WIZwireless Club Champs, MSRR, Carrington Circuit

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Race Report – 7 Feb 023 ACM WIZWireless Road Race Champs Carrington Circuit

The annual club road race champs was on the Carrington circuit. It’s only a fraction over 12kms in length but last night managed to dish out an extraordinary amount of punishment. The combination of Haringa road with it’s never ending false flat and malign surface coupled with the brisk westerly sapped the legs before riders hit the short but vicious climb up and over Carrington Hill. After one lap the mass start had broken up with riders strung out around the circuit

Kudos to the 30 riders who presented themselves to the start line. The bulk of riders were up for 4 laps with some opting for the 2 lap short course and the Elite/M1/M4 doing 5

The start/finish was located along Haringa road. Maintaining a good average speed from here to the left turn up Mangatarere road was a major challenge. The westerly had picked up to present riders with a stiff head wind. The road surface is rougher than gravel and it’s a false flat. The turn up Mangatarere road brought some short respite before the left turn into Hururua road and the short but nasty climb over Carrington Hill. Once over the top it was down hill with a tail wind so speeds were high through the series of sweeping bends leading past Fensham Reserve and the left turn back into Haringa road and another leg sapping grind through the start/finish line

A big thanks to the organisers and volunteers who made the race possible and our main sponser WIZWireless

Full results on the ACM website. Next race Tues 14 February Upper Manaia Kermesse                                                  

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