Y Loop Handicapped Road Race

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On a pleasantly warm evening 40 riders presented themselves to the starter for our Y Loop handicapped road race. Two of those contested the short course, which was to the end of the right-hand arm of the ‘Y’. For everyone else the race is contested over both arms of the ‘Y’. This is an interesting course, with enough short fairly steep climbs to test the mettle of all riders. 

The riders left in 4 handicap groups, with the exception of a few riders who had struggled on the first third of the course, ‘limit’ remained in the lead as the riders returned to the bridge after the first arm of the ‘Y’. It was noticeable however, how far the gap had shortened between all the groups. For the riders who had already dropped out of their bunch on the early sections of the course, their ride was a long and lonely training TT. For those still in their group there was still a couple more testing climbs ahead, and work to be done.

As the riders returned to the bridge after the second arm of the ‘Y’, break had caught all the other riders, and some of those who had been caught had managed to hook onto the back. By this time Scratch were hard on the tail of these riders, and the question was going to be, would those now riding with ‘break’ have enough time to climb out from the bridge, position themselves well for the false flat to the top of the final rise and then charge at the finish line before scratch could reach them? And the answer to that question for many in that group was a big ‘yes’.

Congratulations tonight go to our overall winner Josh van Workoem who started with ‘Break’ – but maybe moving on up to ‘Scratch’ before much longer!  Special mention has to go to Finn Roberts, a junior rider, who started in Break 2 but hung onto Break as his group were caught and finished a close second overall. Congratulations also go to Kirsten Goodin, first and fastest woman, and once again to Mark Langlands fastest man. Perhaps tonight we should also be saying congratulations to our handicapper, for the closeness of the finish over the first 20 riders to finish! On the short course, congratulations to our winner Ryan McNaughton who outsprinted Annabelle Smith.

Our thanks once more to all the race officials who kept the riders safe, and also to the combination of Eastwood Motors, and Di Dowding for well-earned refuelling at the end of the night.

Next week you can look forward to a major source of bragging rights with the Club Championship Road Race over the ‘Millars Road’ circuit, starting at Gladstone Church. This will be a Mass Start Road Race of 2 laps.

Full results from tonight can be found at:


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