There are several recreational or training bunch rides, most of which begin in the car park outside Avanti-plus. You do not need to be an ACM member to ride with these bunches. Visitors welcome! But it is advised that you arrive ready to complete the kind of ride that these are (i.e. bring food, fluid, spare tube, pump etc).

Note not all these rides run all year round but the Wednesday and weekend rides are the regulars.

Ask at one of the local bike shops or join us on Facebook

  • 6 pm Tuesday during daylight saving is the club race and you do need to be a member.
  • 5.30 pm Wednesday – recovery ride, usually 40 kms through Gladstone (THIS IS NOT A RACE)
  • 5.30 pm Thursday – various locations, but usually 40 -50 kms.
  • 8 am Saturday – 80 – 100+ kms usually at an average of 30+ km. This one is for the more serious riders, and will be for those who are training for the likes of K2, Great Lake Challenge etc.
  • 9 am Saturday – 65 -80 kms at an average of 28 km (ish).
  • 8 am Sunday – Whole club bunch ride – 65 – 100 kms. On many occasions there are options for taking the short cut home. This ride will often stay together for the first half and then split half way through.

Be aware that many of these rides have the odd race up the hill, or sprint within them, but generally once that point is past all the riders regather and continue as before. If you are new to these rides introduce yourself and if you are new to bunch riding – let the riders know, so that they can help you with etiquette and tips on keeping everyone safe.

All weekend rides end at one or other of the local cafes, so bring a few $ for afterwards.

Remember to check us out on Facebook for any planned Recreational, Training , Gravel , Mountain biking Rides or Races coming up