John Chesmar Memorial Lansdowne Hill Run: 2021 Results

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Thirty-four runners and walkers took on the tough Lansdowne hill run last night in memory of John Chesmar, a greatly missed club member an all-round great guy. Nice to see new faces at the run and the social gathering afterwards. We are missing the times for 2018 but Flynn Register definitely set a new course record with a blistering time of 6.01 โ€“ taking 3 seconds off Michael Macklin time in 2017.   Brooke Miller regained her title with a time of 7.17. That equals the previous course record set by Bianca Green in 2017. Well done everyone. Once again, lovely to have Di and so many of her family with us.

Flynn Register6.01
Darius Simpson6.08
Whana Gordon6.31
Brooke Miller7.17
Corey Miller7.19
Malcolm MacDonald7.40
Julie Millar7.53
Graeme Tindall8.12
Tony Price8.15
Sally Duffy8.22
Ray Haste9.06
Richard Hawkes9.10
Lexus Hunter9.38
Jason Ngatuere9.46
Blair Chesmar9.47
Greg Baillie9.55
Norm Chu10.07
Rebecca Edgecombe10.26
Megan Simpson10.27
Justin Miller10.42
Karina Chesmar10.55
Stacey Miller11.08
Michael Rowe-Penny11.14
Amelia Rowe-Penny11.38
Todd Imrie12.31
Tobia Imrie12.43
Di Chesmar12.49
Maya Chesmar12.53
Ani Chesmar12.54
Anthony Rowe-Penny13.30
Robyn Binnie13.40
Robyn Chesmar14.01
Sus Jenkin16.31
Paul Jenkin16.32

GR Series Rangitumau Results

1Will Gawith2km00:09:52Under 11 (Midget)
2Jaxon Tobin2km00:32:01

1Brooke Miller4km00:21:28Junior (Under 18 4km)
2Justin Miller4km00:32:26

1Darius Simpson16km01:08:00King of the Mountain, Open Men
2Whana Gordon16km01:12:28Men 40-49
3Flynn Register16km01:15:04Under 18
4Dominic Green16km01:18:13Men 50-59
5Lloyd Millar16km01:26:01Men 60-69
6Corey Miller16km01:27:10
7Corrina Paine16km01:28:47Queen of the Mountain, Open Women
8Sue Bankier16km01:31:48Women 60-69
9Tom Andrews16km01:33:49
10Craig Ewing16km01:35:12
11Philip Donvin-Irons16km01:38:51
12Rachel Gawith16km01:39:11Women 40-49
13Graeme Tindall16km01:41:29
14Chris Wilson16km01:45:00Women 50-59
15Dalene van der Leek16km01:46:25
16David Farlow16km01:48:25Men 70+
17Megan Simpson16km01:49:55
18Franky Spite16km01:50:04
19Stacey Miller16km02:01:56
20Jennifer Braaksma16km02:02:12
21Jane Flowerday16km02:10:40
22Miranda Barton16km02:12:49Walker
23Claudia Baechle16km02:15:19
24Rebecca Edgecombe16km02:20:23
25Sarah van Gerven16km02:28:27
26Chris van Gerven16km02:28:32
27Rachel Reid16km02:51:42
28Annie Hawkes16km02:51:42

GR Series Race 5

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1Ava Register4km0:19:051st Home
2Justin Miller4km0:28:54
1Ali Lang7km0:58:431st Female Home
2Brent Register7km0:58:441st Make Walker
3Stan Braaksma7km1:00:40
4Gordon Reid7km1:02:15
5Annie Hawkes7km1:07:58
6Robyn Weston7km1:18:24
1Flynn Register9km0:38:111st Male Home and Male Handicap
2Whana Gordon9km0:39:27
3James Inwood9km0:40:00
4Sam Hill9km0:40:421st Female Home
5Malcolm MacDonald9km0:43:48
6Lloyd Millar9km0:44:26
7Sue Bankier9km0:46:29Female Handicap
8Greg Lang9km0:46:50
9Michael Duthie9km0:47:32
10Craig Ewing9km0:48:00
11Ray Haste9km0:49:13
12Steve Britland9km0:49:32
13Annie Jerling9km0:49:40
14Rachel Gawith9km0:49:45
15Richard Hawkes9km0:49:50
16Robyn Green9km0:50:17
17Chris van Gerven9km0:50:43
18David Farlow9km0:54:23
19Chris Wilson9km0:56:03
20Franky Spite9km0:59:44
21Stacey Miller9km1:02:09
22Lisa Scott9km1:04:50
23Jennifer Braaksma9km1:06:28
24Jim Barr9km1:09:43
25Sarah van Gerven9km1:20:34
26Rob Ruff-Thomas9km1:27:33

