John Chesmar Memorial Trophy Results

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Results here

Race 3; 13 Oct 2020 – The John Chesmar Memorial Trophy. HRR Watsons Road/Wainuioru Return 32km

Tonights race was a 32km handicap road race with the start/finish line on Watsons Road and the turn point adjacent Wainuioru school. This is also the race for the John Chesmar Memorial trophy

Conditions were good with a light westerly breeze, dry roads and sunshine. There were 46 riders present for the start of the long course and 4 for the short course.

It’s a short, sharp course with the climbs of Limeworks and Patakawa on the way out and headwinds and a second ascent of Limeworks on the return leg.

1st place/fastest time went to Mark Langlands. In 2nd and 3rd places respectively Derek Roberts and Robert Graham.

Highest placed and fastest woman went to Emily Lutyens in 5th 

Winner of the short course was Jamie Blackburn

Next Tuesday 20th is the Upper Mania Kermesse, Upper Mania Road


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