GR Series 4 results

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It was a bit warm for the 65 runners and walkers at Taueru today, so we will start earlier next time. Well done everyone. Sorry the distances were longer than advertised, a nasty surprise for some!

Jack Chu (1km)0:05:46
Jack Gard’ner0:09:07
Charlie Gard’ner0:09:29
Mack Duffy0:09:35
Jaxon Kaipo0:09:36
Molly Hayes0:10:10
Hannah Chu0:10:29
Daniel Chu0:10:35
Charlotte Robinson0:11:06
Angus Jackson0:13:26
Andre Roberts0:14:24
Mackenzie Murray0:19:20
Ava Register0:20:14
Violet Fisher0:20:14
James Hayes0:20:53
Brooke Duffy0:22:08
Jacquelyn Murray0:23:40
Justin Miller0:26:09
Lexus Hunter0:26:38
Brenda Hayes0:27:50
Pagin Robinson0:31:38
Logan Roberts0:31:42
Matthew Robinson0:31:55
Luca Roberts0:37:00
Jo Chu0:42:30
Mel Roberts0:43:36
Grant Perry1:09:57
Anne Perry1:10:27
Annie Hawkes1:10:40
Graeme Roberts1:26:27
Darius Simpson0:36:31
Whana Gordon0:38:05
Brent Register0:40:51
Andrew Davenport0:41:46
Tony Price0:42:17
Helen Gard’ner0:42:33
Andrew Hayes0:43:17
Mark Simmons0:44:18
Megan Blair0:44:20
Malcolm MacDonald0:44:48
Lloyd Millar0:46:32
Craig Roberts0:47:25
Vicky Paine0:47:49
Corrina Paine0:48:58
Sally Duffy0:50:37
Sam Hill0:50:37
Lesley Graham0:51:12
Craig Ewing0:52:25
Richard Hawkes0:52:48
Norm Chu0:53:45
Chris van Gerven0:54:59
David Farlow0:58:32
Roger Jones0:58:42
Ray Haste0:59:07
Michael Rowe-Penny1:03:01
Megan Simpson1:05:47
Stacey Miller1:05:48
Franky Spite1:05:49
Rochelle Williams1:06:29
Robyn Binnie1:08:24
Claudia Baechle1:08:25
Alison Nagel1:09:59
Jane Flowerday1:12:42
Gordon Reid1:23:45
Lincoln Spite1:49:09

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