GR Series Race 4 Results

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1William Gawith2 km0:09:27
1Brooke Miller4 km0:21:49
2Megan Simpson4 km0:27:21
3Justin Miller4 km0:31:24
1Stan Braaksma4 km Walk0:38:19
2Rachel Reid4 km Walk0:39:37
3Graeme Roberts4 km Walk0:48:58
1Darius Simpson9 km0:37:24
2Whana Gordon9 km0:40:11
3Corey Miller9 km0:42:06
4James Inwood9 km0:43:30
5Craig Roberts9 km0:45:42
6Malcolm MacDonald9 km0:46:07
7Lloyd Millar9 km0:46:57
8Michael Duthie9 km0:49:33
9Robbie Robinson9 km0:50:02
10Rachel Gawith9 km0:51:05
11Mel Roberts9 km0:54:19
12Chris van Gerven9 km0:55:26
13David Farlow9 km0:55:45
14Stacey Miller9 km0:58:43
15Jennifer Braaksma9 km1:02:29
16Franky Spite9 km1:02:30
17Jane Flowerday9 km1:08:10

GR Series Race 3

1William Gawith2KM0:15:57
2Jaxon Tobin2KM0:21:19
3Justin Miller4KM0:25:09
4Beth Bramwell-Cooke4KM0:33:58
5Isla Roberts4KM0:33:58
1Lesley Graham6KM0:38:08
2Sarah van Gerven (V)6KM0:53:25
3Annie Hawkes6KM0:56:39
1Ali Lang6KM Walk0:47:39
2Stan Braaksma6KM Walk0:47:39
3Graeme Roberts6KM Walk0:51:45
4Grant Perry6KM Walk1:00:05
5Anne Perry6KM Walk1:04:20
6Colleen Foster6KM Walk1:04:22
1Darius Simpson8KM0:32:14
2James Inwood8KM0:33:57
3Corey Miller8KM0:35:16
4Sam Hill8KM0:35:36
5Paul Furkert8KM0:36:11
6Robert Spite8KM0:36:52
7Corrina Paine8KM0:37:17
8Brent Register8KM0:37:38
9Malcolm MacDonald8KM0:37:39
10Lloyd Millar8KM0:39:02
11Greg Lang8KM0:39:28
12Michael Duthie8KM0:40:15
13Ray Haste8KM0:40:38
14Tom Andrews8KM0:41:01
15Craig Ewing8KM0:41:57
16Alan Koziarski8KM0:42:13
17Robbie Robinson8KM0:43:44
18Philip Donvin-Irons (V)8KM0:43:49
19Rachel Gawith8KM0:43:51
20Norm Chu8KM0:43:58
21Bede Stevens8KM0:44:05
22Megan Simpson8KM0:45:55
23David Farlow8KM0:46:34
24Annie Jerling8KM0:48:07
25Robyn Green8KM0:48:07
26Chris van Gerven8KM0:48:37
27Serena Roberts8KM0:49:21
28Stacey Miller8KM0:50:48
29Miranda Barton8KM0:55:44
30Lisa Scott8KM0:57:49
31Franky Spite8KM0:57:51
32Jennifer Braaksma8KM0:57:51
33Rob Ruff-Thomas8KM1:15:45

GR Series Race 2

1William Gawith2km00:10:21
2Luca Roberts2km00:16:58
3Jaxon Tobin2km00:21:57

4Ava Register5km00:23:05
5Brooke Miller5km00:24:29
6Craig Ewing5km00:24:38
7Ruby Matthews5km00:26:01
8Isla Roberts5km00:29:56
9Justin Miller5km00:33:39
10Logan Roberts5km00:37:49
11Jada Kaipo5km00:51:55
12Caitlyn Norman5km00:51:56

1Rachel Reid5km Walk00:43:15
2Gordon Reid5km Walk00:43:18
3Anne Perry5km Walk00:47:39
4Grant Perry5km Walk00:47:40
5Graeme Roberts5km Walk00:49:16
6Robyn Weston5km Walk00:52:08

