GR Series Race 1 results

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A great start to the 2022 GR series. Remember to check the Events on the website or FaceBook for details of the next, and all events for the rest of the year.

Charlie Gard’ner20:10:13
Felicity Fisher20:10:26
Ryley Macklin20:13:31
Maddie Gard’ner20:13:32
Livvie Bunny Harper20:14:11
Kate Macklin20:14:52
Archie Bunny Harper20:22:05
Thea Simmons20:22:19
Samantha Macklin20:22:41
Hugo Bunny Harper20:25:24
Noah Fisher40:16:59
Jack Gard’ner40:18:08
James Hayes40:18:18
Mackenzie Murray40:19:44
Lexus Hunter40:20:06
Jacquelyn Murray40:23:43
Brenda Hayes40:26:19
Lloyd Millar40:30:55
Cherie Fredrickson40:32:29
Rachel Reid40:36:02
Annie Hawkes40:38:01
Viv Bunny40:39:26
Lincoln Spite40:46:44
Darius Simpson70:25:00
Whana Gordon70:26:44
Andrew Davenport70:27:10
Corey Miller70:28:51
Gavin Champion70:29:17
James Inwood70:29:35
Andrew Hayes70:29:44
Brooke Miller70:29:54
Helen Gard’ner70:30:51
Tony Price70:32:17
Malcolm MacDonald70:32:23
Craig Ewing70:35:14
Josh Salter70:35:47
Michael Duthie70:38:03
Chris van Gerven70:38:20
Richard Hawkes70:40:13
David Farlow70:40:31
Annie Jerling70:41:23
Stacey Miller70:43:20
Chris Wilson70:45:23
Grant Dyer70:45:36
Roger Jones70:46:09
Megan Simpson70:46:10
Rochelle Williams70:46:59
Jane Flowerday70:51:08
Alison Nagel70:52:57
Jenny Braaksma70:55:26
Lisa Scott70:55:26
Lee-Ann Angove70:56:37
Gordon Reid70:58:48
Stan Braaksma71:02:33
Robert Ruffe-Thomas71:04:07
Stephen Young71:04:47

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