Race 15, Upper Plain Criterium

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Tonight’s race was fast and furious and became a race of attrition (or was it death – either dead legs or dead heart and lungs!). Forty riders presented themselves to start the pre-New Zealand Cycle Classic  – i.e. our ACM club mass start road race around the same circuit as the NZCC boys raced afterwards.

Right from the start the pace was on, and it was a case of can you handle the pace, hang on and manage to sprint back on out of each of the corners.  For many the answer to that question was “no, I can’t”, so the front bunch quickly became a bunch of 18 riders and then two visitors (Christian Rush and John Mudgway) managed to attack and escape off the front of the race in a breakaway. By the time the peloton crossed the line at the 30 minute stage there were 16 riders still chasing the 2. On the final circuit the gap closed considerably and at the finish the first of the main peloton were a matter of 2 second away from catching the breakaway.

Congratulations to Christian and John for success in their breakaway. Congratulations to Derek Roberts, Tom McCallum and Phil Sutherland at the pointy end of the chase. Congratulations to Derek Cox and Peter Jones – fastest tandem. Congratulations to Belinda Fuller, fastest woman. Commiserations to all those riders in the front peloton whose legs died on the final circuit!

The main hard luck story of tonight’s race goes to Liam Moore who punctured on the first lap! A lesson in making sure the bike is race ready prior to the start, maybe.. perhaps?

Quite a few starters found themselves being lapped by the main peloton during the race. On this occasion the lapped riders were not eliminated and so remained in the race, and have not been removed from the results even though they may have raced a lap less than others.

Whilst all our riders recovered from their exertions, they were able to appreciate the speed and ability of our NZCC riders. Good luck for the rest of the race boys. Keep it safe and race well. I’m sure many of us will be on a hill to cheer you on during the next 5 days.

Next week is the next of our Club Championships – the Individual Time Trial, so lets see how much ‘bling’ we can find before then!

The full results from tonight are as follows (bear in mind lapped riders are included in the order they crossed the finish line after 30 minutes and 1 lap)

finish order race number rider time  
1 Christian Rush 0:34:18 1st man
2 John Mudgway 0:34:22 2nd man
3 46 Derek Roberts 0:34:26 1st ACM rider
4 1 Tom McCallum 0:34:26 2nd ACM rider
5 92 Phil Sutherland 0:34:27 3rd ACM rider
6 13 Ben Knight 0:34:27
7 116 Derek Cox/Peter Jones 0:34:28 1st Tandem
8 96 Andrew Linton 0:34:28
9 61 Darren Southon 0:34:29
10 10 Belinda Fuller 0:34:29 1st Woman
11 70 Simon Pumfrey 0:34:29
12 119 Jeff Saywell 0:34:29
13 30 Corey Miller 0:34:30
14 75 Andrew Curtis-Cody 0:34:32
15 Craig Roger 0:34:33
16 54 Dave Shepherd 0:34:33
17 36 Devan Simmonds 0:34:42
18 5 Lesley Mouat 0:35:19 2nd Woman
19 31 Jenny Devenport 0:37:13 3rd woman
20 48 Caleb Roberts 0:37:53
21 57 Karen Blade 0:37:57
22 55 Douglas Maclachlan/Ms Murphy 0:37:59 2nd Tandem
23 19 Daniel Jaques 0:38:14
24 2 Andrew Bond 0:38:36
25 76 Peter Lee 0:38:37
26 77 Terry Blackburn 0:38:37
27 72 Rex Dowding 0:38:37
28 89 Emily Lutyens 0:38:37
29 15 David Hancock 0:38:38
30 50 Earle Whitcombe 0:39:20
31 Diana Borman 0:39:20
32 32 Greg Baillie 0:39:51
33 22 Mike Parker 0:39:51
34 38 Greg Lang 0:39:51
35 21 Anil Raman 0:39:53
36 Alan Koziawski 0:39:53
37 51 David Hodder 0:39:54
38 100 Stephen Brown 0:39:54
39 59 Mike Clinton-Baker 0:39:54
40 78 Sydney Blackburn DNF
80 Liam Moore DNF Puncture

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