1Flynn Register7km00:28:54
2Brent Register7km00:30:12
3Corey Miller7km00:31:06
4Sam Hill7km00:31:23
5Helen Gard’ner7km00:32:14
6Lloyd Millar7km00:33:13
7Greg Lang7km00:34:46
8Michael Duthie7km00:35:22
9Tom Andrews7km00:35:26
10Steve Britland7km00:36:09
11Graeme Tindall7km00:36:11
12Philip Donvin-Irons7km00:36:22
13Rachel Gawith7km00:36:52
14Alan Koziarski7km00:37:33
15Chris van Gerven7km00:37:53
16Tim Matthews7km00:37:59
17Megan Simpson7km00:39:06
18Norm Chu7km00:39:12
19Robbie Robinson7km00:39:22
20Mackenzie Murray7km00:40:17
21David Farlow7km00:40:31
22Serena Roberts7km00:40:32
23Chris Wilson7km00:41:03
24Annie Jerling7km00:41:34
25Robyn Green7km00:41:35
26Michael Stewart7km00:42:11
27Stacey Miller7km00:43:16
28Bron Wishart7km00:43:17
29Franky Spite7km00:44:36
30Miranda Barton7km00:46:32
31Rebecca Edgecombe7km00:46:50
32Lisa Scott7km00:49:09
33Jane Flowerday7km00:51:14
34Jim Barr7km00:51:15
35Rob Ruff-Thomas7km01:04:57

1Claudia Baechle7km Walk00:58:14
2Sarah van Gerven7km Walk01:07:13

ACM XC2 – 2020


1Hunter Johnston0:10:43
2Lachie Duffy0:10:44
3William Gawith0:11:02
4Brooke Duffy0:12:16
5Monty Booth0:12:48
6Mack Duffy0:15:14
7Leo Johnston0:18:35
8Jaxon Tobin0:32:52


1Ruby Matthews0:19:56
2Brooke Miller0:22:16
3Ava Register0:22:32
4Jacquelyn Murray0:26:35
5Samuel Gawith0:26:51
6Henry Johnston0:27:32
7Sally Booth0:31:03
8Justin Miller0:34:03
9Rob Ruff-Thomas1:00:57
10Robyn Weston1:01:02


1Flynn Register0:25:38
2Darius Simpson0:26:13
3Corey Miller0:28:38
4Dominic Green0:29:34
5Graeme Butcher0:29:43
6Gavin Champion0:31:44
7Malcolm MacDonald0:31:52
8Corrina Paine0:32:35
9Brent Register0:32:43
10Amelia Percy0:32:47
11Andy Matthews0:33:01
12Sally Duffy0:33:21
13Robert Spite0:33:38
14Sue Bankier0:33:56
15Greg Lang0:34:08
16Craig Roberts0:34:27
17Richard Samways0:34:41
18Mel Arcus0:34:48
19Sam Hill0:35:03
20Tom Andrews0:35:08
21Philip Donvin-Irons0:36:14
22Craig Ewing0:36:29
23Neil Cameron0:36:50
24Ray Haste0:37:15
25Tim Matthews0:37:24
26Rachel Gawith0:37:47
27Megan Simpson0:39:51
28Franky Spite0:40:20
29Andrew Christian0:40:34
30Roger Jones0:40:42
31Chris van Gerven0:41:36
32Norm Chu0:41:38
33Will Booth0:41:39
34David Farlow0:41:41
35Steve Brittland0:41:51
36Belinda Day0:42:53
37MacKenzie Murray0:43:20
38Kim Register0:46:12
39Jane Flowerday0:46:18
40Miranda Barton0:49:01
41Mark Crooks0:49:32
42Lloyd Millar0:49:42
43Allison Nagel0:52:02
44Lisa Scott0:53:27
45Jennifer Braaksma0:53:28
46Stacey Miller0:53:29
47Lesley Graham0:54:17
48Andy Booth0:54:33
49Ali Lang0:54:49
50Cath Cameron0:54:51
51Stan Braaksma0:57:12
52Annie Hawkes0:58:03
53Steph Wingate0:58:53
54Gordon Reid1:00:08
55Annie Jerling1:02:34
56Robyn Green1:02:34
57Anthony Rowe-Penny1:04:52
58Sarah Van Gerven1:09:45
59Ben Van Gerven1:09:46
60Jo Booth1:14:44
61Lincoln Spite1:17:38

ACM XC 1 – 2020

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Great to see you all today!!

