlett Freeman, and Annabelle Smith, who found the going really tough tonight. But even though they had to walk a little when the wind was in their face up the hills, they refused to give up, and were proud to ride themselves to the finish. Good stuff girls!

Once again tonight the BBQ emerged to refuel all the crew. Many thanks to Dave and TK Winery for a lovely venue and some much needed refreshments. Thanks also to everyone who has made racing possible – the Race Manager, Time Keeper, folks who set the course, STMS and traffic management, Marshalls and their convenor, and the social committee.

Racing takes a break now until the second Tuesday in January. So wishing you all a very Happy Blessed Christmas, and a restful summer break.

Shute orderRace NoRiderStart timeFinish timeRide time
181Jorge Sandoval0:00:000:55:510:55:51Winner
221Anil Raman0:00:000:56:490:56:49
334Kirsten Goodin0:00:000:56:490:56:491st woman
489Emily Lutyens0:07:000:57:160:50:16
54Dean Southey0:07:000:57:160:50:16
6115Robert Jaques0:07:000:57:170:50:17
772Rex Dowding0:07:000:57:180:50:18
827Daniel Jaques0:07:000:57:280:50:28
92Andi Bond0:07:001:01:070:54:07
1123Jay Sowry0:07:001:01:100:54:10
1496Andrew Linton0:13:001:02:150:49:15
1577Terry Blackburn0:13:001:02:180:49:18
1610Belinda Fuller0:13:001:02:190:49:19Fastest woman
1741Gareth Price0:13:001:02:240:49:24
185Lesley Mouat0:13:001:02:240:49:24
1912Ricky Blade0:13:001:02:280:49:28
2090Mark Langlands0:20:001:03:260:43:26Fastest man
2122Dominic Green0:17:001:03:270:46:27
2236Devan Simmonds0:17:001:03:270:46:27
2354Dave Shephard0:17:001:03:300:46:30
2469Peter James0:17:001:03:310:46:31
2513Ben Knight0:20:001:03:330:43:33
2661Darren Southon0:17:001:03:330:46:33
2716Julie Millar0:07:001:04:440:57:44
2970Simon Pumfrey0:20:001:05:260:45:26
3175Andy Curtis-Cody0:13:001:05:540:52:54
34117Simon Butler0:17:001:08:430:51:43
3583Mike Wilkinson0:17:001:08:440:51:44
3718Dave Drummond0:20:001:10:540:50:54
3392Phil Sutherland0:17:00DNF
4045Donna Burkhart0:07:00DNF
Short Course
1078Sydney Blackburn0:20:001:01:090:41:091st 
1217Stan Braaksma0:20:001:01:270:41:271st man
1357Karen Blade0:20:001:01:270:41:27
2855Doug Maclachlan, Meri Murphy0:20:001:05:120:45:12Tandem
30154Jono Didsbury0:20:001:05:310:45:311st Junior boy
32157Kate Port0:20:001:06:140:46:14
36156Jaimee Blackburn0:20:001:08:490:48:49
3811Scarlet Freeman0:20:001:16:170:56:17
3965Annabelle Smith0:20:001:17:120:57:12