Athletics & Cycling Masterton (ACM)

We aim to support and encourage cyclists, runners and walkers to enjoy their chosen sport as a life recreation. We are a social, family-oriented club that welcomes people of all ages and levels of ability.

 Our committee members are listed here along with other details of the club.

While we are proud of our sports men and women of international and national standing, we highly value the many families and indiviuals who participate in the club events in pursuit of their personal goals and for the great social interaction and mutual support that club membership offers.

Financial members of ACM are entitled to participate in both cycling and running events and are exempt from local event fees. To compete in both sections – please join with cyclists in October and tick ‘both’. You can enter harriers events for free as long as you are a financial member through the cycling section.

So join ACM now and support this fantastic club. It not only benefits you, but your membership helps ensure that we can continue to offer great local events and support local sporting endeavours in the years to come.

Application for Annual Subscription

From 2022 ACM subscriptions will be due 

1st March for Harriers or 1st October for Cyclists

Harriers will pay half fees in October 2021 to bridge the gap until 1stMarch 2022 when full fees apply

ACM annual membership All members must pay their own national and regional affiliation fees (see below)

Cyclists (includes those wishing to
compete as both a harrier & cyclist at local level)
Half year  – 1/10/21 to 28/2/22
Adult (19+)$100.00Senior (20+)$35.00
Youth (Under 19)$15.00Junior (19 & under)$7.50
Family membership
3+ members of the same family
$140.00Family membership
3+ members of the same family
Non active member
volunteer/non competitor
$25.00Non active member
volunteer/non competitor

Harriers- Carol MacDonald (027 289-3404), email:

Cyclists – Andi Bond (027 451-6223), email:

Please Note: If you join ACM through the running section but also want to cycle, then you need to get a Cycling NZ Licence through the cycling section.

Click here for a printable membership form

Click here for the Online Entry Form

Note the change, you now have to exclude yourself from the bulk email notice system if you do not want others to see your email address.


  • Visitors are welcome to ride club races.  A fee of $10.00 applies.
  • Financial cycling members of ACM who wish to ride must obtain a Cycling NZ Licence.
  • The licence period is 1 January to 31 December.
  • This licence is to be obtained directly online from Cycling NZ Link to Cycling New Zealand . This licence insures the rider to ride on the roads
  • For cyclists new to the club, you will be allowed up to 3 rides for free after which you must join ACM and obtain a Cycling New Zealand license.
  • Riders visiting from other clubs, will be allowed to ride provided they pay a $10 entry fee per ride.
  • All Members must marshal a minimum of two times per season
  • Only new riders that haven’t been past members will be allowed a maximum of three non-membership rides, after which they must be members.
  • To race a club championship you must be a paid up member to both ACM Cycling section and Cycling NZ a minimum of three weeks before the event.
  • Visitors may ride the Individual Time Trial and Individual Hill Climb events following the $10.00 ride fee. Their results won’t count towards a championship.


  • Financial members of ACM Harriers
    • Are entitled to participate in inter-club events. To do so you must register with Athletics NZ using the following link. It looks like you are joining ACM again – but don’t worry you aren’t, this is just for the Athletics NZ registration
    • Athletics NZ registration lasts from 1 April to 31 March.
    • Members are exempt from local cycling and Harrier event fees.
  • Non-members: Harrier events $5 adults & $3 youths

Payment options

  • E-banking to ACM account (02-0688-0020447-00) and email to the relevant person as above
  • Take the completed form and cash to the next race
  • Post to Athletics & Cycling Masterton, P O Box 375, Masterton.