WIZZwireless Millars x2 GRR (with gravel)

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Lap details:

Race Report – 6 Dec 022 ACM WizWireless Millars Road GRR

Just 22 riders fronted the start line for two laps (short course one lap) of a modified Millars Road circuit. The riders made a left turn into Tiffin Road rather than the usual left onto Carters Line. Tiffin Road provided the racers with about 1km of well groomed gravel before hitting the seal again and another left turn onto Kokotau Road.

Weather conditions were good with a warm westerly breeze and 23 degrees at the start. This seemed to change into a cool southerly as the race progressed. The benefit of this being a tail wind for the 5km drag from the corner of Millers Road down to the finish line at Gladstone church

This was a graded road race and as such all riders are racing for themselves. Tactics can play as much a part of winning as being the fastest rider. Being able to surreptitiously do less work than your fellow racers is a definite advantage. Looking at the results all grades looked like they finished with a bunch sprint

A Grade

1st        Derek Roberts                                              1:25:55                         

2nd         Caleb Roberts                                               1:25:55

3rd          Dominic Green                                              1:28:01

C Grade

1st        Le Roux Van Der Leek                                1:43:05

2nd       Stephen Brown                                             1:43:06

3rd       Andy Curtis-Cody                                         1:43:06          

D Grade

1st       Stephen Hannam                                         1:48:38

2nd     Anil Raman                                                   1:50:35

3rd      Neil Henderson                                            1:50:38

E Grade

            Gregg Baillie                                                 2:02:51

Short Course

1st        Scarlett McCallum                                       00:58:58

2nd       Michael Clinton-Baker                                 00:59:07

3rd       David Howden                                              01:00:36

Many thanks to the volunteers and organisers for supporting the race and making this all possible. Next Tues 13 December is an ITT on Kibblewhite Road. See you all there

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