Individual Time Trial Championship – provisional result

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The Club Championship Individual Time Trial is often viewed as the ultimate ‘race of truth’. It is you and your bike all by yourself, no drafting allowed, for 40 kms of maximum effort. Add into that warm evening with a blustery North West wind, about 350m of ‘up’ and everyone knows there is nothing easy about it. The science of time trialling well is to ride powerfully and as aerodynamically efficiently as possible. The art of time trialling well is the ability to manage your effort and energy, so that you can ride powerfully for the whole distance, but have absolutely nothing left in the tank as you cross the finish line. Ben Knight is the club member who regularly role models both the science and art of the time trial and tonight he was the only rider to crack the hour mark.

Provisional Results tonight in the men’s race:

Champion: Ben Knight; with Derek Roberts 2nd and Dave Drummond 3rd.

Provisional Results in the women’s race

Champion: Belinda Fuller, with Lesley Mouat 2nd and Viv Bunny 3rd.

Provisional Results for the Juniors:

1st Under 15 Boy: Caleb Roberts

1st Under 17 Boy: Finn Roberts

1st Under 17 Girl: Annabelle Smith

Thanks to our race officials and marshals tonight. Next Tuesday is the Carrington Circuit for a Handicapped Road Race. This Sunday is also the first of the Wellington Region Interclub Races and details for this can be found at:…/Interclub-Race-1-27-Jan-19

Full (provisional) results for tonight are:

OrderRace NoRiderStartFinishRide Time
713Ben Knight0:19:301:18:330:59:03Champion Man
1146Derek Roberts0:18:301:19:511:01:212nd Man
1218Dave Drummond0:17:301:20:041:02:343rd Man
1670 Simon Pumfrey0:18:001:20:461:02:46
627Daniel Jaques0:09:001:13:131:04:13
13117Simon Butler0:15:001:20:191:05:19
27147Johnny Burkhart0:19:001:25:001:06:00
941Gareth Price0:13:001:19:251:06:25
824Billy Van Woerkom0:12:001:18:341:06:34
2361Darren Southon0:16:001:23:101:07:10
25101Eddie Kuipers0:17:001:24:291:07:29
14142Duncan Cameron0:12:301:20:211:07:51
1764Phil Sutherland0:14:301:22:421:08:12
2110Belinda Fuller0:14:001:22:501:08:50Champion Woman
1072Rex Dowding0:09:301:19:261:09:56
3044Craig Mangan0:15:301:25:351:10:05
18153Simon Mole0:11:301:22:431:11:13
265Lesley Mouat0:13:301:24:581:11:282nd Woman
2414Brian Sanders0:10:301:23:321:13:02
3797Chris Smith0:16:301:30:021:13:32
2960John Allen0:11:001:25:071:14:07
19129Ray Haste0:08:001:22:481:14:48
1574Rod Sutherland, Peter Jones0:05:001:20:411:15:41
282Andi Bond0:08:301:25:041:16:34
3533Steve Hannam0:10:001:27:121:17:12
2232Greg Baillie0:05:301:22:531:17:23
3321Anil Raman0:07:001:25:471:18:47
20Mike Parker0:04:001:22:491:18:49
3451Dave Hodder0:06:301:27:061:20:36
3249Graeme Twist0:04:301:25:371:21:07
3619Duncan Ellis0:07:301:28:591:21:29
3185Viv Bunny0:03:301:25:371:22:073rd Woman
3817Stan Braaksma0:06:001:30:311:24:31
3950Earle Whitcombe0:03:00DNF
Short Course
OrderRace NoRiderStartFinishRide Time
148Caleb Roberts0:02:300:29:050:26:351st Under 15 Boy
240Finn Roberts0:02:000:29:520:27:521st Under 17 Boy
355Doug Maclachlan, Meri Murphy0:01:300:31:380:30:08
465Annabelle Smith0:00:300:34:530:34:231st Under 17 Girl
598Penny Walker0:01:000:41:120:40:12

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