Event 1 2023 5 km series results

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What a beautiful day for the start of our 5 km series. Great to see the sun and feedback about the new course was positive. Thanks to Quizmaster for the $50 spot prize and well done James for being there this time to actually collect it!

4.85 km 
Darius Simpson0:16:56
Flynn Register0:17:31
Andrew Davenport0:20:00
Glen Fraser0:21:19
Brooke Miller0:21:31
Graeme Butcher0:22:08
Gavin Graham0:22:11
James Goodger0:22:12
Ava Register0:22:41
Brent Register0:22:42
Brooke Duffy0:22:54
Jeremy Leveridge0:22:54
Malcolm MacDonald0:22:56
Chris van Gerven0:23:30
Graeme Tindall0:23:59
Sally Duffy0:24:06
Lloyd Millar0:24:14
Craig Ewing0:24:18
Lexus Hunter0:24:59
Jade Forman0:25:00
Philip Donvin-Irons0:25:03
Kip Marks0:25:23
James Hayes0:25:23
Andrew Hayes0:25:24
Amanda Woodmass0:25:31
Michael Duthie0:25:52
Norm Chu0:26:22
Steve Britland0:26:48
Jo Buchanan0:27:56
Martin Dransfield0:28:12
Scott Sentch0:28:19
Stacey Miller0:28:27
David Farlow0:28:36
Cora McClean0:28:47
Aidan McClean0:28:54
Mackenzie Murray0:28:56
Chris Wilson0:29:50
Sam Tobin0:30:14
Jacquelyn Murray0:31:50
Serena Roberts0:32:21
Roger Jones0:34:06
Rochelle Williams0:34:29
Chris Cogdale0:34:56
Ali O’Neill0:34:58
Claudia Baechle0:35:14
Lisa Scott0:35:18
Jenny Braaksma0:35:19
Kim Register0:35:50
Alison Nagel0:36:25
Brenda Hayes0:36:57
Lee-Ann Angove0:38:43
Gordon Reid0:39:20
Jim Barr0:39:56
Amelia Rowe-Penny0:40:16
Ingrid Bird0:40:39
Tim Bird0:40:41
Isla Roberts0:42:06
Stan Braaksma0:42:53
Zoe McGovern0:43:06
Pip Campbell0:43:08
Franky Spite0:45:58
Gillian Atkinson0:46:00
Rachel Reid0:47:14
Stephen Young0:48:08
Grant Perry0:49:14
Anne Perry0:50:22
Champ Wick0:50:31
James Rathmanathan0:50:32
Denise Forman0:50:56
Peter Forman0:51:00
Robyn Weston0:53:12
Robert Ruffe-Thomas0:53:16
Graeme Roberts0:57:20
2 km 
Richard Hawkes0:11:17
Lucas Goodger0:11:35
Jaxon Tobin0:12:41
Kendal Goodger0:14:40
Meila Goodger0:14:54
Ryley Macklin0:15:20
Olivia Inwood0:15:22
James Inwood0:15:25
Eoin Inwood0:15:44
Sarah Higgins0:15:45
Molly Hayes0:15:56
Kate Macklin0:16:06
Kyzer  Tobin0:17:45
Corrina Paine0:17:45
Andre Roberts0:21:12
Ella McClean0:21:55
Katy McClean0:21:58
Maltilda Atkinson0:23:35
Barbara Barr0:23:36
Anthony Rowe-Penny0:25:11
Clifford Rowe-Penny0:25:12
Cath Rowe-penny0:25:13
Samantha Macklin0:28:31
Betty Moir0:29:52

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