2021 Cross Country Champions

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Congratulations to all our Club Champions and everyone else who ran in our last race of the 2021 Cross Country season. Full results to follow shortly

2021 Cross Country Championships
Girls (under 13)Violet Fisher
Junior Women (13-17)Brooke Miller
Senior Women (18-39)Sam Hill (Champion – Women)
Women 40-49Megan Simpson
Women 50-59Robyn Binnie
Women 60+Sue Bankier
Walkers WomenKim Register
Boys (under 13)Lachie Duffy
Junior Men (13-17)Flynn Register
Senior Men (18-39)Darius Simpson (Champion – Men)
Men 40-49Whana Gordon
Men 50-59Roger Jones
Men 60-69Tony Price
Men 70+David Farlow
Walkers MenStan Braaksma
Cross Country Excellence
WomenSue Bankier
MenFlynn Register
WalkersAlison Nagel
Junior Women/girls (U18) 2or 4 kmBrooke Duffy
Junior Men/boys (U18) 2or4 kmJames Hayes

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