Terms and Conditions

  • This is a self-supported ride.That means:-
    • There are no marshals.
    • You must know the course before you leave (see below).
    • Garmen route is available for upload (see below).
    • The route will be marked with arrows on the road and signs.
  • All roads are open.
  • Keep left. Always expect oncoming traffic.
  • Never put yourself in a position that would be dangerous if an oncoming car appeared.
  • Do not cut blind corners.
  • The will be a drinks station at Ihuraua
  • There will be a sag wagon.
  • The route is recommended for CX and MTB bikes.There will be loose gravel in places so road bikes should have suitable tyres (at least 28’s preferably with some tread).
  • If you are not in Ihaurua (Route 52 and drinks station) by 11.30 you should take the short route home and avoid Daggs Road otherwise you will miss lunch, prize giving and a time.Turn Right instead of left and follow the Tour course.
  • For health and safety reasons we reserve the right to withdraw any participant from the event.
  • Riders on MTB bikes will start at 7.00am.
  • Riders on CX and Road bikes start at 8.00am.

The Course

Compressed GPX File Download wairarapa-hard-man


Distance (Km) Turn Surface from Turn
Start approx. 65 Te Ore Ore Road Seal
1.8 Left Te Ore Ore Bideford Road Seal
9 Left Wangaehu Valley Road Seal
27.5 Left Dryers Rock Road Seal
34 Left Opaki Kaipororo Road Seal
37.1 Follow main Road South over railway Seal
42.9 Right on to Jacksons Line Gravel
49.8 Right on to West Road Seal
51.5 Follow North Road Seal then Gravel
57.1 Right on to Opaki Kaipororo Road Seal
59 Left on to Bowen Road Gravel
64.7 Right on to Mangaoranga Road Gravel
71.2 Left on to Mangamahoe Road Gravel
76.7 Right on to Bartons Line Gravel
76.9 Left on to Route 52.  Go right and proceed to finish if after 11.30. Seal
76.9 Drinks Station
77.7 Right on to Daggs Road Gravel
92.5 Wairiri Rd becomes Glendonald Road Gravel then Seal
117.6 Follow Bideford Road to finish Seal

Approximate Distances and Climb

Total Seal            70.7Km

Total Gravel       46.9Km

Approx. 1560m climbing