Upper Manaia Kermesse GRR Results

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Final Results Points

Points with Laps

Individual Lap Details

Race Report

Tonights race was a Kermesse around the Upper Manaia Road circuit. Each lap riders sprint the start/finish line with the first four  riders awarded 5,3,2 & 1 point respectively. In effect it’s a graded race so those riders asking for support on the upwind leg were perhaps being a little optimistic.

The circuit is 7kms long with the A, & B  grades completing 5 laps for 35km.

The D & C grades completed 4 laps for 28km and

E grade completed 3 laps for 21kms . The course is pan flat but with a number of challenging corners, particularly the fast left into Boundary Road which seemed to catch some riders out.

The final turn onto the start/finish straight saw many riders jockeying for prime position for the sprint down to the finish line. Added to these challenges was a blustery westerly wind that encouraged a lot of ‘tactical’ riding heading up West Bush road.


A Grade

1st       S Pumfrey                             0:56:08           25

2nd    S Butler                                  +:10                14

3rd      D Green                             +:10                  8

4th     T McCullum                          +24                   8

B Grade

1st       P James                               1:00:19           21                  

2nd    D Cox & P Jones    +0                   14

3rd      D Drummond                     +0                     5

4th       E D’Arbois                            +5                     5                  

C Grade

1st       A Curtis-Cody                     +1                   13

2nd    E Lutyens                              +1                   11

3rd      R Blade                                 +1                   10

4th     S Brown                                  +3                     8

            (A Linton            1:03:50)

D Grade      

1st       J Gibbons                +0                               18                                          

2nd    S Hannam                00:52:10                    10

3rd      A Raman                 +0                                 6

4th       T Jenkinson  +0                                 4

E Grade

1st       D Hodder                 +2                               13

2nd    M Parker                   00:42:27                    10

3rd      S McCallum +3                                 6

4th     M Jerling                 +2                                   4

A big thanks to all the marshals and organisers who were out on the course ensuring the safety of the riders and smooth running of the race. Also, a big thankyou to Deb & John Allen for the after match function

Next race Tues 26 Oct is the John Chesmar Memorial HRR. Course will be Watsons/Wainuioru/Watsons

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