Upper Manaia Kermisse

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Lap results here

Online results here

Race 4 – Oct 20 2020 – Upper Manaia Kermesse
Over 40 riders presented themselves for the Kermesse starting & finishing on Upper
Manaia Road. The weather was good with a light Westerly breeze, dry roads and warm
A Kermesse is raced on a course that’s longer than a criterium but shorter than a road
race. Last nights circuit is approximately 7km long, pan flat but with several tight corners.
Each lap riders accumulate points by sprinting for the start/finish line.
The A Grade completed 5 laps. Grades B to E 4 laps and the short course 2 laps.
Results as follows;
A Grade
1st! Tom McCallum
2nd! Mark Langlands
3rd ! Geerts Jurjen
B Grade
1st! Robert Graham
2nd! Daniel Jacques
3rd! Duncan cameron
C Grade
1st! Derek Cox/Pete Jones (tandem)
2nd! Ricky Blade
3rd! Finn Roberts
D Grade
1st! Shane Griggs
2nd! Donna Burkhart
3rd! Tom Porter
E Grade
1st! Greg Baillie
2nd! Duncan Ellis
3rd! Graeme Twist
Short Course
1st! Leroux Van der Leek
2nd! Sophie Goodin
3rd! Kate Speedy
Next Tues 27th Oct it’s the Millars Road circuit for a Handicap Road Race

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