5km series run/walk

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Date(s) - 17/01/2021
9:00 am

ACM Clubrooms at the Colin Pugh Sportsbowl


5 km Series – run/walk
Based from the ACM club rooms each event starts at 9:00am (registration from 8.15). Run/walk over the same 5km course. A shorter course will be available for children. The events are free and open to everyone.
Morning tea will be shared at the club rooms. $50 spot prize draw each event.


5km run/walk

Starting at the far end, do half a lap of the track (clockwise) then out the gate, left to the corner of the deer pen, right and around the back of the deer pen, up onto the stop bank. Along to Colombo Road, right across the bridge, right again back onto the riverbank. Follow the limestone path under the swing bridge then follow the flags up onto Opaki Road bridge. Across the bridge, turn right back down onto the riverbank. Left off the path at the swing bridge and back to the corner of the deer park. Repeat that lap, then back through the gates and around the track (anti-clockwise) to the finish.


DO NOT go back to the track until you have done the bridge lap twice. You are only on the track at the start and finish.


Short course (approx. 2km)

Start is the same as the 5km but you run around the deer pen 3 times before finishing with a lap of the track.

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