2021 Cross Country Race 7 results

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Thank you Philip for organising a fabulous new course. The weather as promised was sunny, but a tad cold! What a wonderful venue, can we please come back next year Adam Wyeth? We greatly appreciate the generosity of the landowners who allow us to run across their paddocks and the trouble they go to to make us welcome.

2 km 
Brooke Duffy0:10:42
Mack Duffy0:11:58
Molly Hayes0:13:02
Hannah Chu0:13:11
Brenda Hayes0:13:22
Jack Chu0:21:14
Jo Chu0:21:24
4 km 
Violet Fisher0:19:14
Lachie Duffy0:19:26
Brooke Miller0:19:44
Jaqueline Murray0:27:42
Justin Miller0:29:30
Cherie Fredricksen0:46:17
Graeme Roberts0:52:35
6 km 
Darius Simpson0:26:44
Whana Gordon0:27:28
Andrew Davenport0:28:20
Corey Miller0:29:00
Corrina Paine0:30:05
Sam Hill0:30:07
Malcolm MacDonald0:31:50
Jas Moore0:33:49
Tony Price0:33:50
Sue Bankier0:34:04
Michael Duthie0:34:05
Philip Donvin-Irons0:34:10
Lloyd Millar0:34:34
James Hayes0:34:46
Andrew Hayes0:34:47
Sally Duffy0:35:03
Mackenzie Murray0:37:19
Lesley Graham0:37:27
Craig Ewing0:38:33
Norm Chu0:38:34
Chris van Gerven0:39:38
Greg Baillie0:39:45
Robyn Binnie0:40:01
Franky Spite0:41:59
David Farlow0:42:02
Claudia Baechle0:48:02
Lexus Hunter0:48:22
Alison Nagel0:48:43
Rochelle Williams0:49:58
Liz Lee0:51:51
Jennifer Braaksma0:54:11
Lisa Scott0:54:11
Jim Barr0:54:12
Stan Braaksma0:55:40
Lee-Ann Angove0:58:24
Gordon Reid1:01:57
Stephen Young1:05:26
Don McLachlan1:06:35
Robert Ruff-Thomas1:11:18

  1. Norm

    There is an error in the 2km result. Norman didn’t run it.
    The correct name should be Hannah Chu (Norm’s grand daughter)

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