1Lachie Duffy2KM0:10:46
2Brooke Duffy2KM0:11:42
3Mack Duffy2KM0:12:30
1Brooke Miller4KM0:21:36
2Jacquelyn Murray4KM0:27:19
3Justin Miller4KM0:32:14
1Max Spencer6KM0:24:07
2Flynn Register6KM0:25:00
3Darius Simpson6KM0:25:31
4Corey Miller6KM0:28:23
5Robert Spite6KM0:30:06
6Malcolm MacDonald6KM0:30:11
7Vikki Paine6KM0:30:37
8Corrinna Paine6KM0:31:32
9Sally Duffy6KM0:31:51
10Sue Bankier6KM0:32:11
11Michael Duthie6KM0:32:13
12Greg Lang6KM0:32:24
13Jacob Day6KM0:32:27
14Philip Donvin-Irons6KM0:32:56
15Craig Ewing6KM0:33:06
16Tony Price6KM0:33:07
17Heidi-Jane Humphries6KM0:33:13
18Tom Andrews6KM0:33:20
19Lesley Graham6KM0:33:27
20Lloyd Millar6KM0:33:27
21Ray Haste6KM0:34:40
22MacKenzie Murray6KM0:34:43
23Richard Hawkes6KM0:35:05
24Tim Matthews6KM0:36:05
25Norm Chu6KM0:36:12
26Greg Baillie6KM0:36:34
27Annie Jerling6KM0:36:39
28Steve Brittland6KM0:37:38
29Chris van Gerven6KM0:37:58
30David Farlow6KM0:38:11
31Megan Simpson6KM0:38:21
32Belinda Day6KM0:39:51
33Bianca Green6KM0:41:03
34Claudia Green6KM0:41:04
35Andrew Christian6KM0:41:07
36Stacey Miller6KM0:42:20
37Annie Bannister6KM0:45:35
38Miranda Barton6KM0:45:42
39Jane Flowerday6KM0:45:44
40Jim Barr6KM0:46:59
41Lisa Scott6KM0:47:58
42Franky Spite6KM0:47:59
43Brent Register6KM0:49:53
44Chris Cogdale6KM0:50:15
45Lee-Ann Angove6KM0:50:17
46Mark Cooks6KM0:50:31
47Ali Lang6KM0:53:23
48Taylor Halford6KM0:53:55
49Allison Nagel6KM0:55:40
50Robyn Green6KM0:56:49
51Stephen Young6KM0:59:23
52Cherie Fredricksen6KM1:02:08
53Lincoln Spite6KM1:11:21

ACM 5K Series โ€“ Race 4

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Results from the latest 5K series race. Great to see you, sorry about the weather. See you next time, tell your friends ๐Ÿ™‚

5K Results

 1     Darius Simpson      0:18:58
 2     Michael Macklin     0:19:26
 3     Dominic Green       0:20:49
 4     Graeme Butcher      0:21:05
 5     Anthony Rowe-Penny  0:21:46
 6     Corey Miller        0:22:02
 7     Lloyd Millar        0:22:23
 8     Malcolm MacDonald   0:22:31
 9     Craig Roberts       0:23:29
 10    Philip Donvin-Irons 0:24:38
 11    Clifford Rowe-Penny 0:24:55
 12    Richard Hawkes      0:25:01
 13    Steph Wingate       0:25:06
 14    Ray Haste           0:25:38
 15    Tim Matthews        0:26:39
 16    Ange McDonald       0:26:50
 17    Annie Jerling       0:27:49
 18    Lesley Graham       0:27:50
 19    Greg Baillie        0:27:55
 20    David Farlow        0:28:05
 21    Megan Simpson       0:28:16
 22    Chris Wilson        0:28:26
 23    Chris van Gerven    0:28:31
 24    Rob Ruff-Thomas     0:29:49
 25    Stacey Miller       0:30:07
 26    Di Chesmar          0:30:18
 27    Serena Roberts      0:30:46
 28    Bron Wishart        0:30:46
 29    Michael Stewart     0:32:03
 30    Aiden McClean       0:32:23
 31    Katy McClean        0:32:24
 32    Jane Flowerday      0:34:03
 33    Annie Bannister     0:34:08
 34    Lee-Ann Angove      0:36:01
 35    Jim Barr            0:36:15
 36    Don McLachlan       0:36:25
 37    Lisa Scott          0:36:52
 38    Jennifer Braaksma   0:36:52
 39    Allison Nagel       0:37:29
 40    Claudia Baechle     0:39:40
 41    Amelia Rowe-Penny   0:42:36
 42    Stan Braaksma       0:43:11
 43    Robyn Green         0:43:13
 44    Rachel Reid         0:44:36
 45    Stephen Young       0:46:00
 46    Louis Jaimmieson    0:47:18
 47    Graeme Roberts      0:50:11
 48    Anne Perry          0:52:08
 49    Janette Mitchell    0:52:08
 50    Robyn Weston        0:53:04

2K Results

 1    Billie Vermeer        0:10:34
 2    James Hayes           0:10:35
 3    Katie Vermeer         0:11:07
 4    Brenda Hayes          0:13:59
 5    Molly Hayes           0:14:02
 6    Luca Roberts          0:14:29
 7    Sandra McClean        0:16:12
 8    Taylin Hunter         0:42:23