Race 8 Cross Country 2022

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What a beautiful sunny day for our final event of the 2022 Cross Country season. Results from today.

Corey Miller80:36:27
Pip Campbell80:50:30
Flynn Register60:24:22
Darius Simpson60:24:26
Whana Gordon60:24:59
Brent Register60:27:04
Brooke Miller60:27:25
Andrew Davenport60:27:52
Tony Price60:29:09
Helen Gard’ner60:29:10
Vicky Paine60:29:32
Malcolm MacDonald60:30:25
Julie Millar60:31:12
Craig Ewing60:31:29
Vicki King60:31:37
Will Booth60:32:16
Mackenzie Murray60:32:40
Sam Hill60:33:19
Corrina Paine60:33:47
Daniel Chu60:34:04
Roger Jones60:35:41
Michael Duthie60:36:55
Richard Samways60:37:20
Franky Spite60:38:26
Blair Gard’ner60:39:17
Jenny Braaksma60:39:42
David Farlow60:40:10
Grant Dyer60:40:28
Rochelle Williams60:45:22
Miranda Barton60:45:40
Claudia Baechle60:46:50
Jane Flowerday60:48:15
Kim Register60:48:57
Tania McKee60:50:20
Chris van Gerven60:51:19
Stan Braaksma60:53:27
Lee-Ann Angove60:54:00
Katrina Malcolm60:54:51
Gordon Reid60:55:12
Grant Perry61:00:40
Stephen Young61:02:03
Robert Ruffe-Thomas61:03:52
Anne Perry61:10:38
Ian McKee40:18:28
Lauchie Duffy40:18:57
Brooke Duffy40:19:24
Jack Gard’ner40:21:21
Sue Bankier40:21:33
Charlie Gard’ner40:23:15
Justin Miller40:23:29
Bede Stevens40:23:31
Louise Gibson40:24:50
Jacquelyn Murray40:25:23
Thea & Mark Simmons40:26:55
Sally Booth40:27:19
Carla Stokes40:29:06
Stacey Miller40:32:12
Lloyd Millar40:33:01
Richard Hawkes40:35:04
Cherie Fredrickson40:35:42
Jo Chu40:47:08
Jack Chu20:08:14
Freddie Lewis20:10:02
Mack Duffy20:10:23
Esther Gleeson20:10:29
Monty Booth20:11:12
Jaxon Tobin20:12:31
Hannah Chu20:14:36
Molly Hayes20:14:37
Maddie Gard’ner20:15:10

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